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Top 10 Sourcing Tools for Recruiters out there for Easy Recruitment

Published on January 7th, 2023


What is Sourcing?

Sourcing is the process of finding suitable candidates for a job role and people who specialize in sourcing are called ‘sourcers’.

Ultimately, the aim of sourcing candidates is to create a talent pipeline that can be used at the time of recruiting. However, when sourcing passive candidates (candidates who are not actively looking for jobs), it turns into passive candidate sourcing.

Overall, candidate sourcing involves identifying candidates for organizational roles, and assessing and engaging them to turn them into potential applicants.

Sourcing always happens early in the recruitment process. A sourcer’s job is to convince the candidate to apply for a position. When sourcers lock down candidates, they hand the candidates off to the recruiter who continues the process of recruiting.

Candidate sourcing is the process of gathering the necessary information about qualified candidates, such as their names, titles, and job duties. It falls under the category of recruiting duties and is often handled by HR managers or talent sourcers.

In a nutshell, sourcing is the subset of recruiting.

This brings us to the next big question..

What are Sourcing Tools?

Anything you employ to create and manage your candidate pool is referred to as a sourcing tool. Sourcing tools for recruiters are highly beneficial to businesses that proactively develop candidate pools, regardless of open positions.

These businesses have a pool of potential candidates to choose from before they even advertise the job, so when openings do occur, they already know the kind of person they want to hire.

Thinking about the kind of applicants you're searching for and starting to compile a database of potential matches (even while you're not hiring) is necessary for the effective use of candidate sourcing tools like these. However, the extra work might be well worth it.

Why is Sourcing Important?

Sourcing candidates can bring a number of benefits to your recruitment process, such as

1. Better Candidate Quality

You can locate the most qualified applicants for a position quickly by using candidate sourcing tools. It will save time and make sure that you're considering the most qualified candidates. Increased Efficiency You may automate numerous recruitment-related operations with the aid of talent sourcing tools, such as looking for applicants and their contacts. It increases your productivity and frees up your attention for other things.

2. Reduced Time to Hire

You can quickly fill vacant roles by using candidate sourcing tools. Candidate identification and contact can be done more quickly with the software than without it.

3. Improved Candidate Experience

A talent sourcing tool can compile data on potential applicants in a short amount of time. It will enable you to have more informed conversations with applicants and enhance their entire experience.

Candidate Sourcing tools are a wonderful choice if you want to enhance your hiring procedure. You may save time, improve the caliber of new hires, and boost your productivity by employing the proper technology.

List of the Best Candidate Sourcing Tools

Best Candidate Sourcing Tool - #1 Fetcher

G2 Rating: 4.7 stars
Founding Year: 2015

Fetcher is a top talent sourcing tool for recruiters where you can swiftly shortlist eligible and interested candidates for your organization. Even email outreach campaigns to secure interviews for you and your team to locate qualified applicants are automated by the platform.

This talent sourcing tool delivers a quicker and more affordable hiring solution than other recruitment platforms by fusing search accuracy, workflow solutions, and extended customer support.

Pricing: Tailored pricing model

Best Candidate Sourcing Tool - #2 Toptal

G2 Rating: 4.7 stars
Founding Year: 2010

Toptal is one of the best candidate sourcing tools for sourcing talent that links companies with the best independent software engineers, designers, financial analysts, product managers, and project managers in the globe. Its thorough screening process and effective referral system serve as its defining traits.

Pricing: Tailored pricing model

Best Candidate Sourcing Tool - #3 hireEZ

G2 Rating: 4.6 stars
Founding Year: 2015

Previously known as Hiretual, HireEZ is a sourcing tool for recruiters for outbound hiring. With the help of this application, you can find and rate prospects and get a list of the best ones available across the internet. You can use this list to get in touch with potential candidates directly by connecting your HireEZ account to Gmail or Outlook.

It streamlines your hiring process by combining your talent pools—including your ATS, resume databases, job boards, and open web sourcing—into a single funnel.

Pricing: 169$/month

Best Candidate Sourcing Tool - #4 Upwork

G2 Rating: 4.6 stars
Founding Year: 2015

Upwork is one of the top talent sourcing tools for recruiters, designed for firms seeking freelance workers for smaller projects. Additionally, many motivated individuals on the forum can offer you long-term service if required.

One significant advantage of this candidate sourcing tool is its registration procedure, which prevents fake accounts and bots from filling its pool with spam. Hence, it entails that the employees have already gone through a pre-filtering process by the time you have access to them.

Pricing: Tailored Pricing Model

Best Candidate Sourcing Tool - #5 ContactOut

G2 Rating: 4.6 stars
Founding Year: 2015

One of the best talent sourcing tools for finding potential candidates is ContactOut, which gives you information on applicants such as their email addresses and phone numbers. It is a Chrome extension that integrates with LinkedIn and other social networking sites. This extension searches social network pages using artificial intelligence to identify and confirm candidates' accurate email addresses.

Additionally, you can run an unlimited number of searches on this candidate sourcing tool search engine to find potential candidates who are not LinkedIn users. Additionally, this application allows you to email candidates directly from the search results pages.

Pricing: 99$/month

Best Candidate Sourcing Tool - #6 SeekOut

G2 Rating: 4.5 stars
Founding Year: 2017

Seekout is one of the top sourcing tools for recruiters. Customers can get a competitive edge by using this candidate sourcing tool to uncover diverse and difficult-to-find talent for their organization. They have a distinct viewpoint in the field thanks to their prior experience working in search, messaging, machine learning/AI, and natural language processing. You can find the proper talent as quickly as possible with the aid of the AI-powered Seekout robot.

Pricing: 499$/month

Best Candidate Sourcing Tool - #7 Pipl

G2 Rating: 4.4 stars
Founding Year: 2005

Another talent sourcing tool created to help recruiters get details about potential candidates is Pipl. This top sourcing tool for recruiters enables you to find information about 3 million people, including their addresses, email addresses, social media handles, educational backgrounds, or phone numbers. You can also use it to specify a certain area for your search. So, use this tool if you need detailed information about prospects.

Pricing: 298$/month

Best Candidate Sourcing Tool - #8 Avature

G2 Rating: 4.4 stars
Founding Year: 2005

Avature is one of the best talent sourcing tools that comes with a client relationship management tool created to help businesses establish and maintain relationships with their applicants. You can easily develop a multichannel strategy to sell your employment brand and draw applications using Avature CRM.

Additionally, if your business is international, this talent sourcing tool enables you to design a market-by-market strategy to attract the best candidates. You may search hundreds of websites from a single location using Avature's WebSources interface, import leads in bulk, and have those leads immediately added to communication processes. Additionally, you can schedule these searches to run on a regular basis to make sure you locate and get in touch with qualified candidates as soon as they post their resumes online.

Pricing: Tailored Pricing Model

Best Candidate Sourcing Tool - #9 Instahyre

G2 Rating: 4.3 stars
Founding Year: 2016

A candidate sourcing tool, the Instashyre platform aids recruiters in finding and hiring excellent talent quickly. From its premium database, it provides the recruiter with a curated list of candidates who are available for hire. By helping recruiters concentrate on other duties, this software has slowly become one of the top talent sourcing tools for recruiters by helping them reclaim crucial time.

Pricing: 31$/month

Best Candidate Sourcing Tool - #10 Hired

G2 Rating: 4.3 stars
Founding Year: 2012

A top sourcing tools for recruiters called Hired will connect you with a hand-selected group of responsive, top sales and technology experts seeking for a new career opportunity. With the use of objective insights, DEI tools, talent evaluations, and committed Customer Success Managers, this technology provides better data, tailored matches, and greater acceptance rates.

Pricing: Pay-per-hire model

And now.. Time for a Bonus!

EasySource - The Best Sourcing Tool for Recruiters

EasySource is an outbound candidate sourcing tool that helps recruiters to find top talent from a pool of active and passive candidates and build a robust talent pipeline. It is one of the first free candidate sourcing tools that allows recruiters to send hyper-personalized messages across multiple channels to candidates and maintain a workflow that is optimized for maximum response.

EasySource is a one-of-a-kind talent sourcing tool and should not be missed you are looking for an easy solution. And the cherry on top, it is an easily downloadable chrome extension that works on LinkedIn and makes finding candidates easy and efficient. So what are you waiting for, go download EasySource and “source right talent, right now

Wrapping Up

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