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AI Tools for Recruitment to Hiring Qualified Candidates in 2023

Published on March 4th, 2023


The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in the recruitment sector has completely transformed the way hiring operates in the present day. According to a survey conducted by the IBA global AI index, roughly 64% of the world's industries use some sort of AI technology within their operations.

And it's not impossible to see why.

AI software can automate numerous tedious tasks in the hiring process, allowing firms to significantly reduce recruiters' time spent on administrative responsibilities. AI recruitment tools not only assist you to expedite recruitment but also save time and money for those on the hiring end.

AI recruiting software is extremely effective for sourcing, shortlisting individuals, and helping businesses with a slew of problems experienced during the hiring cycle. Using an AI recruitment tool enables talent acquisition teams to find passive prospects and gain informative insights that influence better decision-making and improve outcomes such as quality of hire.

AI recruitment technologies can assist in matching the appropriate jobs with the right people and matching the right talent with the right recruiters... and therefore, building the ideal teams for the firm.

Understanding the basics of AI tools for recruitment: How do AI tools work?

AI recruiting software employs artificial intelligence to help recruiters locate qualified candidates.

The technology is designed to help recruiters with everyday tasks like sourcing, contacting, and analyzing new candidates. This allows them to devote more time to developing new recruitment strategies and increasing candidate interactions in order to improve employee engagement.

AI recruiting software examples include:

  • Chatbots that help assist job searchers in learning more about a position, applying for one, and automating the screening process.
  • Talent Pipelines which can automatically track applicants across different channels and deliver personalized updates to candidates’ mobile devices.
  • Or a variety of Communication Tools that can be useful in reminding you when and how to reach out to candidates based on their previous responses and scheduling preferences.

However, with so many new AI tools for recruitment on the market, choosing the one that best matches your needs might be challenging, if not impossible. So, to help you out, we've produced a list of the best AI recruitment software, complete with USPs, cost, and more, so you can make a well-informed choice.

AI Tools for Recruitment to Hire Qualified Candidates in 2023

1. Turbohire

Turbohire is a data-driven intelligent recruitment tool that presents itself as a recruitment automation platform, integrating artificial intelligence into the mundane tasks that all recruiters encounter, such as job marketing and screening, interview scheduling, feedback gathering, and candidate engagement and enquiry. It is well-structured and provides comprehensive insights into potential applicants by merging human and artificial intelligence.

When it comes to consumer data, the platform is likewise incredibly safe, and it encrypts connections between clients and the cloud.

Instead of relying solely on resumes or job interviews, TurboHire's platform promises to improve traditional recruiting by applying an intelligent algorithm to connect potential individuals with jobs based on their talents, interests, and availability.

Key Features:

  • Puts a candidate at ease by providing a personalized interview experience that allows them to complete the process from anywhere they want
  • Produces excellent hiring analytics and statistics, as well as gives an overall view of the recruiting process.
  • Interview automation expedites your hiring cycle and lowers your recruitment costs.


  • Basic: Starts at $40 per month
  • Pro: Starts at $177 per month
  • Premium: Starts at $450 per month
  • Enterprise: Starts at $1340 per month
  • There’s even a 14-day free trial available for you to take a test drive.

2. Fetcher

Fetcher is another excellent talent sourcing and scheduling software AI tool that provides the recruiting analytics that buyers demand. It is used by small businesses to find candidates using AI-powered keyword matching.

It learns a company's application preferences over time and then finds potential talent accordingly. The software automates the common needs for email outreach campaigns, has a duplication feature for reusing previous search criteria, and includes a note option for the recruiter to include in their response. The information provided is delivered directly to the company's internal teams to further narrow the search, improve the algorithms, and assist Fetcher in locating and delivering the prospects you desire.

Fetcher can help you streamline and improve your talent pipeline. This enables you to eliminate mundane duties and conduct interviews with qualified applicants who share your company's goals and values.

Key features:

  • Fetcher assists you in saving time on routine duties so that you can make the most of your important time.
  • Give you insights and reports to keep track of your candidates and make good recruiting decisions.
  • Combines search technology, messaging capabilities, and advanced analytics.

Cost: Fetcher does not have a one-size-fits-all pricing model. Instead, they will create a plan specifically for your company's requirements.

3. Arya

Arya is one of the most sophisticated artificial intelligence recruitment tools on the market available. It is a talent sourcing-focused AI recruiting tool. Based on your job description, it generates a shortlist of qualified individuals.

These shortlists are created with the help of the internet and your ATS/CRM. The platform has a fully integrated candidate engagement suite that allows you to quickly and effectively reach out to these top individuals, ask them to screen questions, and schedule relevant candidates with your recruiters.

It can track the number of emails sent, read, unread, and clicked, and it provides one-to-one or one-to-many communication through email, SMS, and direct call, which some ATSes sometimes lack. It also offers a full-service model, with recruiters able to provide up to 100 qualified and verified candidates for each position you post.

Key features:

  • Suitable for large organizations with a high number of internal candidates in an overworked ATS.
  • Sends personalized follow-ups automatically, answers FAQs, and schedules interviews.
  • Arya provides you with a pre-vetted list of potential candidates with whom you can immediately connect.


  • There are four types of Arya pulse plans available:
  • Free
  • Basic: $199 per job
  • Full service: $599 per job
  • Multiple job plans: For a quote, contact Arya's sales team.

4. HireEZ

HireEZ functions as a job-search engine. Its primary goal is to connect recruiters with prospects from a variety of industries.

HireEZ has successfully streamlined the hiring process for thousands of recruiting teams. The application is built on a vast network of over 50 million resumes and profiles.

HireEZ uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to match resumes with jobs. This is not, however, your normal resume-to-recruiter matching service. Because of the AI components, this tool can do far more than simply analyse a person's ability. Other factors to consider include experience, location, education, and others. As a result, the matches are advantageous to your team.


  • HireEZ Recruitment Tool can give you candidates' information from the internet. Personal emails, contact information, and social media accounts are retrieved.
  • Access to the most comprehensive data about your candidates across all platforms.

Cost: There are four pricing tiers available

  • Starter: Free
  • Standard: $40/month
  • Professional: $99/month
  • Enterprise: A custom plan based on your company’s needs

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5. Skillate

Skillate is among the most powerful AI-based recruiting tools. The application acts as a sophisticated decision-making engine, speeding up the talent acquisition process. The application features intelligent hiring solutions that are powered by cutting-edge AI breakthroughs. You also get better applicant analytics and a better application experience.

One benefit of using a programme like Skillate is that it allows you to make more diverse and equitable choices.

Skillate uses AI to analyse resumes in order to find the finest applicants for your firm.

Key features:

  • Uses AI to analyze resumes.
  • You can use AI to create job descriptions.
  • Provides great insights and analytics.

Cost: Skillate's pricing is negotiable. To obtain the best value for money, contact their sales team and ask for a demo.

6. Humanly

Humanly is a comprehensive conversational AI for recruiting platforms that integrates automation and people to bring the most competent, varied prospect pool to light at scale.

Using Humanly, recruiters can save time by automating tasks like as screening and scheduling interviews on a position-by-position basis; they can also make better-informed decisions based on automated insights on candidate experience scores.

Key features:

  • With Humanly you can provide a smooth and personalized experience to each user while also extending your brand's reach.
  • The Advanced Search tool offers a comprehensive range of filters that you can use to dig deeper and identify the candidates you're looking for.
  • Next-generation AI interview analytics help in the selection of better and more objective applicants, allowing you to discover the ideal employees for your firm.

Cost: To discover more about Humanly, fill out the short form on the company's website and request a demo.

7. XOR:

XOR is a recruiting platform that automates all of the hard work of recruiting for you so you can focus on the people.

It claims to handle everything for you, from talent acquisition and interviewing to offer negotiation and onboarding.

XOR is not your typical recruiting business because they handle everything that recruiters find time-consuming, such as prospect pre-screening and interview scheduling.

Thanks to XOR's platform, you'll be able to spend a good amount of your time connecting with exceptional talent and waste no more time on repetitive tasks.

Key features:

  • Reduce hiring times and spend more time optimising the customer experience.
  • By conducting virtual interviews, you can recognize and nurture talent from all over the world.
  • Virtual career fairs facilitate candidate screening and selection.

COST: XOR, like some of the products mentioned above, requires you to schedule a 30-minute demo to better understand the platform.

Following this demonstration, you will understand what XOR is and how it may help you attract the greatest people for your firm. You will also receive a roadmap for accomplishing your hiring objectives as well as cost information depending on your specific needs.

The quest for exceptional talent is never-ending. Because of smart technology choices like AI, machine learning, and advanced recruitment tools, recruiters will be able to do this more efficiently and easily. More importantly, they may demonstrate their ability to hire a diverse staff in an ethical manner by making good purchasing decisions.



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