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Some roles demand a nuanced approach. We help you close them faster with the most qualified candidates.


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“HireQuotient’s Al tool has truly revolutionized our talent discovery process, infusing innovation and data into our recruiting efforts. Their team is not just highly responsive, but they also genuinely care about us. I wholeheartedly recommend HireQuotient’s services to any organization seeking to bring warmth, efficiency, and optimization to their People function.”

Olga Spivak

VP of People, YCharts

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“The HireQuotient team invested time to understand what we seek in our talent, and ensured that the results from the tool are tuned to our requirements. Eventually, we were able to close the role in just 20 days (16 days less than the standard timeline).”

Erik Jacyshyn

Director of Recruiting and HR - Alton Lane

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“I’ve been impressed with how friendly and consistent the outreach and follow-up from HireQuotient have been so far. Their guidance on using the platform and its various features has been informative and helpful in my search for suitable candidates and target audiences. I've found the sequencing and top funnel capabilities to be; particularly valuable.”

Christine Covert

Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant, BLACKBIRD.AI

A managed sourcing solution that helps you
find the right fit at scale.

Our solution caters to specialized and niche roles with the help of progressively trained modules.
Our managed sourcing solutions empower your recruiting team by automating tasks across candidate discovery, engagement, and communication, allowing them to focus on hiring the best talent.
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Managed sourcing solutions to hire top talent

Let our managed sourcing solutions be your strategic partner to ensure you recruit top-tier talent

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How a leading staffing firm sourced qualified candidates in 2 hrs

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Sourcing top talent is tough. We make it effortless.

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Q.1 What is Managed Sourcing, and how does it enhance recruitment efforts?

Managed Sourcing is a comprehensive solution offered by HireQuotient, designed to streamline and optimize the recruitment process. It involves outsourcing the sourcing of candidates to our expert team, ensuring a steady influx of qualified talent for your organization.

Q.2 How can HireQuotient's Managed Sourcing benefit my recruitment team?

Q.3 Is Managed Sourcing suitable for organizations with varying hiring needs?

Q.4 How does HireQuotient ensure the quality of candidates sourced through Managed Sourcing?

Q.5 Can Managed Sourcing by HireQuotient be integrated with our existing recruitment processes?

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