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EasySource’s Candidate Discovery Module automatically searches through active and passive candidate profiles, uncovers hidden talent pools, and rediscovers talent from the internal pool to find the best-converting and most qualified candidates for any role.


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“HireQuotient’s Al tool has truly revolutionized our talent discovery process, infusing innovation and data into our recruiting efforts. Their team is not just highly responsive, but they also genuinely care about us. I wholeheartedly recommend HireQuotient’s services to any organization seeking to bring warmth, efficiency, and optimization to their People function.”

Olga Spivak

VP of People, YCharts

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“The HireQuotient team invested time to understand what we seek in our talent, and ensured that the results from the tool are tuned to our requirements. Eventually, we were able to close the role in just 20 days (16 days less than the standard timeline).”

Erik Jacyshyn

Director of Recruiting and HR - Alton Lane

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“HireQuotient has shown great flexibility in customizing solutions that fit our specific needs. I value their customer-centricity and the team's commitment to ensure that their solution has maximum impact on our recruiting processes.”

Amber Grewal

Managing Director & Partner, Head of Global Talent The Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

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“It's been a great pleasure working with HQ team on the pilot. They have a great product and very responsive team who are genuinely interested to accept client suggestions and work with them constructively.”

Priyadarshi Mishra

Managing Director, Accenture

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“I’ve been impressed with how friendly and consistent the outreach and follow-up from HireQuotient have been so far. Their guidance on using the platform and its various features has been informative and helpful in my search for suitable candidates and target audiences. I've found the sequencing and top funnel capabilities to be; particularly valuable.”

Christine Covert

Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant, BLACKBIRD.AI

Find promising people, Always

Whether it’s your internal talent pool, job boards, or hidden talent pools, EasySource’s Candidate Discovery Module finds the best candidates for you within minutes.
Discover top talent

Discover top talent

EasySource reads through profiles of active candidates to instantly surface top candidates. Just upload your job description or use simple prompts and see the magic happen.

Uncover hidden talent pools

Uncover hidden talent pools

70% of the talent pool consists of passive candidates. EasySource taps into this hidden pool of passive job seekers to find top talent and build a robust recruitment pipeline.

Rediscover great candidates

Rediscover great candidates

Your internal talent pool is a gold mine. EasySource integrates with your ATS seamlessly to quickly sift through candidates that have previously applied and match them against current job openings to find your next great hire.

Attract the best talent

It’s simple yet so powerful. You can upload your job description, use simple prompts, upload your ideal candidate profile, or use advanced AI filters.

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How EnsembleIQ sourced qualified talent for two hard-to-fill roles in less than 20 hours

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Finding exceptional talent is complex. We make it effortless.

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Q.1 How does EasySource's Talent Discovery Module enhance the talent acquisition process?

EasySource's Talent Discovery Module leverages advanced algorithms for continuous talent discovery, aiding in both candidate acquisition and rediscovery. It's a robust talent discovery platform designed to streamline the talent acquisition process.

Q.2 Can EasySource's Talent Discovery Platform identify candidates for specific roles?

Q.3 How does EasySource differentiate between active and hidden talent in its Talent Discovery Module? How can I Learn more about EasySource?

Q.4 In what ways does EasySource contribute to talent development and rediscovery?

Q.5 How does EasySource support talent rediscovery within our organization?

Q.6 How does EasySource's Talent Discovery Module enhance the talent acquisition process?

Q.7 What role does active talent play in EasySource's candidate rediscovery process?

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