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EasyAssess for skill assessment

EasyAssess skill assessments offer standard and customized pre-employment tests to screen, identify, and hire the best candidates faster and without bias.


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“It's been a great pleasure working with HQ team on the pilot. They have a great product and very responsive team who are genuinely interested to accept client suggestions and work with them constructively.”

Priyadarshi Mishra

Managing Director, Accenture

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“HireQuotient has shown great flexibility in customizing solutions that fit our specific needs. I value their customer-centricity and the team's commitment to ensure that their solution has maximum impact on our recruiting processes.”

Amber Grewal

Managing Director & Partner, Head of Global Talent The Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

Hire the best without stress

Screen and identify the best candidates, and make your hiring decisions faster without any bias.

Adaptive skill assessments

EasyAssess is trained to adjust the difficulty according to the candidate’s real-time response. You can get a complete understanding of the knowledge and value the candidate brings in and create balanced teams for maximized output.

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Wipe out bias

EasyAssess pre-employment tests create a level-playing field for all candidates to showcase their skills. As a result, your team talks only to qualified candidates from diverse backgrounds and makes hiring decisions objectively, faster, and without bias.

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Maximize productivity

With automated candidate evaluation with peaked accuracy, your team’s productivity is now 100x. Say goodbye to traditional tactics and focus your team’s efforts on enriching the candidate’s experience.

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Built for your unique needs

EasyAssess integrates seamlessly with your technology stack, as well as EasySource and EasyInterview, to create a unique solution for your requirements. Test candidates’ abilities, skills, and communication objectively and accurately.

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Access our collection of curated assessments

Our automated skill assessment solutions act as your reliable partner in navigating the talent pool, enabling you to recruit the best talent effortlessly.

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How BCG improved candidate satisfaction NPS from 6.7 to 8.4

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candidates assessed within 6 months
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Improvements in placement rates
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EasyAssess has got you needs covered

We understand exactly what you need. Our skill assessments can help you seek out the right fit by creating role-specific assessments with metrics aligned with international industry standards. Our collaborations with multiple organizations across numerous industries keep us at pace with current market expectations.

Assessing candidates is complex. We make it effortless.

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Q.1 What is EasyAssess's approach to skill assessments?

EasyAssess employs cutting-edge technology for skill assessments, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of candidates. Our pre-employment testing solutions cover a wide range of skills, enabling you to make informed hiring decisions.

Q.2 How does EasyAssess's online skill assessment process work?

Q.3 Can I customize skill assessments based on specific job roles?

Q.4 What advantages does EasyAssess offer in pre-employment skills testing?

Q.5 How does EasyAssess help in candidate acquisition through skill assessments?

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