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Experience seamless and bias-free diversity hiring with EasyAssess by evaluating, screening, and recruiting diverse candidates around the globe. 


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“HireQuotient has shown great flexibility in customizing solutions that fit our specific needs. I value their customer-centricity and the team's commitment to ensure that their solution has maximum impact on our recruiting processes.”

Amber Grewal

Managing Director & Partner, Head of Global Talent The Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

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“It's been a great pleasure working with HQ team on the pilot. They have a great product and very responsive team who are genuinely interested to accept client suggestions and work with them constructively.”

Priyadarshi Mishra

Managing Director, Accenture

Hire the most diverse teams

EasyAssess helps you create the most diverse talent pool and integrate value into your company.

Avoid hiring mistakes

In a diverse work setting, mis-hires can have significant consequences. EasyAssess is your solution to ensure you bring on board the right candidates without bias, enhancing inclusivity and fostering higher retention rates.

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Thorough screening for diverse roles

Leveraging an extensive repository of talent assessments, EasyAssess enables you to identify qualified candidates by comprehensively evaluating their skills and capabilities. It ensures you pinpoint candidates with the right aptitude for the role and a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion.

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Assessments created for real-world problems

Present candidates with the challenges they'll be tackling through job-specific pre-employment tests. Evaluate their ability to navigate situational tasks and cognitive assessments objectively, streamlining your hiring decisions.

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Exceptional candidate experience

Remote recruitment comes with challenges, from different time zones to language fluency and cultural backgrounds. EasyAssess addresses these complexities with minimal effort. Combined with its user-friendly interface, this pre-employment assessment tool delivers a candidate experience that stands out from the rest.

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Diversity hiring is complex. We make it effortless.

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Q.1 How does EasyAssess contribute to diversity hiring strategies?

EasyAssess is tailored to enhance diversity in hiring by providing pre-employment tests that are meticulously designed to assess candidates objectively. By focusing on real-world problem-solving scenarios, it helps identify candidates with diverse skills and perspectives, fostering an inclusive work environment.

Q.2 Can EasyAssess eliminate bias in the hiring process?

Q.3 How does EasyAssess contribute to creating a diverse talent pool?

Q.4 What makes EasyAssess assessments suitable for real-world problems?

Q.5 How does EasyAssess enhance the candidate experience in diversity recruitment?