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15 Free Job Posting Sites that are Free and Loaded with Traffic

Published on November 30th, 2022


It is the 21st century and we are heading into its 23rd year. Pretty much everything is online now and recruitment is not behind.

However, it is difficult for both job seekers and employers to find suitable jobs and candidates, respectively.

Fortunately, there are free job posting sites available on the web that lets you post free job ads and attract top talent for your organization.

Find the list here.

List of Job Posting Sites that are High Traffic and 100% Free

1. Linkedin Job Search

LinkedIn is a social networking site with 830 million users where job postings are not the major focus. The major goal of the site is to create connections and dialogues with other professionals that could ultimately help you identify excellent candidates. 

Having said that, LinkedIn may be an excellent medium for hiring passive applicants and serves as a job board. On G2, LinkedIn has a score of 4.4/5.

Unlike traditional job boards, LinkedIn is better suited for businesses looking to hire passive candidates. It is also a great resource for finding applicants for senior positions. It is one of the finest platforms for networking with the best professionals in any field.

2. Indeed Hiring Platform

With more than 200 million monthly users globally, Indeed is a free posting job board.

The software provides recruiters with instant access to potential prospects and is simple to use. Additionally, creating your profile only takes a few clicks and is simple. This is among the top free job posting sites because of how simple it is to use.

Indeed offers "Indeed Quick Apply" to job seekers. This tool facilitates quick and simple job applications for potential applicants.

Additionally, it features a mobile app that enables job seekers to look for and apply for positions at any time, anywhere.

The monthly volume of nearly 200 million resumes is unmatched. As a result, recruiters frequently use Indeed to identify possible applicants for their available positions.

Furthermore, Indeed provides access to competent job searchers from all around the world for organizations regardless of location. In this manner, it would be difficult to pass up the ideal applicant simply because you were looking for the wrong location.

3. Monster

Over 7 million people in the US alone view the website of Monster, one of the first digital job boards. Monster works by advertising your job posting to hundreds of other websites. Monster has a G2 rating of 3.9/5.

Because Monster's resume views are constrained and its job search filters fall short of those of its rivals, it is best suited for small teams trying to satisfy occasional hiring requirements.

You can now post jobs for free on Monster+. The position can be promoted and kept at the top of the list by paying more money.

You should absolutely check out this option if you're seeking a free substitute. 

4. Google Jobs

The free job search engine operated by Google is called Google Jobs. The Google search engine will index job postings that are entered into an applicant tracking system (ATS) and formatted correctly for Google on a website's careers page.

Additionally, Google Jobs compiles job listings from the top job search engines. The Google Jobs search tool makes it simple for hiring managers to make sure that a wide range of competent candidates view their job advertisements because it incorporates all of the Google search engine's technologies.

5. Upwork

Upwork is a good job site for freelance job postings. Hiring managers can publish free contract job advertisements to Upwork's job search engine, and contractors can search and respond for free.

Hiring managers can answer a few brief questions about the new position they need proven talent for in Upwork's Talent Marketplace, and Upwork will then provide a list of potential independent professionals.

Simply go to the Upwork Talent Marketplace, establish a free account using the provided instructions, and post your first job.

But Upwork is more than just a place to publish jobs. There is a vast array of features available, both in free and advanced premium versions.

6. Handshake

A job-search service called Handshake was created to assist college students and new grads in finding employment. Employers can search for candidates who are so new to the market that they still have an active college email address using this specialized employment board and resume database. Employers connect using a browser even though the platform is designed for job seekers to utilize on the Handshake mobile app.

Handshake matches entry-level job seekers with open positions they qualify for with firms like Verizon, IBM, Target, Meta, Apple, and other well-known brands.

Through Handshake, employers can post free job listings, browse profiles, download resumes, and chat live with candidates.

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7. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter is a job distributor website that broadens the audience for each job ad by distributing it to more than 100 employment sites, including Google,, and others. One of the best job boards in the globe, ZipRecruiter is a well-liked marketplace where businesses can discover qualified applicants. Doing so is now simpler than ever thanks to the 25 million active monthly users. On G2, ZipRecruiter has a rating of 4.7/5.

If you need to hire a lot of people quickly, ZipRecruiter is an excellent job board to take into account because it promotes your job posting to other websites, which will help you draw in more applicants.

8. Talent

Employers can post job openings for free on Talent. Both companies and job seekers can easily sign up and post jobs.

The free option to integrate your own applicant tracking system (ATS) with the Talent platform is a well-liked feature. Once your ATS and Talent are integrated, any job posting you publish will instantly be sent to Talent.

The integrated Talent tracker also offers analytics on your talent search, such as the number of applicants for your open positions.

9. Jora

Jora is a global job search engine that matches qualified applicants with vacant vacancies across the globe. The Jora website aggregates job postings from other websites, including well-known job boards like Monster and numerous smaller specialist employment boards. 

Jora also collaborates with other global job sites to offer localized employment services in Latin America, Australia, Africa, and Australia.

10. Ladders

Ladders was established to assist highly qualified individuals in locating positions with lucrative businesses in the US and Canada. On Ladders, every position has an annual salary of at least $100,000.

The job-hunting website gathers relevant job listings from numerous job boards on the internet, including Indeed and other important websites. Additionally, employers can explore the enormous resume database kept by Ladders and post 10 free job advertisements per month.

11. AngelList

AngelList was established in order to link startup companies with job seekers who are prepared to work for them. In particular, job seekers are urged to join AngelList in order to search for positions at emerging companies, notably in the business and technology sectors. Using AngelList, organizations like DoorDash and Peloton expanded their teams.

Employers can post an unlimited number of jobs for on-site openings, message candidates, and use a free application tracking system or integrate it with their own ATS for free with a free account and company profile.

12. Hubstaff Talent

For posting remote freelance and agency contract opportunities, check out Hubstaff Talent. There aren't any fees at all. Hiring managers can publish remote job openings for no cost, and Hubstaff Talent will then publish them to a number of other job sites online.

Freelancers and companies register to build a free profile. Hiring managers looking for possible candidates can check these profiles to see a market of contract professionals.

13. SimplyHired

An advanced job search engine with a comparable framework to Indeed, SimplyHired is owned by the same parent firm. Jobs can be posted for free with photo ID verification by employers.

Simply attach a selfie and a photo of your official ID after your job posting is complete.

Job searchers can quickly filter down job listings from more than 100 job boards on the internet by searching with their predetermined criteria.

14. Chegg Internships

Chegg Internships is the best website to use when seeking for talented interns that are still in college. It provides access to its database, which uses a special CareerMatch service to help you locate the perfect intern for your criteria, and allows you to post job opportunities for part-time or full-time employment.

There are a variety of employment possibilities available, from seasonal or part-time work to full-time roles, and it's a terrific platform to start building your talent pipeline from scratch. Additionally, Chegg Internships provides advice on selecting and supervising an intern, as well as how to organize and manage an effective internship program.

15. JobSpider

By allowing consumers to publish resumes for free on a large database, JobSpider gets around phony Craigslist job inquiries and other unethical practices. Employers can more easily identify qualified applicants by filtering resumes using certain titles and keywords. Both employers and job seekers can utilize this site for free. 

Employers would only need to pay a small fee for bulk job imports, with the amount ranging depending on the business sector, employer, and job type.

Wrapping Up

We hope that this list of the top free job posting sites will assist you in identifying the next top applicant for your business.

Free job posting platforms increase your chance of hiring top candidates by putting your vacancy in front of thousands of potential employees.

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