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Top 10 Recruitment Trends in 2024

Published on November 7th, 2022

Are you an HR professional looking for the latest recruitment trends? We know that the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing technological disruption has shaken the entire recruitment industry from its roots. This has forced businesses and hiring managers to shift their recruitment paradigm from traditional processes to remote and modern technology.

But…there are many other recruitment market trends that have taken off in 2024. Have a quick read on the top 10 changing latest recruitment trends in 2024.

AI taking over the Recruitment Process

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has taken over the world in almost all aspects and why should recruitment be behind? For the past 2-3 years, industrial automation has been ruling the market and has managed to accomplish prior physical tasks using technological advancements in much less time.

Talking about the hiring sector, incredible AI-powered skills assessment tools such as HireQuotient, TestGorilla, SparkHire, iMocha, and many more have been current recruitment trends in 2024.

This global recruitment trend is here to stay in 2024 and the upcoming years, as it has helped companies to power through the recruitment process and sift the best candidates from a giant talent pool.

According to IDC, a research firm, more than 80% of global companies will start using robots to manage their employees in 2024. How cool is that?

It has been projected that by 2024, algorithmic managers will handle the training, skilling, and firing of employees. This phenomenon is already happening in the gig workers industry.

Reshaping Workplace

Another factor that is all set to reshape the workplace is the entrance of the metaverse. According to Gartner, 25% of organizations will start using metaverse for different work-related activities by 2026, 2024 being the tipping point.

What is HR’s role recruitment-wise in this factor, you may ask? Well… HR will rebuild workplace policies to make the digital space a healthy working place. This trend is touted to attract more candidates in 2024.

Again, COVID -19 has brought upon us recruitment new trends, which is work from home. Working from home or remote work holds different views from employers and employees. The employees have been hell-bent to continue working from home even after everything is back to normal after the pandemic since they have been saving a lot of time and money

The employers, however, want to restore pre-COVID times and want a full presence in offices.

According to Forbes, 97% of the employees do not wish to return to the office and demand the flexibility of working at least 3 days a week from home. Businesses have to adapt to the latest recruitment trends to keep their employees satisfied.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policy

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion referred to as DEI, were corporate lingos that were used casually before 2020. The George Floyd murder case (25th May 2020) spawned the companies to go from making DEI, a should-have to a must-have policy.

DEI has become a major facet of the recruitment industry trends 2024. Diversity, equity, and inclusion in workplaces have been highly promoted by global business leaders.

Companies should make it a point to advertise their DEI policies from now on while recruiting, this not only helps in better candidate hiring but also improves the brand image.

Focusing on Employer Branding

Having an excellent brand image will definitely amp up the quality of candidates that apply to your organization. Employer branding is basically how the company is perceived by employees based on its work culture, salary compensation, and day-to-day activities.

Glassdoor has reported that about 75% of prospective candidates are more likely to apply for a job if the employer has an active brand image.

HR can holistically bring out a good image of the company and attract better talent. A digital recruitment trend like employer branding can go a long way toward a better talent pool.

Hiring Passive Candidates

Passive hiring has become a real thing in 2024. The role of recruiters has become very different today as opposed to what it was in the past. They have access to the best technological tools and marketing tactics that can easily help them to poach passive candidates.

In 2024, HR recruiters are all set to target passive candidates with better compensation and perks to enhance the talent pool at their organization. This is a current recruitment trend that is likely to make recruitment very engaging for hiring managers in 2024.

Social Recruitment

Job seekers and recruiters have taken a turn and switched to social media platforms for connecting and collaborating. Recruiters are using LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to reach out to candidates.

According to Betterteam, 94% of hiring managers made use of social media to expand their network in 2021. The latest recruitment trends in 2024 are going to continue in the upcoming years.

Gen Z entering the workforce

Gen Z, the more technologically advanced generation is all set to enter the workplace in 2024. They would want the recruitment process to be automated, fast-paced, mobile-friendly, and engaging. HR recruiters will need to pull up their socks to accommodate them as the latest recruitment trends in 2024 will change the scenario of hiring.

Going for Data-driven recruiting

Data-driven recruitment is one of the future recruitment trends that has gained much popularity these days. What happens is that HR collects data from past employees and projects future needs and requirements of the workplace based on the data.

This way, the HR professional is improving the work culture of the organization. According to a study by Deloitte, these HR analytical metrics have increased employee performance by 71%.

This is a digital recruitment trend that you will see a lot of usage by HRs in 2024.

Going back to Skill-Based Hiring

For the past 10 years or so, hiring was done only on the basis of merit, ignoring skills. But the game has changed now, there are so many upskilling platforms available in the market, that candidates have become highly skilled with improved talent.

The HR professionals thus need to change their strategy and start hiring candidates based on their skills to obtain a better talent pool. This is going to be a major recruitment trend 2024.

Bringing Gamification to the Table

With the emergence of remote working, some employees feel FOMO, the fear of missing out on activities along with isolation, disconnection, and boredom. To curb this, HR professionals have introduced the concept of gamification to keep employees engaged and satisfied.

This newest recruitment market trend has been seen to increase productivity by 90%, according to Medium.


You must now be enlightened about these global recruitment trends. Roll up your sleeves to put up with these recruitment trends in 2024. Happy hiring!



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