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Who is the Digital Marketing Coordinator (DMC)

A Digital Marketing Coordinator (DMC) is a professional responsible for supporting digital marketing initiatives within an organization. Their role typically involves assisting in the execution of digital marketing campaigns, managing various digital platforms, and analyzing performance metrics to optimize marketing efforts.

According to the LinkedIn Jobs on the Rise Report 2023, Digital Marketing Coordinators are listed among the top 10 most sought-after positions globally, with an impressive 860,000 open opportunities in the US, meaning recruiters need to be innovative while sourcing, screening, and hiring Digital Marketing Coordinators for the team. 

What does a Digital Marketing Coordinator (DMC) do

The key roles and responsibilities of the Digital Marketing Coordinator are: 

Campaign Management: 

The DMC assists in the development, execution, and monitoring of digital marketing campaigns across channels such as social media, email, search engines, and display advertising.

Content Creation: 

They may contribute to content creation efforts by drafting social media posts, writing blog articles, creating email newsletters, or developing website content.

Platform Management: 

Digital Marketing Coordinators often manage various digital platforms and tools, such as social media accounts, email marketing platforms, content management systems (CMS), and marketing automation software.

Analytics and Reporting: 

They analyze data from digital marketing campaigns to track key performance indicators (KPIs), measure ROI, and generate reports for stakeholders. This involves using tools like Google Analytics, social media analytics dashboards, and email marketing analytics platforms.

SEO and SEM Support: 

They may assist in implementing search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to improve website visibility and search rankings. They may also support search engine marketing (SEM) initiatives, such as keyword research, ad copywriting, and campaign optimization.


Digital Marketing Coordinators collaborate with cross-functional teams, including designers, content creators, developers, and external agencies, to ensure alignment and consistency across marketing efforts.

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Why you should hire a Digital Marketing Coordinator

Hiring a Digital Marketing Coordinator can bring numerous benefits to your organization, especially in today's digital-first business landscape. 

1. Expertise in digital marketing strategies: A Digital Marketing Coordinator is trained and experienced in various digital marketing strategies, including social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, content marketing, and online advertising. They can leverage their expertise to develop and execute effective digital marketing campaigns tailored to your organization's goals and target audience.

2. Strategic planning and execution: Digital Marketing Coordinators are skilled in strategic planning and execution. They can analyze market trends, competitor strategies, and audience insights to develop data-driven marketing plans that drive results. By meticulously planning and executing digital marketing initiatives, they can help your organization achieve its marketing objectives efficiently and effectively.

3. Optimization of marketing ROI: One of the primary responsibilities of a Digital Marketing Coordinator is to monitor and analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns. By continuously optimizing campaigns based on performance data, they can maximize your marketing return on investment (ROI) and ensure that your marketing budget is allocated wisely.

4. Content creation and management: Digital Marketing Coordinators excel in content creation and management. They can produce high-quality content for various digital channels, including blog posts, social media updates, email newsletters, and website copy. By consistently delivering engaging and relevant content, they can enhance brand visibility, attract leads, and nurture customer relationships.

5. Brand building and awareness: With their expertise in digital marketing, Digital Marketing Coordinators can help strengthen your brand's online presence and increase brand awareness. By implementing strategic branding initiatives across digital channels, they can position your brand as a leader in your industry and engage with your target audience effectively.

6. Adaptability to emerging technologies: Digital Marketing Coordinators are well-versed in emerging technologies and trends in the digital marketing landscape. They stay updated on the latest tools, platforms, and best practices to ensure that your organization remains competitive in the ever-evolving digital marketplace. Their ability to adapt to new technologies and trends can give your organization a competitive edge.

7. Cross-functional collaboration: Digital Marketing Coordinators collaborate closely with various teams within your organization, including marketing, sales, product development, and customer service. Their ability to communicate effectively and work collaboratively across departments ensures alignment and integration of marketing initiatives with overall business objectives.

8. Scalability and growth: As your organization grows, Digital Marketing Coordinators can scale and adapt digital marketing strategies to meet evolving business needs and goals. Whether you're expanding into new markets, launching new products, or targeting new customer segments, they can tailor digital marketing initiatives to support your growth objectives.

Skills and qualities to look out for

Given the importance of Digital Marketing Coordinators, they need a strong set of technical and workplace skills with superior personality traits.

Technical Skills for Digital Marketing Coordinators:

  1. Proficiency in optimizing website content, conducting keyword research, and improving search engine rankings.
  2. Experience in managing pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns on platforms like Google Ads and Bing Ads.
  3. Ability to develop and execute social media strategies across platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok.
  4. Strong writing and editing skills for creating engaging content including blog posts, social media updates, email newsletters, and website copy.
  5. Knowledge of email marketing best practices, including list segmentation, A/B testing, and email automation.
  6. Proficiency in using tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, and email marketing analytics platforms to track and analyze campaign performance.
  7. Familiarity with marketing automation platforms like HubSpot, Marketo, or Mailchimp for streamlining marketing processes and workflows.
  8. Basic design skills using tools like Adobe Photoshop or Canva for creating visual content such as graphics, infographics, and social media images.
  9. Understanding of content management systems (CMS) like WordPress or Drupal for managing website content and updates.
  10. Experience in designing and executing A/B tests to optimize marketing campaigns and website performance.

Workplace Skills for Digital Marketing Coordinators:

  1. Excellent verbal and written communication skills for conveying ideas effectively to internal teams and external stakeholders.
  2. Strong organizational skills and ability to prioritize tasks to meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment.
  3. Collaborative attitude and willingness to work closely with cross-functional teams to achieve common goals.
  4. Ability to adapt to changes in priorities, technologies, and industry trends.
  5. Analytical mindset and creative problem-solving skills to overcome challenges and achieve objectives.
  6. Thoroughness and accuracy in executing tasks, proofreading content, and reviewing campaign performance data.
  7. Commitment to understanding customer needs and preferences to deliver valuable and engaging content and experiences.
  8. A proactive approach to identifying opportunities for improvement and taking ownership of projects and tasks.
  9. Ability to analyze data, draw insights, and make data-driven decisions to optimize marketing strategies.
  10. Professional demeanor and integrity in all interactions, representing the organization positively both internally and externally.

Personality Traits

- Adaptable
- Innovative
- Resilient
- Empathetic
- Ambitious
- Collaborative
- Assertive
- Curious
- Tenacious
- Confident

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Digital Marketing Coordinator job description

This job description for the position of Digital Marketing Coordinator has been optimized for job boards as well as career pages and is ready to be deployed. Simply customize it for your organization and hire your next rockstar.

Job Title: Digital Marketing Coordinator
Location: [Insert Location]
Company:[Insert Company Name]

About Us:
[Provide a brief description of the company, its mission, and its products or services.]

Job Description:
Seeking a proactive Digital Marketing Coordinator to support digital marketing initiatives, drive engagement, and enhance brand visibility. Responsibilities include assisting in campaign execution, content coordination, performance analysis, and market research.

Key Responsibilities:
- Support digital marketing campaigns across channels (email, social media, SEO/SEM).
- Coordinate content creation and scheduling for various digital platforms.
- Analyze campaign performance metrics and prepare reports.
- Conduct market research and competitive analysis.
- Collaborate with internal teams to ensure brand consistency.
- Stay updated on digital marketing trends and best practices.

- Bachelor's degree in Marketing or related field.
- [X] years of digital marketing experience.
- Proficiency in digital marketing tools and platforms.
- Strong analytical and communication skills.
- Detail-oriented with strong organizational skills.
- Passion for digital marketing and eagerness to learn.

How to Apply:
Submit resume and cover letter to [insert email address or link to application portal].

You can take a look at more job descriptions here.

How to hire the perfect Digital Marketing Coordinator?

  1. Craft a compelling job description

Whether you're hiring a beginner or a seasoned Digital Marketing Coordinator, the job description should accurately outline the job's duties and expectations. It should also highlight the company's values, perks, and opportunities for career growth. Doing so will help attract top candidates who align with the company's vision and goals.

In addition to the job description in section 5, you can explore more job descriptions here.

  1. Discover relevant candidates

Though there's a sizable talent pool for content writers, the number of actively seeking candidates is relatively low. To find the right fit, recruiters should explore passive and hidden talent pools, where potential candidates may not be actively looking for jobs.

Recruiters can utilize popular job boards like Indeed, LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, and Glassdoor to connect with candidates actively seeking opportunities. Additionally, they can leverage recruitment tools to identify passive candidates who may not be actively searching for roles.

EasySource’s Candidate Discovery Module can instantly surface relevant content writers from active, passive, and hidden talent pools based on your job description or simple prompts. 

  1. Screen candidates

Many Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and candidate screening tools heavily rely on keywords in candidates' profiles or resumes to filter them. However, this approach can sometimes result in qualified candidates being overlooked if their profiles lack specific keywords. Conversely, it may also lead to irrelevant candidates being included in the screening process solely because they strategically included the right keywords.

To avoid this, EasySource’s Candidate Screening Module uses persona-based screening to map the ideal candidate profile based on your job description and finds content writers with relevant skills, profiles, and work experience. This persona-based screening also ranks candidates based on their relevancy so that recruiters can prioritize their outreach.

  1. Assess candidates

Skill assessments are invaluable tools for ensuring that only qualified candidates advance in the hiring process, thereby maintaining a healthy talent pipeline. Additionally, they facilitate faster hiring decisions while minimizing bias in the selection process.

EasyAssess offers pre-built and customized adaptive skill assessments that validate Digital Marketing Coordinators’ technical and workplace skills along with their personality traits. These pre-employment tests create a level playing field so that recruiters can build winning teams with qualified candidates from diverse backgrounds.

  1. Interview candidates

Here are some interview questions that can draw out complete responses from candidates.

  1. Can you describe your experience in developing and implementing digital marketing strategies across various channels? 
  2. How do you ensure alignment with overall business objectives?
  3. How do you approach analyzing and interpreting digital marketing performance metrics? 
  4. Can you provide an example of a campaign you managed and how you measured its success?
  5. What tools and platforms are you proficient in for managing digital marketing campaigns? 
  6. How do you stay updated on new technologies and trends in the digital marketing landscape?
  7. Can you share your experience with content creation for digital platforms? 
  8. How do you ensure that content resonates with the target audience and drives engagement?
  9. Collaboration is essential in digital marketing. How do you collaborate with cross-functional teams, such as design, content, and analytics, to achieve marketing goals? 
  10. Can you give an example of a successful collaboration you've been a part of?

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Automated video interviews can be a great way to go beyond the resume and learn more about candidates. Whether you are hiring one Digital Marketing Coordinator or at scale, EasyInterview gives recruiters the edge to hire diverse and exceptional talent from across the globe. Also, hiring managers can be involved in the recruitment process to make hiring decisions faster.

  1. Engage candidates

Getting to the qualified candidates and engaging them through the entire hiring process requires recruiters to engage with them one-on-one. Sometimes it can be tedious and also time-consuming which results in missing out on the qualified candidates. Hence, recruiters should use communication tools that help them build personal relationships using personalized messaging to keep the candidates engaged. 

EasySource’s Candidate Engagement Module ensures that candidates are engaged with highly personalized strategies and messaging across multiple platforms to compel them to join your organization.

  1. Conduct reference checks

After shortlisting candidates, it's important to check their work history and performance in past roles. This helps confirm their claims and learn about their strengths and areas for improvement. 

Also, ask about their teamwork skills and ability to fit into the company culture since collaboration with various teams is crucial for this role.

  1. Selection and onboarding

An offer letter is crucial as it safeguards both the employer and the employee. It should provide comprehensive details about the position, including the title, responsibilities, salary, and benefits. Additionally, it must specify the start date, and any probationary period, and require the employer's signature.

During the onboarding program, ensure the Digital Marketing Coordinator gets acquainted with the organization's culture, values, and mission. Additionally, provides insights into specific product or service knowledge and buyer personas. It helps them align their work with the company's goals and understand the target audience better.

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