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AI recruitment software that caters to every aspect right from discovering, vetting, and assessing to the engagement of candidates with the help of AI. Experience how AI in recruitment processes can maximize your outputs with minimal investment of time and effort.


Use of AI in recruitment

Candidate sourcing

AI-driven algorithms within recruitment software, like HireQuotient, enable organizations to efficiently source candidates from diverse pools. By analyzing vast datasets, AI identifies relevant candidates, optimizing the initial stages of the hiring process.


Optimizing recruitment with AI

A Step-by-Step Guide

Sourcing candidates

AI recruitment software like HireQuotient employs advanced algorithms to analyze vast datasets, providing precise matches from internal, external, and hidden talent pools. This ensures a quicker and more accurate candidate sourcing process.

Screening applicants

AI-based recruitment software goes beyond keywords, evaluating candidates based on qualitative and quantitative nuances. This enables a more comprehensive assessment, ensuring a better fit for the job role.

Assessing skills

HireQuotient's AI introduces EasyAssess, a module that assesses job-ready skills, providing a 360-degree view of each candidate's proficiencies. This ensures a more accurate evaluation of individual capabilities.

Interviewing candidates

EasyInterview, an asynchronous video interview solution by HireQuotient, removes barriers related to time, location, and bias. This not only expedites the process but also ensures a fair evaluation of soft skills.

Candidate engagement

HireQuotient's AI-driven Candidate Engagement Module personalizes outreach messages, aligning them with job descriptions and candidates' profiles. This helps in crafting compelling strategies across multiple channels, attracting top talent.

Streamlining processes

HireQuotient streamlines processes by easily integrating with various ATSs. It facilitates outreach through Gmail, Outlook, or LinkedIn, and allows recruiters to schedule interviews in advance, creating a hassle-free recruitment process.

Discover, screen, engage, and hire the best talent effortlessly

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Arya by Leoforce

Arya positions itself as a trailblazer in AI recruitment, boasting artificial intuition for a multidimensional understanding of candidates and job requirements. Utilizing AI, Arya sources candidates from internal databases, job boards, and social networks. Its unique features include a score details feature for resume analysis and a Scouting Agent for AI-driven candidate profile updates. Arya Quantum stands out by addressing neurodiversity in its bias mitigation capabilities.

Arya by Leoforce

ICIMS Talent Cloud

ICIMS Talent Cloud harnesses AI to search, match, and recommend potential candidates. A conversational AI bot facilitates candidate interactions, providing answers to FAQs, scheduling interviews, and supporting multiple languages. The platforms intelligent search ensures comprehensive job recommendations, overcoming inconsistencies in spelling and job titles.

ICIMS Talent Cloud

Oracle Recruiting

Designed for organizations using Oracle Cloud HCM, Oracle Recruiting seamlessly integrates AI into various recruitment stages. From generative AI-assisted job postings to candidate recommendations and time-to-hire predictions, Oracle Recruiting offers a comprehensive suite. Its skills management module ensures organizations maintain an up-to-date skills inventory, supporting talent planning decisions.

ICIMS Talent Cloud

Phenom Intelligent Talent Experience

Phenom goes beyond recruitment, extending into talent management. The platform categorizes jobs into job zones based on preparation levels, enabling automation for high-volume hiring. Phenom Talent Companion employs an AI chatbot for personalized engagement, while Interview Intelligence provides centralized evaluation tools. The platforms holistic suite, driven by AI, facilitates personalized talent development, mentorships, and internal mobility.

ICIMS Talent Cloud


Skillate focuses on AI-powered talent engagement for the staffing industry. From assisting in job description creation to chatbot screening and automatic interview scheduling, Skillate streamlines the hiring process. It integrates with major ATS systems, including SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting, Workday, SmartRecruiters, and Oracle Taleo.

ICIMS Talent Cloud


TurboHire positions itself as a recruitment automation platform, infusing AI into tasks like job marketing, screening, interview scheduling, and candidate engagement. With a global and high-volume hiring focus, TurboHire supports customization without code. The platform integrates seamlessly with solutions from Oracle and SAP SuccessFactors

ICIMS Talent Cloud

The best AI recruitment software

HireQuotient introduces the most advanced AI recruitment software, revolutionizing your hiring process from discovery to preparing candidates for interviews.
Leverage our AI modules to extract the most relevant candidates from internal, external, & hidden talent pools.


testimonial person

“HireQuotient has shown great flexibility in customizing solutions that fit our specific needs. I value their customer-centricity and the team's commitment to ensure that their solution has maximum impact on our recruiting processes.”

Amber Grewal

Managing Director & Partner, Chief Recruiting/Talent Officer, The Boston Consulting Group

testimonial person

“It's been a great pleasure working with HQ team on the pilot. They have a great product and very responsive team who are genuinely interested to accept client suggestions and work with them constructively.”

Priyadarshi Mishra

Managing Director, Accenture

Why is HireQuotient the most recommended AI recruitment software?


Exclusive talent pool

Unmatched access to a diverse and exclusive talent pool


Integrated hiring suite

All-in-one solution: source, screen, and interview on a unified platform


Rapid customer support

Swift and responsive customer success team - one call away for your success


Global enterprise trust

Preferred choice for a growing list of global enterprises 


Ai-driven efficiency

Harness the power of AI for unrivaled recruitment efficiency


Innovative solutions

Cutting-edge features and innovations for a future-ready hiring experience


Seamless hiring journey

Embark on a seamless hiring odyssey with user-friendly workflows


Proven success

Join the ranks of satisfied recruiters who have achieved hiring success with HQ 

Why Opt for AI Recruitment Software by HireQuotient?

Empower your team with intelligent automation across the Hiring spectrum

In the realm of talent acquisition, HireQuotients AI recruitment software emerges as the beacon of innovation, orchestrating a symphony of automated processes to transform the way you discover, evaluate, and engage with exceptional candidates. Lets delve into the distinctive features that set our AI recruitment software apart.

Talent discovery

Through the infusion of the Candidate Discovery Module, this module acts as your talent scout, swiftly identifying relevant candidates across internal databases, external networks, and even those hidden gems awaiting exploration. Instantly multiply your talent pool and uncover prospects that traditional methods might over.


Candidate screening

Our Candidate Screening Module redefines candidate assessment by looking beyond traditional keyword filters. Evaluate candidates based on a nuanced understanding of both qualitative and quantitative attributes, ensuring that you're not just filtering resumes but identifying individuals with the right skills, experiences, and cultural fit for your organization.

Candidate assessment

Gain a comprehensive 360-degree view of candidates' job-ready skills. The evaluation process dynamically adjusts difficulty, ensuring that candidates are assessed with precision. Embrace asynchronous video assessments to eliminate biases related to time, location, and interviewer predispositions.


Candidate engagement

Craft personalized outreach aligned with job descriptions and individual profiles. Engage with candidates seamlessly across multiple channels, creating a personalized experience that resonates with their aspirations and experiences.

Streamlined processes

Our AI recruitment software seamlessly integrates with a variety of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATSs), ensuring a seamless collaboration with your existing workflows. Whether reaching out through Gmail, Outlook, or LinkedIn, the automation enhances the efficiency of your team. Hassle-free interview scheduling streamlines this process, allowing your team to focus on strategic decision-making.


How this AI-based recruitment software takes care of your hiring needs tp work.

Transform recruitment chaos into strategic brilliance. Boost productivity, attract top talent, and build a data-driven strategy for success with AI-powered analytics.

1. Effortless requisitions creation:

Utilize our user-friendly requisition management module for seamless creation of requisitions. Post job openings effortlessly and attract applicants aligned with your brand.

2. Streamlined Applicant Tracking

Bid farewell to spreadsheets! Track applicants effortlessly, ensure everyone's in the loop with automated updates, and leverage intelligent organization tools for efficient applicant management.

3. Personalized communication hub

No more one-size-fits-all interviews. Craft personalized communication experiences to nurture relationships with promising candidates, leaving a lasting positive impression.

4. AI-Driven talent identification

Tap into AI's power! Our advanced analytics delve deep into data, identifying top talent, predicting cultural fit, and uncovering hidden potential beyond mere keywords.

5. Informed decision-making insights

Make informed decisions consistently. Gain actionable insights and comprehensive reports guiding you toward perfect hires, ensuring they become the driving force behind your company's success.

6. Strategic automation focus

Focus on the core. With HireQuotient, automate time-consuming tasks, allowing you to dedicate your expertise to building a thriving team. It's not just software; it's your strategic hiring partner.

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Personal technology partnership

Personal technology partnership

More than a tool, we forge a dedicated partnership. We're not just selling; we're your committed technology ally.

Ongoing free training sessions

Ongoing free training sessions

We've got your back for training. Enjoy regular, complimentary training sessions whenever you need them.

Expert guidance from the start

Expert guidance from the start

Count on our team of product and recruitment process experts to guide you initially. We provide hands-on support for a seamless start.

Comprehensive user guides

Comprehensive user guides

Navigate with ease! Each page includes expertly crafted user guides, empowering you to find answers and maximize your experience.

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Maximize your teams productivity, minimize time-to-hire, and elevate candidate satisfaction with lightning-fast and unbiased candidate evaluations using our cutting-edge recruitment automation tools!

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AI recruitment software is a sophisticated technological solution that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to automate and enhance various aspects of the recruitment process. It encompasses tasks such as candidate sourcing, screening, assessment, and communication to streamline and optimize the hiring workflow.

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