Candidate screening solution

Screen the right talent with EasySource

A candidate screening solution that vets candidates based on their real profile and not keywords or resumes alone. Increase the accuracy of your candidate vetting process with EasySource’s Candidate Screening Module.


Efficient candidate communication that brings talent to your pipeline

EasySource’s candidate engagement module enables your recruitment team to connect with candidates at a deeper level, bringing them from the candidate pool to the recruitment pipeline.
Keyword stuffing was a challenge for recruiters in search of promising talent as it hampered accuracy while hiring. EasySource’s Candidate Screening Module can examine candidates in depth by analyzing the profiles which helps recruiters make the best out of their talent pool and make phenomenal hires efficiently.

Interact only with the most qualified candidates

A candidate screening process that is seamless, accurate, and easy. Let EasySource work on the load while you effortlessly indulge in meaningful hiring.

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How EnsembleIQ sourced qualified talent for two hard-to-fill roles in less than 20 hours

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2 roles
closed in 5 weeks
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reduction in Time-to-hire

Screening top talent is complex. We make it effortless.

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Q.1 How does EasySource streamline the candidate screening process for our organization?

EasySource transforms the candidate screening process by leveraging advanced algorithms and data analytics. Our platform automates the talent screening journey, ensuring efficient and objective evaluations for each candidate.

Q.2 What makes EasySource's candidate screening solutions stand out in the market?

Q.3 Can EasySource integrate with our existing candidate vetting process seamlessly?

Q.4  How does EasySource ensure fairness and impartiality in talent screening?

Q.5 What role does talent screening play in the broader context of EasySource's offerings?

Q.6 Can EasySource differentiate between active talent and candidates who are no longer engaged?

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