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8 Predictive Index Alternatives Hirers Wished They Found Sooner

Published on November 8th, 2022


Have you been mesmerized by the sleight of hands magicians use in their trickery? Do magical appearances of inanimate and animate objects appearing out of nowhere blow you away with wonder? Well, on a stage where you expect enticement all these sights are expected. But skills and knowledge have no way of magically appearing in a candidate’s brain although their resumes might claim to do so. 

According to, 78% of job applicants manipulate their resumes and to make things worse, 66% of hiring managers are oblivious to this! Now, changing the mindsets of a kazillion hirers is close to impossible. So the best solution is to look for skill-assessment platform sites like Predictive Index.

Predictive Index is one such tool. It was one of the earliest to introduce a Skill-based assessment in the Job market. The success of Predictive index evaluation would eventually streamline the recruitment process for businesses, allowing them to save a significant amount of money and time while forever changing the face of the job market. Today Predictive Index works as a SaaS-based company conducting a cognitive skill-based assessment on an online platform via its website.

As the Internet is accessible in every household, library, and bus stop, the market is likely to get congested. In a saturated market with hundreds of sellers offering a comparable service, things can become a little confusing.

“So, what could be a better alternative to Predictive Index? Are there even any Predictive Index competitors in the market?”

There most certainly are! And we're here to help you navigate through this market and find the best predictive index alternatives!

Below we'll discuss some of the top SaaS-based hiring solutions available. Because they each have their distinct characteristics, they all deserve a spot on the list of best Predictive Index competitors. We'll go through how they work, how much they cost, and how they compare to Predictive Index to find the best Predictive Index alternatives among them:

Top 8 Predictive Index Competitors In The Market:


 2. Xobin

3. Toggl Hire

4. Test Gorilla

5. HireVue

6. SparkHire

7. Mercer | Mettl

 8. BreezyHR

"Never hire someone who knows less than you do about what he’s hired to do."

– Malcolm Forbes

Predictive Index Alternative 1: HireQuotient

HireQuotient brings about a promising change in the hiring sector. Their goal is to improve the recruitment process for hiring companies by providing good quality skill-based assessments to their customers. HireQuotient has maintained a strong position among numerous well-known software companies that provide similar services.

HireQuotient functions quickly and effectively, producing the required results through an AI-based technology that assists in the completion of pre-employment assessments on candidates.

Why choose HireQuotient as a Predictive Index Alternative?

HireQuotient not only provides skill-based assessment for recruiting but also virtual interviews to assist recruiters in finding the top 10% of viable candidates and delivering a full detailed report on possible candidates' skill sets as well as their strengths and where they may be lacking. These assessments not only provide candidates a fair shot, but they also help the organization choose the best of the best, greatly improving the company's performance.

HireQuotient enables recruiters to develop their skill assessments, allowing businesses to select applicants according to their specific requirements.

Why not choose HireQuotient?

HireQuotient does not offer any technical or coding-based assessment as of now.

Pricing: You can get a quote after contacting the team and they can even make customized packages for you, making it a great or even a better alternative than Predictive Index.

Predictive Index Alternative 2: Xobin

Xobin is yet another excellent talent assessment software that assists agencies and recruitment businesses in selecting candidates using skill-based and psychometric assessments which not only minimizes the cost of interviews and screening but also saves time during the shortlisting process. A recruiter can use Xobin to evaluate each candidate solely on their unique skill sets and abilities.

Why choose XOBIN as a Predictive Index Alternative?

Xobin guarantees a diverse range of high-quality evaluations in both technical and non-technical sectors. On-campus recruitment is a significant benefit of the software. Xobin has various customization features, including the option for recruiters to create and modify their own set of questionnaires based on their needs and preferences. From video assessments to role-based assessments and even searching through a specific department, Xobin ensures that it meets the needs of recruiting firms at every step of the journey.

Whereas Xobin focuses on a speedy and seamless hiring process Predictive Index evaluation, though reliable, lacks in different areas of skill-based recruitment which is an important priority for any hiring agency

Why not choose XOBIN?

Even while Xobin offers a significant variety of services for the price it charges, when compared to the Predictive Index cost and its competitors, it is on the pricier side.

Pricing: Xobin provides its services in two different plans. The essential plan costs $249 a month. Whereas the enterprise plan is $599. The free trial is also available.

Predictive Index Alternative 3: Toggl Hire

Toggl Hire is nothing short of a technological revolution. It is another similar, yet completely different SaaS-based hiring tool that can be considered one of the more highly efficient and sophisticated tools utilized for recruitment purposes, easily making it a tough Predictive Index Competitor.

Why choose Toggl Hire as a Predictive Index Alternative?*

Toggl Hire uses pre-employment testing technologies that allow businesses all around the world to automate the hiring process. Toggl Hire is distinct from other Predictive Index alternatives in that it operates remotely and focuses on providing high-quality solutions for businesses looking to hire remote workers.

Toggl uses software and tools to analyze specific skill sets and speed up the screening process while assuring that the hired candidate is qualified for the position and possesses the necessary skill sets. The smart skill evaluations in the application are primarily intended to evaluate employees in many industries such as sales, design marketing development, customer support, and many more.

Toggle takes pride in functioning effectively and promptly, offering direct feedback to candidates soon after the assessment. They also offer pre-recorded videos and an existing assessment library with 15,000 questions. Toggl stands out as one of a kind due to its innovative design and well-planned system and software that is highly focused on candidate management.

Why not choose Toggl HIRE?

Toggl hire, despite being reasonably priced, does not offer its users a free trial period, as many other businesses do. As a result, you can only test the product after purchasing it.

Price: Toggle Hire is a great affordable alternative to Predictive Index with its initial starting price of $17 a month.

Predictive Index Alternative 4: TestGorilla

Another notable pre-employment skilled-based testing platform is Test Gorilla, which is meant to help employers manage the entire hiring process of a candidate, from generating assessments to inviting candidates to perform in-depth examinations of their results. Test Gorilla, like other hiring technologies, prioritizes rapid and efficient solutions over the traditional recruitment process for hiring.

Why choose TestGorilla as a Predictive Index Alternative?

Customization is readily available on Test Gorilla, allowing the hiring team to simply select assessments and job roles from the library and tailor the user experience to fit organizational demands.

Test Gorilla differs from other SaaS-based Hiring tools in that it allows organizations to simply rank, or sort applicants based on ratings, alphabetical order, or comments, and analyze them using performance reports, personalized videos, and test results.

Why not choose TestGorilla?

Test Gorilla stands out in the field as one the strongest Predictive Index competitors with its unique features and seamless software design that is yet to be seen in any of the Predictive Index features. On the downside, Test Gorilla is still relatively new to the market and hence requires significant UI enhancement. Many reviewers report that the program is occasionally buggy, and skill tests also require major improvement.

Price: The price range for Test Gorilla starts from $26 a month which goes up to $2,200 a month. A free trial with unlimited assessments is also available.

Predictive Index Alternative 5: HireVue

HireVue takes a novel approach to the fundamental concept of job recruiting and skill evaluation, seeking to completely automate the hiring process from interviews to screening.

Why choose HireVue as a predictive Index Alternative?

HireVue is a cutting-edge hiring platform that offers video interviewing, interview construction, assessments, scheduling, AI recruiting, and text recruitment solutions. Its key strategy is to handle all parts of recruiting while being unbiased toward all candidates. Organizational psychologists provide over a thousand job-specific interview advice on their websites. In addition, the psychologists will work with the hiring team to provide skill assessments, psychometric exams, and coding tests. The concept of fully automated recruiting software that walks you through the entire recruitment process, from psychometric evaluation to mock interviews, and down to developing personalized profiles, is intriguing to both candidates and hiring organizations.

Among all the Predictive Index competitors, Hirevue stands out as the most unique hiring tool with its completely automated features and AI-infused technology.

Why not choose HireVue?

HireVue is more expensive than any other hiring tool on the market, such as Predictive Index, because it is built on cutting-edge AI technology and is designed to be automated, making it a non-viable alternative for many small firms and startups.

Price: The cost of hiring Hirevue is expected to be between $30,000 and $35,000.

Predictive Index Alternative 6: Spark Hire

SparkHire is a cloud-based online video interviewing platform that conducts both pre-recorded and live interviews. Spark Hire's video interviewing technology, which is used by over 6,000 businesses across the globe, claims to speed up your applicant screening process by five times

Why choose Spark Hire as a Predictive Index Alternative?

One significant advantage of their interview feature is that the pre-recorded interview can be compiled for later study and shared with other members of the hiring team. The pre-recorded interview option allows candidates to relax and react more extensively to questions. This allows users to analyze their talent and temperament in greater depth.

Why not choose Spark Hire?

Spark Hire does not offer skill-based assessments or any type of customization. It is not meant for candidate management or skill evaluation, but rather for interviewing and scheduling.

If you’re looking for skill assessment, you should find sites like Predictive Index more useful.


Spark Hire pricing starts at $149 a month which is a mid-range cost and affordable for even small startups.

Predictive Index Alternative 7: Mercer | Mettl

Mercer | Mettl offers online evaluation services to both corporations and academic institutions. Aptitude and behavioral tests, as well as language competence tests, are examples of these.

Why choose Mercer | Mettl as a Predictive Index alternative?

Mercer | Mettl provides tools for measuring and assessing job performance, as well as discovering potential. Their recruiting tools include candidate screening, interviewing, and skill development. They also provide a well-known AI-based exam monitoring system.

In contrast to many other skill exams, Mercer | Mettl focuses on memory or knowledge-based testing. They also offer psychometric and behavioral tests, such as the Predictive Index Evaluation, but no highly customized evaluations or applicant reporting.

Why not choose Mercer | Mettl?

Mercer | Mettl doesn't offer much in terms of customization or applicant reporting. According to user feedback, the Software interface of Mercer | Mettl could be improved.

Pricing: Mercer | Mettl starts with an initial price range of $249 a month which leans more towards the expensive side.

Predictive Index Alternative 8: Breezy HR

Breezy HR focuses on marketing available jobs to qualified candidates and making the hiring process as simple and swift as possible.

Why choose Breezy HR as a Predictive Index Alternative?

Breezy HR accomplishes its goal of simplifying the hiring process through the automation of the job posting, screening process, interview scheduling, and follow-ups

Why not choose Breezy HR?

Breezy is primarily a recruiting tool that handles the time-consuming and repetitive components of the hiring process, such as resume processing and video interviews, as opposed to many other SaaS-based hiring tools, such as Predictive Index and its Alternatives, which are more focused on skill-based evaluation. It makes hiring easier, especially for small and medium-sized firms.

Price: The prices for the various plans range from $143/per month to $399/per month.

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