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Top 9 Spark Hire Alternatives to boost your hiring process

Published on October 1st, 2022


With an exceptional ranking on numerous websites, Spark Hire's ratings are rather hard to beat. Spark Hire? What’s that? Well, for those among you who may be hearing the name for the first time, paying close attention to the choice of words would give you a general idea: It sparks up your hiring process! According to research by Criteria Corp, 78% of resumes have misleading statements, and 46% contain lies. Skill-based assessments have therefore been the saving grace for companies across the world and SparkHire has been one of the most sought-after skill-based assessment platforms for this aspect.

Although a consistently high performer, there is no harm in exploring the options that offer better services for a lower price point. Especially considering that there are many competitive alternatives, deriving more value for the investment is a top priority for upcoming business owners. That said, we have managed to jot down a few Spark Hire alternatives with fewer chances of burning holes in your pocket.

The Spark Hire alternatives we have provided have ratings above (or slightly below in some cases) the numbers given here. the reviews are taken from G2 to provide you with unbiased results.

Spark Hire rates 4.8/5 stars with 378 reviews.

Spark Hire pricing:
The Lite version is priced at $149/month, customers hiring for enterprises can get personalised prices by getting in touch with them.

Spark Hire alternative 1: HireQuotient

We don't see the point of saving the best for last, as dramatic suspense only works if there is an element of surprise to begin with. HireQuotient is a skill assessment platform that provides the complete solution to all designations in non-coder domains. Right from product delivery to the quality of service, this platform offers skill-based assessments that slide easily into existing systems. You also get data insights on the top ten percent of the best-performing candidates as well. This platform is a good alternative to Spark Hire especially if you are looking for high-quality, skill-based assessments. HireQuotient’s AI-powered automatically sends personalized messages to candidates based on their experience and skills. This can help you increase your response rate and speed up the process of finding new hires.

Customer reviews:
HireQuotient has trumped over every metric in the general rating except for the section, "Has the product been a good partner in doing business?". Here, Spark Hire has an advantage of 0.2 points compared to HireQuotient. For ease of admin, Spark Hire has 0.1 point advantage. However, Hirequotient is undoubtedly the best Spark Hire alternative available in the market.

Ratings: HireQuotient has 4.9/5 stars with 46 reviews.

HireQuotient Pricing: You can request a quote by contacting the team at HireQuotient. You can even avail a customized package as per your requirements.

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Spark Hire alternative 2: HireFlix

Another option that could be a Spark Hire alternative is HireFlix. This is a video interviewing platform that enables you to source candidates for your open positions and also hires them, all from one single platform. Since it’s a video interviewing platform, it can be useful in a variety of hiring situations, such as sourcing candidates, onboarding employees, or checking references. HireFlix’s AI-powered video interview solutions can help you find the best candidates for your open positions.

Customer reviews:
Spark Hire has a small lead over Hireflix for product direction by 0.3 points. Spark Hire has fallen behind for every other metric

Rating: HireFlix has 4.9/5 stars with 205 reviews.

HireFlix Pricing: You can avail of Hireflix's services for $75.00 Per Month.

Spark Hire alternative 3: Willo

Speaking of video interviewing platforms, Willo Video interviewing is a good Spark Hire alternative worth looking into. A very customizable video interviewing platform, it can be useful in a variety of hiring situations, such as sourcing employees, onboarding employees, and even customization the platform based on client requirements, Willo has a unique range of options without relying on a single-line of code.

Customer reviews:
Willo has trumped over Spark Hire in the general rating section and has competent scores in ‘Platform Basics for Video Interviewing Software’, ‘Platform Content for Video Interviewing Software’, and Platform Additional Functionality for Video Interviewing Software.

Rating: Willo Video interviewing has 4.8/5 stars with 91 reviews.

Willo Pricing: You can avail of their services at a starting price of $52.50 per month. You can experience their services for free for one user.

Spark Hire alternative 4: Jobma

As we are on the streak of exploring video interview tools, Jobma could be a good option as a Spark Hire competitor for those who are looking for one-way and live interviews. Create an engaging trajectory that could lead potential candidates through a series of video, audio, written & multiple choice questions. They also have customization options where the color, logo, and layout can be according to the impression the client wishes to set.

Customer reviews:
Although Spark Hire has scored a few points ahead of Jobma in the general rating section, Jobma has completely outdone Sparkhire’s scores in ‘Platform Basics for Video Interviewing Software’, ‘Platform Content for Video Interviewing Software’, and Platform Additional Functionality for Video Interviewing Software.

Rating: Jobma video interviewing has 4.7/5 stars with 293 reviews.

Jobma Pricing: you can get tailored prices for the services you avail by getting in touch with them.

Spark Hire alternative 5: eSkill

Another option that could be a Spark Hire alternative is eSkill. This Spark Hire competitor is a recruiting and hiring platform that helps companies source candidates, build job boards, manage their hiring processes, and onboard new hires. eSkill’s AI-powered solutions can help you source candidates and build your job boards. Its recruiting platform can help you manage your recruiting efforts, source candidates, and communicate with them. Its job boards can help you advertise your open positions and manage their lifecycles. This way, you can make sure you are using the best practices in the recruiting and hiring process.

Customer reviews:
eSkills has trumped over Spark Hire for ‘Platform Basics for Video Interviewing Software’, ‘Platform Content for Video Interviewing Software’, and Platform Additional Functionality for Video Interviewing Software. Spark Hire has done considerably well when taking the general rating into account in comparison to eSkill, but the gap is considerably small.

Ratings: eSkill has 4.5/5 stars with 312 reviews.

eSkill Pricing: The lite version of eSkill starts at $149.00Per per month.

Spark Hire alternative 6: Talview

The services offered by Talview range from, video interviewing, online assessments, analytics, insights, and proctoring as well. An option worth considering, Talview is the go-to Spark Hire competitor for those looking for a video interview-based assessment platform. This Spark Hire competitor’s automation includes a recruiting chatbot as well as a resume reviewer. The video interview can be asynchronous or live with automated scheduling. They also have online skill-based, coding, cognitive and other forms of assessments as well. A candidate’s analytics and insights are also provided to give a comprehensive overview to help pick the top picks. Afraid of unfair practices while assessing? They also hold automated or live proctoring for exams, tests, and certifications

Customer reviews:
Talview clearly has the edge over Spark Hire for ‘Platform Additional Functionality for Video Interviewing Software. It's a good option to look into as other metrics also show promising numbers although Spark Hire has better ratings in some of the aspects.

Ratings: Talview has 4.5/5 stars with 33 reviews.

Talview Pricing: Customised pricing according to the customer's requirements.

Spark Hire alternative 7: VidCruiter

Yet another video interviewing option and a good candidate as a Spark Hire alternative! This Spark Hire competitor holds pre-recorded interviews and prides itself on being the most convenient video interviewing option. The automated system ensures that there are no time zone or scheduling conflicts, and the pre-recording feature ensures that each of the interactions can be assessed when the candidate wants to. The customization options give flexibility to those clients who are particular about aesthetics. They also have options to help the clients manage the lifecycle right from pre-screening, scheduling, interviewing, and verifying references.

Customer reviews:
Except for ease of use, setup, and admin as well as product direction, Vidcruiter has better ratings than Spark Hire in the general ratings. As for the other categories VidCruiter generally has better ratings than Spark Hire.

Ratings: VidCruiter rates 4.8/5 stars with 191 reviews.

VidCruiter Pricing: Customised pricing is provided according to the customer's requirements as it is an end-to-end Hiring platform.

Spark Hire alternative 8: HackerEarth Assessments

HackerEarth tests give you the ability to design extremely accurate coding assessments with little to no technical expertise because of their extensive question bank. For every software development assessment test, you can also develop original questions with the help of this Spark Hire competitor. With the help of sophisticated image processing, HackerEarth Assessments eliminate impersonation. The coding assessments additionally track tab switching, forbid copying and pasting of code, and enable you to choose the level of proctoring rigor, ensuring that your evaluations are totally impartial.

Customer reviews:
HackerEarth assessments have better ratings over Spark Hire for ‘Platform Basics for Video Interviewing Software’, ‘Platform Content for Video Interviewing Software’, and Platform Additional Functionality for Video Interviewing Software.

Ratings: HackerEarth Assessments has 4.5/5 stars with 122 reviews.

HackerEarth Pricing: The pricing starts at $119 for 20 test invites per year.

Spark Hire alternative 9: HighMatch

Using a battery of questions supported by more than 500 criterion-related validation studies, HighMatch exams gauge a candidate's or employee's intrinsic qualities and abilities as well as their knowledge, hard skills, and judgment. This Spark Hire competitor evaluates the work ethic, communication skills, and motivation of candidates as well as the capacity for critical thought, spatial reasoning, and problem-solving. And of course, a candidate's capacity to carry out job-critical duties is also evaluated by this Spark Hire alternative.

Customer reviews:
HighMatch takes the lead for meeting requirements and ease of use compared to Spark Hire. There are some metrics where Spark Hire has taken the lead and others where both companies have equal ratings.

Ratings: HighMatch rates 4.8/5 stars with 56 reviews.

HighMatch Pricing: Starts at $100.00 per month.


These Spark Hire alternatives are assured to give you second thoughts if you are a Spark Hire user or if you are thinking of using their services.

If you are looking for a good option that is powered by skill-based assessments and video interviews, HireQuotient is definitely our top choice. We are all about giving smart options here at Hirequotient! It may seem biased, but take a quick look through G2 reviews and this will give you a good idea of what HireQuotient is all about. We are waiting for you to book that 15-minute call with us so that we can transform your hiring process into something you’ve always dreamed of.




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