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Ace your Recruitment game with these top 5 Video Interview Software

Published on February 4th, 2023


Video Interview Software allows faster interviewing of a large number of candidates, and can provide deeper insights into candidates than traditional interviews. Video interview software can streamline the HR managers’ hiring process by helping to save time and effort. This is done by allowing employers to quickly get to know potential candidates from anywhere in the world. It also helps recruiters who are time-constrained to quickly screen applicants. Video interviewing software platforms also give hiring managers the convenience of interviewing candidates remotely, which can help them recruit better talent more efficiently.
According to a market study by The Insight Partners titled "Video Interviewing Software Market Forecast to 2028 - COVID-19 Impact and Global Analysis - by Type, Enterprise Size, and Industry," the market for video interviewing software is anticipated to grow from US$ 246.34 million in 2022 to US$ 536.85 million by 2028. From 2022 to 2028, it is projected to expand at a CAGR of 13.9%. Unlike the other industries, the market size of video interview software grew to a great extent after the pandemic COVID-19 hit. As per their study, the market is expected to reach 116.7 million US dollars by  2028. This clearly shows why you should seek the services of video interview software to ace your recruitment game! Video interview software is basically a communication platform that helps in conducting interviews in the new age way, virtually over video calls.

Video interviews also open up the possibility to keep the candidate's data preserved using the latest tools and technology involved in the process. Adding these data to the candidate information data pool is a game-changer in the modern-day world that revolves around data. As this video interview software gained global popularity over time,  recruiters depend on it to provide a wonderful recruiting experience for both candidates and the organization. Let’s take a look at the top video interview software you cannot afford to miss out on!

Top 5 Video Interview Software You Shouldn’t Miss Out

1. EasyInterview

EasyInterview- video interview software is a tool that allows companies to conduct interviews remotely, using video conferencing technology. Some of the features included in the software are:

  • Provision to schedule and conduct interviews with candidates from anywhere around the globe.
  • Automated reminders and confirmations for both the interviewer and the candidates. It reduces administrative work to a great extent and saves HRs and managers from spending their time and energy on recruitment.
  • Record and archive interviews for future reference. This helps to refrain from multiple interviews with team members and the candidate. The team can refer to the interview whenever required.
  • Integration with other recruiting software, such as applicant tracking systems (ATS) and background check services, ensuring the credibility of the candidate.
  • Option to conduct live or pre-recorded video interviews.
  • Conduct one-way or two-way video interviews.
  • Set up group or panel video interviews

It has factors to customize the interview as per the organization’s requirements.
User-friendly interface: EasyInterview’s platform is more user-friendly and intuitive to navigate than the other platforms.

These features make EasyInterview stand out from its competitors and always stay ahead of the pack!

In case you are looking for a tool to help you source top-notch candidates, To filter out those top-notch candidates you cam also use skill-based assessments which they also provide.


2. VidCruiter

VidCruiter is a leading video interviewing software. It provides options to run pre-recorded one-way interviews as well as live interviews. Like the new age video interview platforms, VidCruiter is intuitive and can be customized according to the needs of the recruiting organizations. They have an interview guide builder approved by SHRM, which can be used to structure interviews in the best way possible. They provide automated recruiting solutions with automated interview scheduling and rating guides within the platform. The software allows to integrate with other common hiring tools as well.

The USP of  VidCruiter is that its customization features are exceptionally great! They provide features to personalize automated text messages and email communications like reminders for candidates. The updates on the upcoming steps can also be tailored as per the requirements of organizations. You can also integrate with major applicant tracking systems through their platform without any hurdles. Most importantly, they have a well-advanced client service system with a dedicated in-house team working on onboarding activities, advisory, and user as well as candidate support.

3. Whereby

Whereby provides good remote video interview services. They help you provide your candidates with a smooth and simple hiring process. It doesn’t have any intricacies to be broken down, you can just go to their site, create a link and share with the participants for a seamless video assessment experience They have a user interface that is different from usual video call tools such as Google Meet. There is no hassle of installation, download, or log-in. You can just access the meeting directly through the browser. They provide a feature to integrate apps and tools like Google Meet, Trello, outlook miro, and Slack. Your security and privacy are safe with Whereby, as they have GDPR compliance.

Coming to pricing, you can choose from a monthly plan of 0-9.99 dollars per month for each host, or go for an annual plan which comes around 0-99.9 dollars. In fact, you might wonder if you have seen a better pricing somewhere! Yes, you are right!  Check out EasyInterview’s package which costs just 20 dollars per month for conducting unlimited video interviews.

4. myInterview

myInterview is a tool to follow a collaborative video application process. It is a remote hiring tool that you can use to record assessment interviews of prospective candidates, replacing a resume. Interviews or cv in a video format helps the recruiters assess the candidates better in remote hiring situations. It will be a better experience for candidates as well, as they can shoot a video and send it across even from the comfort of their houses. They also provide options to conduct a live interview with the candidates.
Key features of myInterview:
- User-friendly interface
- Team review and shortlisting made easier, as videos can be referred to multiple times.
- Add it to your website or automated tracking systems.
- Use collaterally with other supplementary platforms.

Pricing: You can get a custom plan for enterprise requirements or go for a monthly plan of 0-279 US dollars per month.

5. Jobma

Jobma offers a video interviewing software that is tailored to the need of the modern workforce. Their platform has the option to choose between one-way pre-recorded interviews as well as live interviews. They promise to have a seamless hiring process through video interviews that are far more better than the traditional offline method of the interview which is time and energy-consuming. It also saves the cost of hiring for the recruiter and the candidates.
Features of Jobma’s video interview software: 
- It helps hire systematically.
- Access to the global candidate pool
- Impartial hiring- Candidates can feel free to express themselves in a video format without the constraints of traveling or physically appearing at any interview location.
- Mutually benefiting-  Makes the hiring process easier for recruiters and candidates.

They provide video interview software to remove the roadblocks of traditional offline interviews. Their platform is supported by a skilled team of customer support executives. This way, they provide a platform and assistance for a smooth video interview process.
Online video interviewing tools are an ideal solution for a digital recruiting company that needs to streamline its interviewing process. Using video intelligence, they can conduct entire video interviews and reduce the amount of time spent on candidate screening. With this software, employers can find the best talent for their clients and also stay ahead of other recruiters in finding the best talent. This software enables companies to navigate the interview process by using virtual job interviews, asynchronous video interviews, and pre-employment screening. This helps employers to streamline the recruitment process and use their recruiting teams more efficiently.

By using this software, many employers prefer to conduct first interviews through live video interviews which look at an applicant's application and then provide further instructions. Companies that use this software become a critical part of their hiring managers' recruiting team and can help them find the right person for their job quickly. This software is becoming increasingly popular as it helps save time, money, and resources while still finding the best talent available.

Skype, Zoom, and other video conferencing apps are replacing typical interview sessions by allowing recruiters to connect with candidates in real time. Skype interviews and panel interviews can be conducted through live video and conference calls. Similarly, Zoom interviews are a great way to hire top talent as they allow companies to continue recruiting without having to pay for regular interview costs. This can be especially helpful for companies that need to connect with multiple candidates from different locations around the world.

However, we have a better solution for you at EasyInterview. We provide complete hiring solutions customized for you, with a specialization in conducting video assessments. Level up your recruitment process using our video assessment platform. Book a free demo with us now!

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