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Top 11 Video Recruitment Tools Out There

Published on January 7th, 2023


What is a Video Recruitment Tool?

Video interview tools are platforms that help businesses conduct interviews remotely. The common functions of this kind of software include live streaming, video conferencing, recording and playback, and candidate screening. Initiating job interviews, following up with candidates after an initial meeting, and rating candidates during the recruiting process are all possible uses for video interviewing software.

Additionally, by removing the need for travel, this kind of platform can help firms save time and money. Any company trying to improve its hiring procedure should consider using a video interviewing platform.

Advantages of Video Recruitment Tools

Did you know that 65% of candidates are likely to turn down a job offer if the interview process is not smooth enough?

However, adopting a video interview tool and using it the right way can yield many benefits, such as Remote Recruiting Video interviewing is essential for remote recruiting if a company wants to take advantage of the increasingly global workforce. Using a video interviewing tool will allow you to get to know the people behind the resumes since you might never get the chance to meet these applicants in person. Additionally, you get a better chance to observe their facial expressions and determine who they truly are. Reduced Cost & Time of Hire What more effective approach to reducing costs than to start using video interviews? Tools for conducting video interviews lower hiring costs by more than 65%. As the candidates won't need to transport themselves, it also eliminates the cost on their end. A 5-minute video interview is equivalent to 200 written evaluation questions in terms of time-for-hire. Greater Candidate Experience One surefire approach to improve your hiring procedures is to start using video interviews. It will enhance candidates' perceptions of your business. Additionally, it will assist you in developing a close bond with them. 80% of job applicants have made this decision when selecting a position. Consequently, adopting video interviewing technology can provide you a competitive advantage in hiring.

List of Ultimate Video Recruitment Tools

1. HireQuotient

Founding Year: 2021

HireQuotient offers a simple and efficient solution for hiring through video-based assessments. With HireQuotient, you can transform your hiring process and save valuable time. Say goodbye to time-consuming interviews! With HireQuotient, you can quickly design video-based assessments in just 5 minutes.

Evaluate candidates on the go, without the hassle of scheduling interviews and dealing with candidate screening tasks. HireQuotient allows you to assess candidates efficiently, enabling you to hire more talent. Recruiters can also customize their assessment process with HireQuotient. Whether you prefer a single question of 30 seconds or five questions of 1 minute each, the choice is yours. Adapt the assessments to fit your hiring needs. Enjoy unlimited interviews, unlimited questions, assess up to 50 job roles simultaneously, and get 20 GB total data storage. Additionally, you'll receive free premium onboarding.

Get everyone on the same page with HireQuotient! From your HR Manager to the entire team, keep them informed about the candidates you are assessing.

Pricing: $99/month

2. Hireflix

Founding Year: 2018

For employers, companies, and institutions, Hireflix has streamlined and made the screening process more streamlined. It has made sure that hiring managers or recruiters may employ more quickly and save hundreds of hours. The one-way video interviewing software from Hireflix does not require scheduling, integrates with applicant tracking systems, and allows sharing of recorded interviews.

Using the pre-recorded questions, the video interviewing technology is designed to interview numerous candidates simultaneously. It has made it easier to avoid scheduling phone calls or interviews with potential candidates. The interviewers can examine the responses that the candidates record to the prerecorded questions.

Additionally, companies can configure automatic notifications for candidates' emails, SMS, and WhatsApp messages. With little to no changes to the current procedure (ATS), Hireflix is simple to implement.

Pricing: 150$/month

3. Spark Hire

Founding Year: 2010

Among all the video interviewing solutions, Spark Hire is one of the most popular. They don't only provide the top analytics tools available, but a powerful analytics dashboard that measures everything from interview completion rate to rejection and more is one of the many important aspects of Spark Hire.

Spark Hire is used by well-known businesses like Honda and IKEA. But that does not exclude new startups from getting onboard. The feedback they receive from their clients frequently mentions how quickly and effectively it speeds up the hiring process.

Pricing: 149$/month

4. Vidcruiter

Founding Year: 2012

The customization capabilities of VidCruiter set it distinct from other video interviewing platforms. Both pre-recorded and live video interviewing options are available. And the interviewer can change either of these functions to be more casual or more in-depth. It is one of the greatest video interviewing platforms with a complete recruiting suite that assists businesses in simultaneously resolving numerous issues. Customers of VidCruiter are pleased with the effective and simple interface of the product. They also value the help they receive from tech support. At the moment, VidCruiter serves thousands of customers, ranging from large corporations to small businesses.

Pricing: On request


Founding Year: 2016

"Meet People, Not Resume" serves as the company's motto, and it has helped myInterview become more well-known in recent years. myInterview Intelligence employs specially designed machine learning algorithms to assist in hand-selecting candidates. The recorded interviews are scanned using a variety of data, and the ones that exactly match the profile are then examined.

The automated program collects interview information and narrows the field of candidates to those who best fit the job description. It has strong features and impartial assessments that analyze the video's keywords, soft skills, and personality factors. The application makes it possible for hiring team members to keep in touch and share thoughts and opinions.

Pricing: 179$/month

6. Willo

Founding Year: 2018

The employees can rely on the quick video screening tool to meet with the best prospect. Willo may be a fantastic addition to your hiring tools, making hiring more accessible and assisting in the expansion of your company. The candidate screening tool is user-friendly and accessible, which expedites the hiring process.

Interviewers can create questions in Willow, send the link to candidates, request video responses from the candidates, and then review the responses. The recruiters can quickly narrow down the candidates by examining each response.

Employees can now save time, and money, and increase productivity by using the tool to expedite the interviewing process. Additionally, it enables employers to hire better workers around the world with inclusive prosperity by looking beyond a candidate's resume. Even employees are free to respond to interviews anywhere they choose and have complete control over the procedure.

Pricing: 175$/month

7. Jobma

Founding Year: 2012

Jobma is a cloud-based digital interviewing technology created to help HR departments hire and screen candidates more quickly and efficiently. Their platform includes a variety of interview formats, including pre-recorded and live video interviews, audio interviews, and digital assessments, to assist you in raising the standard of your hiring procedure.

Their platform also interacts with your current applicant tracking system (ATS) or CRM to further boost the productivity of your team.

Pricing: On request

8. Brazen

Founding Year: 2007

Brazen claims itself to be the most complete virtual event solution. They provide one-click transitions between text-only, video, and voice chats. Without requiring third-party connectors, it live streams webinars inside of your virtual hiring event. Candidates' experiences can be improved by engaging with them in real time, hosting Q&A sessions, moderating comments, and more.

Every candidate is automatically forwarded into your applicant tracking system (ATS) and recruiting CRM thanks to the tool's built-in interfaces. Notably, Brazen also provides an HR chatbot that is capable of handling a sizable number of conversations with each applicant. These features can assist recruiting managers in hiring top employees quickly, focusing on what matters most, and building relationships with applicants.

Pricing: On request


Founding Year: 2005

You may efficiently conduct both live and on-demand interviews with the help of Avature's enterprise-grade video interviewing solution. Additionally, it makes it easier to schedule video interviews, whether they be a panel, 1:1, or group interviews.

Pricing: On request

10. Interviewstream

Founding Year: 2003

The video interviewing tool interviewstream provides its users with a variety of useful capabilities. These options include everything from one-on-one video conferences to panel interviews with room for up to 20 people. This application also provides a platform that aids in preparing your candidates for the interview, which is an intriguing feature. Your applicants will arrive on time and be prepared in this manner.

Customers have had nothing but nice things to say about Interviewstream. As a result, they now have hundreds of clients, including huge corporations, small businesses, and startup companies.

Pricing: On request

11. HireVue

Founding Year: 2004

One of the few platforms in the market that is compatible with mobile devices is the HireVue video interview software platform. Candidates can film their video responses using this program on their cellphones and tablets.

The AI in this program can also be used to interpret nonverbal signs such subtle vocal inflections, eye movements, and facial emotions. This aids the interviewer in making insightful judgments at the end of the interview.

Pricing: On request

Concluding Thoughts

After you've interviewed your prospective candidate, you'll want to vet all your candidates to clear them to take the position. To get on to the next critical phase of your hiring, look no further than HireQuotient.

Our pre-employment assessment service will save your recruiters time and give them more time to focus on the human factor, saving your team time and money.

Let your recruitment team work with peace of mind, knowing that we have checked through your employee pool and cleared every candidate.

Contact us for a free assessment today!



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