Traditional recruitment vs e-recruitment

A comparative study of Traditional recruitment vs e-recruitment

Published on February 6th, 2023


It's been a while since there have been too many doors opening to welcome the channels of recruiting candidates to find the best talent for the vacancy. However, successfully and steadily adopting both the traditional and modern methods of recruitment, has made breaking down the huge mass of applicants, a piece of cake. Over and above that, quite a few organizations and companies with an elite team of HR, their ultimately-planned and smartly executed recruitment process are more likely to experience smooth sailing.

Restricting global access, and recruiting candidates with traditional hiring methods have always been a rollercoaster ride for HR professionals. Aiming to achieve the result-driven approach, traditional recruitment way back then was put into effect by posting advertisements in the newspapers, conducting on-college campuses, job fairs, or relying on any other media.

E-recruitment has been around for years now and offers some significant advantages over traditional methods. This approach towards hiring has emerged as a method of finding new employees in today's fast-paced world where traditional recruitment is no longer possible because of technological advancements, thereby making it difficult for recruiters to find suitable employees for various positions.

Resolving the war for hunting the real talent, this proposed article reflects the pitfalls of the recruitment process, thoroughly evaluates traditional recruitment vs e-recruitment and goes the extra mile to find a solution to the real struggle for the HR team.

Bring Into Light the Black and White

Traditional recruitment which is associated with many benefits has been used for decades and continues to be a successful model. This method of hiring is completely based on the fact that the recruiter will be contacting all candidates and he/she takes time to evaluate each one.

It may be time-consuming, but this technique provides a more accurate picture of your job market and is considered by some to be the highest form of quality control. However, this method doesn't help to discover new talent, it's only good for bringing in current employees or expanding your existing talent pool.

Traditional recruitment can be advantageous for a few organizations that do not have as much available data about their candidates, or candidates might be reluctant to advertise themselves via social media platforms, in some cases.

Traditional recruitment provides organizations with a sense of security, allowing HR to focus on other necessary aspects of employment. These factors lead traditional recruitment to continue being an effective method for finding new talent.

The world has changed and the future shall be different from what we used to know. People have become gradually aware of the continuous changes in technology, which makes an individual comfortable with the changing world. Therefore, one way of maintaining a steady flow of employment is to use traditional recruitment. It is good enough for many people, but it also brings some disadvantages with it.

The first disadvantage is that not all employers have enough budget for hiring a good amount of candidates making it difficult for them to get selected employees in their desired positions. Next, new ways are being adopted these days for companies to take advantage of those who are on their website during certain times so they can hire them right off or at least be sure they will be hired soon.

In the battle of traditional recruitment vs e-recruitment, the latter is helping the recruiters to reach out to people too soon and in a finer way. You can touch base with a wider pool of candidates compared to one that posts job ads in newspapers, magazines, or electronic job boards.

Traditional recruitment is one of the oldest ways of hiring and screening candidates and works well for many industries that do not use technology in their job search. Having said that, e-recruitment can be complicated for candidates who want to break into new industries with little or no experience.

Considering that E-recruitment is more efficient than traditional recruitment, it is witnessed to cut down your start-up costs associated with traditional hiring methods and staffing needs. Into the bargain, this recruitment method is also known as more cost-effective and environment friendly because it does not involve any chemicals or toxic waste.


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