Job title List: Your Comprehensive Handbook for Smarter Hiring

Elevate your hiring process with key insights into diverse job titles and their roles, ensuring a perfect match for your team's needs


Upsell/Cross-sell Specialist

An Upsell/Cross-sell Specialist is a professional focused on increasing revenue by persuading existing customers to purchase additional or upgraded products or services.

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Voice of Customer (VoC) Analyst

A professional who analyzes customer feedback and data to understand customer needs and preferences, helping organizations improve their products and services.

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Customer Success Trainer

A Customer Success Trainer is not just an educator; they are the architects of excellence within a company's customer success teams. These professionals are specialists in facilitating the professional development of customer success personnel within an organization

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Customer Success Data Analyst

A Customer Success Data Analyst is an analytical virtuoso who specializes in the meticulous collection, methodical analysis, and insightful interpretation of data, all orchestrated to inform and catalyze decision-making within the customer success department.

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Customer Success Specialist

A Customer Success Specialist is a professional dedicated to ensuring clients derive maximum value and satisfaction from a product or service through proactive support and relationship management.

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Customer Success Operations Manager

At the core of a Customer Success Operations Manager's role is a profound understanding of the intricate workings of a company's Customer Success team. This dynamic individual is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring the efficient and effective functioning of customer success operations.

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Customer Success Evangelist

A Customer Success Evangelist is a role dedicated to promoting customer success and advocacy within an organization. They work to ensure that customers have a positive experience and achieve their desired outcomes with the company's products or services.

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Renewals Manager

A Renewals Manager is responsible for overseeing and managing the renewal process of contracts, subscriptions, or agreements with clients or customers.

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Customer Support Representative

A Customer Support Representative is a professional who assists and resolves inquiries, issues, and concerns raised by customers, ensuring a positive and satisfactory experience with a product or service.

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Customer Experience Analyst

A Customer Experience Analyst is responsible for evaluating and optimizing the overall satisfaction and interactions of customers with a company's products or services.

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Chief Customer Success Officer

The Chief Customer Success Officer (CCSO) is a senior executive responsible for ensuring the overall satisfaction, retention, and success of an organization's customers.

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Customer Success Director

A Customer Success Director is responsible for overseeing and optimizing the overall satisfaction, retention, and success of a company's clients or customers.

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Adoption Specialist

An Adoption Specialist is a key role within the Customer Success vertical. This role focuses on guiding customers through the process of adopting and utilizing a company's products or services effectively.

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Churn Analyst

A Churn Analyst is a data virtuoso, a professional with a unique blend of analytical prowess and customer-focused acumen. They are entrusted with the critical task of monitoring and dissecting customer churn rates. Churn Analysts don the robes of statistical sorcerers, employing advanced data analysis techniques to unveil the intricacies of customer attrition.

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Customer Success Manager

A Customer Success Manager is responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty by proactively managing and optimizing the customer experience with a product or service.

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Client Success Manager

A Client Success Manager ensures clients achieve their goals and have a positive experience by effectively managing and enhancing the client relationship.

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