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A Client Success Manager ensures clients achieve their goals and have a positive experience by effectively managing and enhancing the client relationship.

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A Client Success Manager helps customers understand the sales process and guide them in the right direction. They foster a direct relationship with clients and provide them with timely value propositions. Client Success Manager grows clients and helps them achieve goals while simultaneously strengthening their relationships. 

What does a Client Success Manager do?

A Client Success Manager plays a crucial role in ensuring the satisfaction, retention, and growth of clients within an organization. Their primary responsibilities include:

  • Building Strong Client Relationships: Client Success Managers establish and nurture relationships with clients by understanding their needs, objectives, and challenges. They serve as the primary point of contact and build rapport through regular communication and engagement.
  • Understanding Client Goals: They work closely with clients to understand their business goals, objectives, and key performance indicators (KPIs). By gaining insight into client priorities, they can tailor solutions and services to meet specific needs.
  • Driving Adoption and Value: Client Success Managers promote the adoption and utilization of the organization's products or services to ensure that clients derive maximum value. They provide guidance, training, and support to clients to help them optimize their use of the product or service.
  • Monitoring Client Health: They continuously monitor the health and satisfaction of client accounts by tracking key metrics, usage patterns, and feedback. By proactively identifying potential issues or concerns, they can address them promptly and ensure a positive client experience.
  • Resolving Issues and Challenges: Client Success Managers serve as advocates for clients within the organization and work cross-functionally to address any issues or challenges that arise. They act as a liaison between clients and internal teams to facilitate timely resolution and ensure client satisfaction.
  • Identifying Upsell and Expansion Opportunities: They identify opportunities to upsell additional products or services to existing clients based on their evolving needs and objectives. By understanding client pain points and goals, they can recommend relevant solutions that drive additional value for the client and revenue for the organization.
  • Renewal Management: Client Success Managers are responsible for managing client renewals and retention efforts. They proactively engage with clients throughout the renewal process, address any concerns or objections, and work to secure renewals and long-term partnerships.
  • Gathering Client Feedback: They gather feedback from clients through surveys, interviews, and regular interactions to understand areas for improvement and identify opportunities for enhancement. By soliciting client input, they can drive product innovation and service improvements that align with client needs.

Why should I hire a Client Success Manager?

Hiring a Client Success Manager demonstrates a commitment to delivering exceptional value to clients, fostering strong relationships, and driving sustainable growth and profitability for the organization. They serve as advocates for clients, driving positive outcomes and ensuring that clients achieve their desired goals and objectives.

  • Enhanced Client Satisfaction: A Client Success Manager is dedicated to ensuring that clients receive the support, guidance, and attention they need to succeed. By proactively addressing client needs and concerns, they can enhance overall client satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Improved Client Retention: Client Success Managers focus on building strong, long-lasting relationships with clients. By understanding their goals, challenges, and preferences, they can anticipate needs, address issues promptly, and mitigate churn, thereby improving client retention rates.
  • Increased Revenue and Growth: Client Success Managers play a critical role in identifying upsell and cross-sell opportunities within existing client accounts. By understanding client needs and recommending relevant products or services, they can drive additional revenue and contribute to business growth.
  • Effective Problem Resolution: Client Success Managers serve as advocates for clients within the organization. They work closely with internal teams to address client issues, resolve challenges, and ensure that clients receive timely and effective support, fostering trust and confidence in the organization.
  • Strategic Insights: Client Success Managers have a deep understanding of client needs, preferences, and market trends. They provide valuable insights and feedback to internal teams, informing product development, marketing strategies, and overall business decisions.
  • Enhanced Product Adoption: Client Success Managers play a key role in driving product adoption and utilization among clients. By providing training, resources, and guidance, they help clients maximize the value they derive from the organization's products or services, leading to higher satisfaction and retention rates.
  • Customer-Centric Culture: By prioritizing client success and satisfaction, organizations that hire Client Success Managers foster a customer-centric culture. This focus on customer success permeates throughout the organization, driving employee engagement, innovation, and long-term success.

Client Success Manager skills:

Skills required for a Client Success Manager can be categorized into technical skills, workplace skills, and personal traits:

Technical Skills

  • Proficiency in customer relationship management (CRM) software such as Salesforce, HubSpot, or Zendesk.
  • Familiarity with data analytics tools and platforms to analyze client data and derive actionable insights.
  • Understanding of key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics relevant to client success, such as churn rate, customer lifetime value (CLV), and net promoter score (NPS).

Workplace Skills

  • Exceptional communication skills, both verbal and written, to effectively interact with clients and internal teams.
  • Strong project management abilities to oversee multiple client accounts, prioritize tasks, and meet deadlines.
  • Problem-solving skills to address client issues and challenges in a timely and effective manner, often collaborating with cross-functional teams.
  • Adaptability and flexibility to navigate diverse client needs and industries, adjusting strategies and approaches accordingly.
  • Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment, fostering positive relationships and sharing knowledge and best practices with colleagues.

Personal Traits

  • Customer-centric mindset 
  • Empathy and active listening skills 
  • Resilience and composure under pressure
  • Proactive attitude 
  • Integrity and ethical behavior

Client Success Manager job description

This job description for the position of a Client Success Manager has been optimized for job boards as well as career pages and is ready to be deployed. Simply customize it for your organization and hire your next rockstar.

Job Description Template Client Success Manager

Job Title: Client Success Manager

Location: [City, State]

Industry: Information Technology

Company: [Your Software Company]

Job Type: Full-Time

Job Summary:

The Client Success Manager plays a pivotal role in ensuring the satisfaction, retention, and growth of client accounts. They serve as the primary point of contact for clients, working closely to understand their needs, objectives, and challenges. The role involves fostering strong relationships, driving adoption of products or services, resolving client issues, and identifying opportunities for upsell and expansion.


  • Client Relationship Management:
    • Build and maintain strong relationships with assigned client accounts, serving as the main point of contact for all inquiries and requests.
    • Conduct regular check-ins with clients to assess satisfaction levels, address concerns, and gather feedback.
    • Proactively engage with clients to understand their business goals and objectives, offering strategic guidance and support.
  • Drive Adoption and Value:
    • Promote the adoption and utilization of products or services among clients, ensuring they derive maximum value.
    • Provide training, resources, and support to clients to enhance their understanding and usage of the organization's offerings.
    • Collaborate with internal teams to develop and deliver customized solutions that meet client needs and objectives.
  • Issue Resolution and Support:
    • Serve as an advocate for clients within the organization, addressing any issues or challenges they may encounter.
    • Work closely with cross-functional teams to resolve client issues in a timely and effective manner, ensuring high levels of satisfaction and retention.
    • Monitor client health indicators and proactively identify and mitigate potential risks or concerns.
  • Upsell and Expansion Opportunities:
    • Identify opportunities for upselling additional products or services to existing clients based on their evolving needs and objectives.
    • Collaborate with sales teams to develop and execute upsell strategies, driving revenue growth and expansion within client accounts.


  • Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Marketing, or related field; MBA or relevant certification preferred.
  • Proven experience in client relationship management, account management, or customer success roles.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to build rapport and credibility with clients at all levels.
  • Excellent problem-solving abilities, with a focus on delivering effective solutions and driving positive outcomes.
  • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively in a team environment, leveraging internal resources to meet client needs and objectives.
  • Proficiency in CRM software (e.g., Salesforce, HubSpot) and Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Strong organizational and time management skills, with the ability to prioritize and manage multiple tasks and deadlines effectively.
  • A proactive attitude and a commitment to continuous learning and improvement in client success practices.

How to hire a Client Success Manager?

Craft a compelling job description

Crafting a compelling job description is essential for attracting top talent. It sets clear expectations, showcases company culture, and communicates the value of the role. A well-written description helps candidates self-assess their fit and reflects positively on your employer brand, ultimately leading to successful hires.

In addition to the job description in section 5, you can explore more job descriptions here.

Discover relevant candidates

Discovering relevant candidates is a critical step in the recruitment process, and EasySource's Candidate Discovery Module streamlines this task efficiently. Leveraging advanced algorithms and AI technology, EasySource scours vast talent pools to identify candidates who closely match the desired criteria for the job role. By analyzing candidate profiles, skills, experience, and qualifications, EasySource provides recruiters with a curated list of potential candidates, saving valuable time and effort. 

The Candidate Discovery Module utilizes smart filters and search parameters to ensure precision and relevance in candidate recommendations, enabling recruiters to focus their efforts on engaging with qualified candidates who are more likely to fit seamlessly into the organization. With EasySource's Candidate Discovery Module, recruiters can access a diverse talent pipeline and streamline the candidate sourcing process, leading to faster and more effective hiring decisions.

Assess candidates

Skill assessments play a crucial role in ensuring that only qualified candidates enter the talent pipeline while maintaining its robustness. Moreover, they facilitate quicker hiring decisions devoid of bias. With EasyAssess, recruiters gain access to a range of pre-built and customized adaptive skill assessments designed to validate Client Success Managers' technical, workplace, and personality traits. These pre-employment tests establish a level playing field, empowering recruiters to assemble winning teams comprising qualified candidates from diverse backgrounds.

Interview candidates

Here are some interview questions that can draw out complete responses from candidates.

I. Pretend I’m a prospect. Describe our product or service to me.

Ii. Tell me about your experience with working with targets. What were they? Did you meet them? How did you perform compared to your team members?

Iii. Tell me about a time you had to get good at a skill. What did you do to achieve that goal?

Iv. Tell me about a time you faced a challenge. How did you deal with it, and what motivated you to keep going?

V. What's the last thing you learned that you thought was really interesting?

Automated video interviews can be a great way to go beyond the resume and learn more about candidates. Whether you are hiring one Client Success Managers or at scale, EasyInterview gives recruiters the edge to hire diverse and exceptional talent from across the globe. Also, hiring managers can be involved in the recruitment process to make hiring decisions faster.

For more Client Success Managers interview questions and answers, click here

Engage candidates

Candidate engagement is pivotal in the recruitment process, fostering relationships and providing personalized experiences to candidates. EasySource's Candidate Engagement Module revolutionizes engagement through features like hyper-personalized email campaigns, automated follow-ups, and real-time chat support. With data-driven insights and automation, EasySource enables recruiters to build stronger connections with candidates, leading to more successful hires and improved recruitment outcomes.

Conduct reference checks

After shortlisting candidates, it's crucial to validate their work history and performance in past positions. This step ensures the accuracy of their claims and provides insights into their strengths and areas for improvement. Additionally, assess the candidate's capacity to collaborate within a team and adapt to the company culture, given the collaborative nature of this role across various teams.

Selection and onboarding

Providing an offer letter is essential as it safeguards the interests of both the employer and the employee. A comprehensive offer letter should detail crucial information about the position, including title, responsibilities, salary, and benefits. It should also specify the start date, and any probationary period, and require the signature of the employer for mutual agreement.

During the onboarding process, acquaint Client Success Managers with the organization's culture, values, and mission, along with in-depth product/service knowledge and understanding of buyer personas.

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