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iMocha Alternatives You Should Have Tried Out Sooner!

Published on October 5th, 2022


Why iMocha alternatives? What is iMocha? Well, in simple words iMocha features itself as a skill assessment platform. Now, what is a skill assessment platform all about? Imagine that you are a hirer and the best resume you have ever seen has chanced to fall into your hands. You managed to get in touch with the ideal candidate who had all the boxes ticked as per the resume. Being a cautious hirer eager to onboard a good candidate, you pushed for an interview as soon as you could. The interview was smooth, the person gave you the most convincing answers.

However, Plot twist- a month into the job, the resume’s glitter and the spell the candidate cast on you during the interview had slowly worn off. In around a month or less, you see a resignation letter from the once-so-sought-after candidate with a sparkling resume. And that’s the woeful end of one among the 78% of resumes that ended up being misleading or 46% that were filled with lies.

These are realistic numbers drawn out from an article put out by There are other figures that talk about the wastage of time, money and resources, but that’s enough doom and gloom for now. To address this predicament, out came the armada of skill-based assessment platforms! Since you are already cautious about getting the right pick, (failures tend to do that at times) you have decided to do the research and you have come to the right place!

iMocha: The star of the skill-assessment world [until now;)]

Yes, there is a sea of different skill-based assessment platforms, and iMocha is one of the many sought-after options when it comes to skill-based assessments. iMocha interview questions have a fanbase among the job-seekers which reflects the bars they managed to set. But fixating on one skill-assessment platform might short-sight you. There are numerous possibilities similar to iMocha that have come up in the market.

iMocha features:

Their platform helps in hiring “skill-fit candidates, upskill and reskill them, and overcome talent challenges.”They have fast assessments for various skill sets from subject matter experts all over the world, in less than 48 hours.

Their benchmark reports give a clear picture of the candidates’ individual as well as organizational skills index. iMocha has over 2500 skills including 500+ IT skills, 25+ Coding languages, 50+ Next-Gen skills, 20+ Domain skills, 20+ Cognitive tests, and more to choose from.

Their live coding tests assess the candidates in real time with the help of a patented AI-LogicBox that assesses coding skills and has an option for the coding compilers to view the compilation details.

iMocha pricing

Their pricing options depend on how you would like to customize the skill tests. They have a starter plan at $150.00 per month, and an enterprise plan at $500.00 per month.

Real-time coding assessment is a stand-out feature for iMocha. However, we do have better iMocha competitors in the market to go for, when it comes to coding assessments. Curious to know which ones and why? Here’s a quick read on the top iMocha alternatives for you.

iMocha Alternatives you MUST check out

iMocha alternatives-HackerEarth.png

1. HackerEarth: The iMocha competitor you wished you had checked out earlier

Like iMocha, HackerEarth is a platform that helps both employers and employees meet their needs of hiring and getting hired. But, don’t just consider HackerRank as ‘one among many sites like iMocha’ ; they have quite a few stand-out features. Here’s why we consider them as a good iMocha alternative.

a. What’s good about this iMocha alternative?

They have virtual recruitment tools that help hire the best developers. They have a wide range of tools for technical recruitment, upskilling, and developer engagement. This iMocha competitor has designed its platform such that a smooth flow is ensured right from testing the candidates through Hackathons, screening them through advanced coding tests, face code, upskilling, and engaging them more with the coding community.

Facecode is a real-time coding test system, similar to iMocha’s feature that uses live coding tests. However, HackerEarth does it more effectively than the other iMocha competitors. Facecode is preceded by its coding marathon, hackathon, followed by its advanced screening test.

b. Will this iMocha alternative burn a hole through my pocket?

Their startup plan costs $150.00 per month and gives access to their premium questions library. They also have an enterprise plan, which costs $279.00 per month. Both plans are billed annually and are way less than what iMocha costs.

c. Any comments on this iMocha competitor’s user Support?

Their services are more credible as they assist employers whenever there are queries to be addressed. They promise the best-in-class support by ensuring to address these queries within an hour. So, for those of you having issues with customer care, this iMocha competitor is worth giving a shot at.

The option to optimize the tests as per the organization’s need is an added point for HackerEarth. And here comes the icing on the cake: They have a history of 6500000+ developers assessed, 10000+ recruiters empowered, and 4000+ companies strengthened through their services (Clearly why HackerEarth would be one of the best iMocha alternatives!)

iMocha alternative 2-eskill.webp

2. eSkill: The iMocha competitor that was right under your nose!

eSkill, is an iMocha alternative that provides skill tests and behavioral assessments to hire the best-fit candidates. They customize cognitive assessments and video response questions to understand the candidates better.

a. What’s good about this iMocha alternative?

Why consider them as an ideal iMocha competitor? They have the largest Test Library with over 800+ jobs and subject-based skill tests to choose from, or even create your own. Just brush through the features section of their website. They cover industries such as Staffing, Hospitality, IT, Healthcare, Education, Government, Retail, Call Centers, and many more.

eSkill provides options to export candidates and test score data. You can also add your company logo to customize the page, matching your brand's outlook. This is something that stands different from iMocha features and features provided by other iMocha competitors.

b. Will this iMocha alternative burn a hole through my pocket?

eSkill has four different plans- Staffing companies, basic subscriptions, premium subscriptions, and enterprise subscriptions. You can request a custom quote through their website and you’ll get the pricing details as per your requirements. The price-to-quality factor may place this iMocha alternative paces ahead of iMocha, so don't be misled by the numbers put up on iMocha’s pricing section alone.

c. Any comments on this iMocha competitor’s user Support?

eSkill assigns you a dedicated Assessment Expert to create assessments that perfectly suit the requirements for each skill set. This feature is not very common in other iMocha alternatives. They have a history of testing millions of candidates over 20 years. They have experts who ensure 24/7 support to help a smooth hiring process, creating a learning experience for the candidates.

iMocha alternative 3 - Codesignal.svg

3. CodeSignal: The must-try iMocha competitor

CodeSignal aims to save engineering time and improve the candidate experience to hire the best technical talent. Here are a few things to note about this iMocha competitor.

a. What’s good about this iMocha alternative?

CodeSignal has a Tech Screen that provides consistent and objective technical screens that save time for candidates and employers with different experiences. Unlike the traditional engineer-led phone screens, the tech screen effectively fills senior-level and hard-to-fill engineering roles.

They have a CodeSignal Pre-Screen that helps in finding the best recruits through their top-of-funnel assessment solution. They also predict a candidate’s on-site interview performance in advance. They filter candidates through effective video interviews. The platform evaluates developer candidates using languages, frameworks, and tools unique to jobs including JavaScript, Python, PHP, React, Ruby, Swift, and many more.

b. Will this iMocha alternative burn a hole through my pocket?

As per requirements. They do not charge maintenance costs.

c. Any comments on this iMocha competitor’s user Support?

They have a huge resource library and Knowledge base to help hire and get hired. Being the first company to develop an objective skill-based assessment platform for technical hiring, they value their global team of employees and clients as ‘Signalites’. They have a history of 93% of candidates invited who completed the assessment, 12,000+ hours saved, the annual equivalent of nearly 6 full-time engineers, and 65% improvement in on-site-to-offer rate.

IMocha alternative 4- Codility.png

4. Codility: The iMocha competitor whose ratings speak out loud!

Codility has an efficient process of helping hire the best developers. It starts with filling the candidate funnel remotely with live coding challenges, assessing engineering candidates with online coding tests, and hosting a virtual whiteboard interview with CodeLive.

a. What’s good about this iMocha alternative?

Codility paces up the hiring speed 2.5X faster by assessing the coding and soft skills of the candidates with live online interviews. They provide recruiters with objective ways to compare candidates. They have a different workflow compared to other iMocha competitors to fast-track experienced candidates.

b. Will this iMocha alternative burn a hole through my pocket?

Like the other iMocha alternatives, they too have varying packages as per the requirements of the employers.

c. Any comments on this iMocha competitor’s user Support?

They have online tutorials to guide employers through the process. The employers can also raise a ticket whenever they need help from the Codility team. They also have dedicated account management and professional service packages to help their clients.

iMocha alternative -5- DevSkiller.jpg

5. Devskiller: The iMocha competitor that has a treasure trove of coders

Test Wizard helps generate coding tests based on your job description to verify the coding skills you are looking for.

a. What’s good about this iMocha alternative?

They test programming languages, frameworks, and libraries which makes them a formidable iMocha competitor. They evaluate the exact skill set for any job, across all seniority levels. They have a real-life testing methodology that mirrors the actual work developers do to give you a view of their coding skills in action.

b. Will this iMocha alternative burn a hole through my pocket?

They have a package called TalentScore to screen and interview developers. It starts from $499 per month, billed annually. The price might vary according to the features selected?

c. Any comments on this iMocha competitor’s user Support?

Similar to the other iMocha competitors, they too have the option to go for a demo of the services. They have a dedicated HR team to reduce turnover and boost productivity by keeping employees happy and engaged.

These are some of the best iMocha alternatives, and there are a lot more out in the market. We have kept our list highly specific as iMocha falls under the category of coding-related assessment platforms.

If you are looking out for the best skill assessment platform, that’s not coding-related, do not miss out on HireQuotient. Their reviews have captured many of the eyes of top players in the market. HireQuotient promises to keep you off of mis-hires with their shorter staffing cycles, transparent and tailored skill assessments, and the better experience provided for staffing teams to prospective hires. This is solely why we go far above iMocha ratings and top the list of iMocha alternatives.

iMocha alternative - 6 - HireQuotient.png

6. Why HireQuotient? Because it is The Best iMocha alternative

HireQuotient transforms tedious hiring experiences into fast, efficient, and meaningful endeavors that ensure you get the best out of the global talent pool. HireQuotient helps users create skill assessments based on both generic and company-specific requirements, and give you comprehensive, detailed reports.

a. What’s good about this iMocha alternative?

We provide the recruiting daily podcast and the people strategy perspective blog to help recruiters understand the market scenarios better. We also have case studies, e-books, industry papers, and templates made available for recruiters in a downloadable format. These tools help recruiters make ‘meaningful hiring’ better than the other iMocha alternatives.

b. Will this iMocha alternative burn a hole through my pocket?

HireQuotient provides you with an option to tailor your own plans.  We do provide a free demo to get started with. However, you can get a quote for the plan as per your requirements, and find services at better pricing than the other iMocha competitors!

c. Any comments on this iMocha competitor’s user Support?

HireQuotient has an option for the users to book consultations with the experts, if in need of any assistance.

Apart form these aspects, HireQuotient provides free HR tools such as JD Generator and ROI calculator for their users. This will make the hiring process a smooth sail, by saving a lot of time and money for employers.

If you feel that HireQuotient has exactly what you are looking for, don’t think twice. Book a 15-minute demo with us to know more. We may be a competitor, but we prioritize our vision to help hirers across the world find the best version of themselves.



Radhika Sarraf

Radhika Sarraf is a content specialist and a woman of many passions who currently works at HireQuotient, a leading recruitment SaaS company. She is a versatile writer with experience in creating compelling articles, blogs, social media posts, and marketing collaterals.

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