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Top job description builder software to save time, money and resources

Published on February 4th, 2023


A job description is a written statement of a role in the company that is open for recruitment. It details the specific commitments and responsibilities, the general nature of the work to be done, and the qualifications of the employee deemed necessary to execute the role.

According to experts in the field of HR and recruiting, many companies' job listings are so poorly constructed or outdated that they are unable to attract top talent when it is hiring time. It also widens skill gaps, stifles employee advancement, and limits the retention of high-potential employees. This means that those who do not adopt solutions to the issue of weak job descriptions are at a severe disadvantage to those who do.

Therefore, focusing on building and managing effective job descriptions is an extremely vital and relevant aspect of recruiting. That is why job description builder software has become a boon for recruiters.

What is job description builder software?

Job description builder software or a job description management system is an HR solution that seeks to automate various aspects of constructing an effective job description, while providing various ease of life benefits. It makes it possible for recruiters to create, organize, and store job descriptions efficiently. By minimizing the time required to produce an ideal job description, it aids in the recruitment of top talent in the market.

Benefits of using a job description management system

One of the main benefits of using job description builder software is that it ensures that your job descriptions are consistent and accurate. This is important because it helps you retain applicant attention while attracting the right candidates for the job. For example, if you are looking for a candidate with a very specific set of skills or qualifications, you can easily include that information in the job description. This will help you attract candidates who can sufficiently fill the vacant role, rather than those who may be attracted to the position for other reasons.

Another benefit of using job description builder software is that it can help you create job descriptions that are more engaging and appealing to potential candidates. This can be especially useful when you are trying to fill positions that are in high demand or that require specialized skills. Industries with smaller applicant pools aso benefit from having engaging job descriptions that can grab the attention of the applicants available. By making your job descriptions more interesting, you can generate more engagement from applicants, which results in a larger candidate pool when recruitment season comes around.

Some job description builder software services also have the feature of posting to multiple job boards, which can accrue to a ton of savings for the company in the form of time, energy and money. Instead of having to post the same job listing individually to various job listing websites and boards, such as LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed, etc.  you can simply use the software to post it to all of them in one go. This helps you reach a wider audience of qualified candidates and potentially access networks that you may have previously been unaware of.

job description builder software also helps you track and analyze the performance of your job listings. These metrics are extremely valuable to recruiters as they reveal which job listings are getting the most views and which ones are resulting in the most applications. This information can in turn be used to improve your job listings and make them more effective in attracting the right candidates.

It also works towards optimizing the process of job description building in a more holistic sense. It centralizes the aspect of job descriptions in the recruiting process and helps coordinate the efforts of various recruiting stakeholders across the organization. It standardizes job descriptions and can provide a template that recruiters can use to quickly and easily create the perfect job description.

Cherry-picked job description builder software

Here are some great job description builder software choices for your company,

  1. Freshworks: Freshworks is an HR software service that provides a job description building and management solution as a part of their product line. They are integrated with various job posting and networking sites such as Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn for job posting across platforms for your hiring needs. They have a dedicated customer support team dedicated to answering any queries and concerns and have an intuitive user interface. They have a 21-day free trial that supports up to three job postings and their paid services start from $71 per month for their services that include a whole set of other HR services for your company. With over 700,000 active users and proven benefits of 50% lesser hiring costs for customers, Freshworks can be the HR solution to solve your company’s hiring needs.
  2. Job Architect by is an employee compensation manager service that provides job description builder software in its line of products. Job Architect is a job description builder and manager that allows users to build and standardize job descriptions along their organization’s established branding, format, and content. It also comes with an expansive set of templates for those new to the field. It also allows you to monitor local job descriptions and job prices in the industry. It also integrates with any HR solutions you may already have in place such as Applicant Tracking Systems and Human Capital Management software for seamless introduction into the workflow. They can produce job listings from descriptions and with over 30,000 customers across the globe, they are a trusted firm in the recruiting sphere. You can request a demo at their website and pricing options thereafter.
  3. CompetencyCore by HRSG: CompetencyCore is a job description builder software that simplifies the process of creating job descriptions. It automates the process of building job descriptions and collecting feedback on published listings. It lets you add roles and responsibilities effortlessly and input data into listings seamlessly. It provides an extensive library of templates and other tools to make job description building as easy as it can be. With one-on-one customer support, CompetencyCore is a valid option for your consideration. You can request a demo at the company website as they do not offer public details on their pricing system.
  4. Ongig Job Description Software: Ongig job description software is an HR solution that primarily aims to remove bias of any kind from your job descriptions, while building effective and engaging job descriptions for your organization. It provides 4 step templates for speedy construction of job descriptions and has full customization for several aspects of the job description builder. It has different levels of access for easy delegation of duties and has a section finder for easy editing. It also comes equipped with a bias detector that lets it detect and eliminate instances of racial, ethnic, gender, and other forms of bias from your job descriptions for an inclusive hiring practice that promotes diversity. With clients such as The Huffington Post and Mashable, it is a service used by top companies in their field. Its pricing can range from anywhere between $70,000 to $15,000 for a three-year commitment but you can request a demo on their website.
  5. Descriptions Now by Insperity: Descriptions Now is a practical job description builder software provided by Insperity. It provides a step-by-step guide that can automatically fill in various aspects of the job description and can review your company workflow to create a description that best fits the organization's needs. It lets you store and manage job descriptions and supports a list of templates for quick job description building. It aims to speed up the job posting process to avoid lags and delays from lengthy job posting timelines. It also has access to a variety of job posting boards that it can utilize to quickly post job descriptions so that your company can secure and manage applicants as quickly and effectively as possible. The investment for Descriptions Now is $258 and can be more cost effective than other options but it should be noted that the services are more inclined towards building job descriptions than organizing and tracking them. You can visit the company page for more details on the same.
  6. JD Generator by HireQuotient:  JD Generator is a free HR tool created by HireQuotient so that you can source and hire your Purple Squirrel. It allows for easy and automated generation of job descriptions to fit the role or position you wish to create a listing for in 3 easy steps. It comes with an immense set of templates and presets that you can browse and choose from or alternatively, you can fully customize one yourself. It saves your time spent in building job descriptions through the use of AI automation and has resulted in five times as many applicants for its vacancies. It is also optimized to match your diversity needs and can target the right talent in a pool of potential applicants. It is free and all you need to do is sign up with your business email. It sports a list of clients that includes Boston Consulting Group and Razer and with a whole host of satisfied customers, HireQuotient is a risk-free starting venture into optimizing your job description-building endeavors. As the company states, “Turn your drab JDs into powerful JeDis!” through the use of its job description builder software and visit the company page to sign up for the free service.

According to a survey conducted by, the quality of a job description, including its choice of words, grammar, and role description, was considered very important by 52% of job seekers, when deciding whether to apply for a position or not. In the same survey, 71% of job seekers considered it important to see details regarding the company’s culture in the job description when applying. Therefore we must implement job description builder software in our hiring endeavors to optimize and generate effective and convincing job descriptions that can attract top talent for our hiring needs.

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