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What Is Strategic Human Resource Management(SHRM)?

Published on May 1st, 2023

The recruitment process is an essential component of business success, but manpower management does not end with filling up vacancies. Managing your company's human resources strategically works to ensure that employee skills and potential are fostered while aligning with long-term organizational goals. This is where strategic human resource management (SHRM) comes in. SHRM refers to the structured approach to human resource management that aims to synergize personnel management with an organization's strategic aims.

What is strategic human resource management?

Strategic human resource management involves anticipating organizational needs and deploying human resources effectively to meet those needs. It integrates traditional HR functions, like recruitment and training, with the broader goals of the organization. SHRM helps businesses identify and develop the employee skills, knowledge, and abilities required to achieve business objectives. In other words, it ensures that businesses have the right people in the right roles.

The benefits of SHRM

Adopting SHRM practices can provide several benefits to a company. Some of these benefits include:

  • Improved workforce planning and personnel management
  • Enhanced employee satisfaction and engagement
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Streamlined recruitment and retention of valuable talent
  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Cost savings, in terms of recruitment, training, and retention expenses

Factors influencing SHRM practices

Several factors influence SHRM practices in an organization. Some of these factors include:

  • Organizational culture and values.
  • Industry demands and requirements.
  • Competitor actions and industry trends.
  • Government regulations and compliance.
  • Technological advancements and innovations.

SHRM best practices

Some best practices for SHRM include developing a long-term HR strategy aligned with the organization's vision and goals. Conducting a thorough analysis of the organization's current HR practices through SWOT analysis is another best practice. Other HR best practices include rewarding and recognizing employees for performance, investing in employee development, and using HR data to make informed decisions.

Measuring the success of SHRM initiatives

It's essential to measure the success of SHRM initiatives to track progress towards achieving organizational goals. KPIs that are usually used for this purpose include employee turnover, employee satisfaction rates, and time and cost to fill positions.

How to excel in your Strategic Human Resource Management(SHRM)?

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Implementing a strategic human resource management approach can help your organization achieve long-term business goals while ensuring that your employees are developed and deployed effectively. Thanks to its benefits, factors influencing its adoption, best practices, and key performance indicators, companies can measure progress towards HR management objectives. SHRM is an evolving field, requiring continuous refinement of HR practices to ensure that the organization remains relevant and competitive today and in the future.



Radhika Sarraf

Radhika Sarraf is a content specialist and a woman of many passions who currently works at HireQuotient, a leading recruitment SaaS company. She is a versatile writer with experience in creating compelling articles, blogs, social media posts, and marketing collaterals.

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