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What is a Talent Acquisition Partner?

Published on April 30th, 2023


If you're like most hiring managers or recruiters, you're probably familiar with the term talent acquisition partner (TAP). But do you really know what a TAP does? In this blog post, we'll dive into the details of the role and how it differs from a traditional recruiter. We'll explore the responsibilities of a TAP, including sourcing, screening, and onboarding, as well as the qualities that make a successful TAP.

Who is a Talent Acquisition Partner and how do they differ from recruiters?

Firstly, a TAP is not just a recruiter. Recruiters are responsible for filling positions, but TAPs are responsible for building relationships with candidates before positions become available. This involves building a strong employer brand, engaging with passive candidates, and networking with industry professionals. They analyze market trends in the job market and adapt their recruitment strategies based on that. Therefore, they play a critical role in strategic talent management for an organization.

A successful TAP has excellent communication and interpersonal skills. They need to build a rapport with job seekers, assess their backgrounds, skills and experience and adopt a consultative approach to steer them through the recruitment process. They also act as a crucial point of contact between hiring managers and candidates for interviewing scheduling, feedback, and offer processes. Communication also factors into keeping top talent engaged throughout the hiring process while identifying areas for improvement for the recruitment cycle.

TAPs must be proficient in using recruitment technologies such as ATS for effective candidate management and using social media to connect with and engage candidates. At the same time, they must also be proficient in providing a human touch to the recruitment process.

TAPs are also responsible for ensuring a positive candidate experience throughout the recruitment cycle and beyond. They have to work on enhancing the employer brand by creating positive experiences during the recruitment process. With the rise of job aggregation sites and the growing visibility of candidates on social media, ensuring a positive candidate experience is paramount in enhancing the reputation of the company as it engages with staffing.

Lastly, TAPs must stay up-to-date on industry trends and regulations regarding employment laws and also support key development initiatives. Candidates today are looking for more than just a good salary and benefits package; they want to work for companies that share their values and goals. TAPs play a critical role in finding candidates who could contribute to the organization’s goals, mission, values and need for social responsibility.

What does a Talent Acquisition Partner do?

1. Building Relationships with Hiring Managers
One of the primary duties of a Talent Acquisition Partner is to build and maintain relationships with hiring managers. This involves understanding the needs of the business, the challenges they face when hiring, and the qualities they are looking for in a candidate. A Talent Acquisition Partner must be able to communicate effectively, listen closely, and offer solutions that align with the company's hiring goals. Building strong relationships with hiring managers is a key component to success in this role.

2. Developing Talent Pipelines
Talent Acquisition Partners are responsible for developing talent pipelines, which involves identifying potential candidates for future job openings within the organization. This requires a deep understanding of the company's business objectives, as well as expertise in sourcing and retaining top talent. Talent pipelines can be developed through various methods, such as attending job fairs, leveraging social media, and networking with industry professionals.

3. Candidate Screening and Qualification
Talent Acquisition Partners are involved in the entire hiring process, from screening resumes to interviewing and hiring candidates. This includes conducting phone interviews, skills assessments, and reference checks. The Talent Acquisition Partner is responsible for ensuring that all candidates meet the necessary qualifications, that the hiring process is fair and unbiased, and that all legal requirements are met.

4. Employer Branding and Candidate Experience
Talent Acquisition Partners are responsible for promoting the employer brand and ensuring that candidates have a positive experience throughout the hiring process. This includes developing and maintaining company branding materials, such as job descriptions and social media profiles. It also involves providing clear communication with candidates, keeping them informed throughout the process, and providing feedback when necessary.

5. Data Analysis and Reporting
Finally, Talent Acquisition Partners are responsible for data analysis and reporting. This involves tracking hiring metrics, such as time-to-fill, cost-per-hire, and source of hire. Talent Acquisition Partners must have strong analytical skills and be able to use data to make informed decisions about the hiring process. They must also be able to present this data to hiring managers and senior executives in a clear and concise manner


Talent Acquisition Partner


Role FocusPrimarily focused on strategic talent acquisition and long-term workforce planning.Focused on sourcing and hiring candidates for specific job openings.
  • Developing talent acquisition strategies aligned with organizational goals.
  • Building and maintaining relationships with internal stakeholders.
  • Identifying talent gaps and implementing proactive recruitment strategies.
  • Leading employer branding initiatives to attract top talent.
  • Posting job ads, screening resumes, and conducting interviews.
  • Evaluating candidates' skills and qualifications for specific roles.
  • Engaging with candidates to understand their career aspirations.
  • Negotiating job offers and managing the hiring process.
Scope of WorkInvolved in the entire talent acquisition process from planning to onboarding.Focuses on hiring for specific job openings or departments.
ApproachTakes a holistic approach to talent acquisition, considering long-term goals.Adopts a more transactional approach to fill immediate hiring needs.
Relationship BuildingEstablishes strong relationships with hiring managers and department heads.Builds rapport with candidates to ensure a smooth recruitment process.
Strategic PlanningWorks closely with HR and management teams to align recruitment with business goals.Executes recruitment based on the immediate hiring needs of the organization.
Skill Set
  • Strong strategic thinking, workforce planning, and talent management skills.
  • Advanced interpersonal and communication skills for relationship building.
  • Excellent sourcing, screening, and interviewing abilities.
  • Good negotiation skills and the ability to close job offers.
Decision MakingInvolved in strategic decision-making related to talent sourcing and acquisition.Typically not involved in higher-level strategic decisions but focuses on immediate hiring needs.
Employer BrandingLeads employer branding efforts to attract top talent to the organization.May participate in employer branding initiatives but not a primary responsibility.
Talent PoolsFocuses on building and nurturing talent pools for future hiring requirements.Concentrates on finding candidates for current job openings.
Metrics and AnalyticsUtilizes data-driven insights to improve recruitment processes and outcomes.May use metrics, but focus is on meeting short-term hiring targets.
Experience LevelOften requires more extensive HR or talent acquisition experience.Can range from entry-level to experienced recruiters.
Advisory RoleActs as a talent acquisition advisor to hiring managers and executives.Provides recruitment-related insights and recommendations.
Workforce DiversityWorks towards fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce.May promote diversity but primarily focuses on filling specific roles.
Hiring EventsParticipates in and may organize hiring events for potential candidates.May attend hiring events but mainly engages with candidates through other channels.
Market ResearchConducts market research to understand industry trends and competitor analysis.Focuses on understanding the job market for specific roles.
Candidate ExperienceEnsures a positive candidate experience throughout the recruitment process.Strives for a positive candidate experience but may have limited control over the process.

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In conclusion, TAPs are strategic partners in recruitment and talent management. They play a critical role in attracting, building relationships, engaging, and retaining top talent across organizations. TAPs need a combination of skills and experience in recruitment, marketing, and interpersonal communication to excel in their role. By understanding the responsibilities and the qualities of a TAP, you can leverage this role as a valuable asset to your team and increase the likelihood of success in the recruitment process. As staffing and recruiting evolve, having a robust TAP team could create a strategic competitive advantage for an organization that values its Human Resources goals.



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