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Published on December 9th, 2022


Imagine this: You're lying on the sand, enjoying a Mai Tai, and catching some sun. However, you are miles away from your office system when your boss abruptly sends you a message asking you to get some information regarding a recent recruit. There are only two alternatives left: either act as though you dropped your phone in the ocean, or hop onto the cloud recruitment software on your phone, find that intel you need, and get back to vacation mode!

So What is Cloud Recruitment?

Recruiters and HR managers are reportedly switching significantly to cloud-based hiring and recruitment around the globe. In this method of hiring, the applicant tracking system is a cloud-managed platform.

You might be thinking, "Why not maintain an excel sheet to organise and store the information about your applicants." Actually, the real question you should be asking is,  why not make a transition to something that can both track your applicant’s data properly and keep it all in a safe and secure manner? And here is the best part, you can access this data from any part of the world from a laptop, a phone, or even a tablet.

Since most cloud providers offer dispersed networks similar to CDNs, anybody with an internet connection may access cloud data from almost anywhere, provided you still remember your ID and passwords.

Excel and Word may be able to handle some of your recruiting needs, but cloud recruitment enables you to access crucial data or details about a specific candidate from anywhere in the globe.

Today, there are several platforms and solutions available for cloud-based recruiting. There are platforms that fully automate the hiring process from beginning to end. This means that these platforms handle managing an entire process, from creating the ideal job description and posting a job opening to effectively managing job applications, screening resumes, conducting background checks, and ultimately hiring and onboarding a candidate.

Cloud based recruitment is a cut above the regular hiring processes. In this form of recruiting on need not be tied down to a desk with their laptops and mouses transcribing data and information from resumes, or even notes taken at job fairs and trade shows etc.

In recruitment and hiring finding your purple squirrel can feel alot like ‘Finding nemo’ and once the applications start to pour you can almost see your self drowning in a pile of cover letters, resumes, follow-up emails, and deadlines. And if you have more than 3 positions to fill, you know you’re going to have to cancel ‘those evening plans’. This recruiting process is in dire need of an update, a renaissance rather. Cloud recruitment is just that change your hiring process needs. 

In the past, only large enterprises and big corporations had the opportunity of using recruiting software. Now that everyone has access to technology, it is simple for any organisation, regardless of size, to create a recruiting solution that gives them a significant advantage over their competitors.

Now that we have a fair understanding of what the concept of Cloud recruitment is, let’s now look at the benefits of this type of recruitment!

Let’s face it, cloud is everywhere and it is taking over. 

From a storing your pictures on a devise to how giant organizations manage client and employee data and information, the cloud is changing the way we function, everyday. 

Before we dive into the benefits of cloud based recruitment, here are a few statistics that tell you just how important this function!

- A recent source claimed that, the year 2020 saw nearly 60-70% of all software, technology and services making a shift into cloud based management. 
- Another report also claims that nearly 60% of the world’s corporate data is stored in the cloud. Cloud data centres account for nearly 3% of the world’s energy consumption.
- Cloud based recruitment not only caters greatly to the HR and recruitment industry but to even to those who want to work remotely. Nearly 49% of employees say that they actually prefer a remote or a combination of on-site and remote working option. Cloud based technology has made that very aspect now an option for many companies around the world.
- Nearly 44% of traditional small businesses have spent on cloud infrastructure and hosting services. 
- The US and European regions account for 82% of global cloud computing.

Let’s now take a look at the Benefits of cloud recruitment!

Time is money!

The entire process of recruitment from job-posting to screening resumes, to scheduling an interview costs a certain amount of money and also takes a good amount of time, especially when it’s done manually. When you switch to cloud based recruitment, you get to spend more of your time and attention on selecting the right candidates rather than finding them through cumbersome processes. 

With cloud based recruitment you wouldn’t have to worry about remembering where you stored what piece of information on your system. Cloud based recruitment helps you by making one platform your one-stop solution to find all your information about a candidate, rather than maintaining numerous excel sheets.

Improved and enhanced communication

Now, with cloud computing and cloud based recruitment you wouldn’t have to worry about individually messaging people about the status of your application. With cloud-based recruitment, you can keep your applicants updated about the progress of their applications and every process. 

Often times, the best of the best candidates are lost because of poor communication. This can also have adverse effects even on the grounds of employer branding front. You are covered when comes to a  cloud-based hiring platform that is supported by built-in communication tools like instant messaging to facilitate message transfer and faster communication. The app also enables you to track the best recruits and send various emails.

Everyone’s in the loop!

Its all about team work at the end of the day to find the best fit for the family. When you have a strong hiring team, it is simple to make the greatest hiring selections. With the help of cloud-based recruiting software, you can work together with your team on a single dashboard to ensure that everyone is completely aware of every stage of the hiring process. This way you will not have to update your teammates individually and saturate important information.

Access your information anywhere, anytime!

In short, cloud recruiting is one such blessing to the recruitment and hiring industry that everythin you’re looking for about a candidate is stored in one unified system. Platforms such as ZOHO and other platforms, help you keep all your information in one place in a systematic manner. 

Some of these tools are also free to use, or rather, they offer free versions that you may try out before choosing your favourite. Additionally, you can track your actions more easily thanks to the finest recruiting software's availability on mobile devices too.

Tailor made solutions!

Each company, team or organisation, recruiter or HR manager, have requirements of their own.  And for these requirements you need to have separate job descriptions with specifications and skill and talent assessment too. 

At times when we focus on  these minute details yet important ones of hiring,  we tend to fatigue ourselves and forget about how to make the right hiring decisions and in turn become a prey to high turnover. 

This is why you need something that will help you land the right hire in an effective manner. Cloud-basedrecruitment and software allow you to work with customisation. 

At HireQuotient,  you can find the right candidate with the right kind of skill based and talent based assessments in less than 5 minutes.  with these talent and skill assessments you will know who you want to on board based on the the results that are backed by data.  thanks to a vast libraries of data and information on each candidates test and assessments these reports post the assessment give you a clarity about your candidates potenti and whether or not they  can do the job or no.  these assessments also have personality based questions, psychometric analysis,  and real life problems that these candidates can solve in real time.

You data and Information is safe in the cloud!

It is not true that once you are on the Internet your information is no longer safe and no is your data. Recruiters, Hiring managers, HR managers  and other personels in in the recruiting field deal with sensitive information and data on a daily basis. 

From and employees details about their family, there emergency contacts,  to even their details about their payroll and compensation information, there are copious amounts of confidential and important content that must be safe and secure at all costs. 

Cloud based management of your employees and candidates information is your answer to to increase to security and protection of of sensitive and vital information. Although, you may be wondering that this is one centralised unit or a server that carries everyone's information and everybody has access to the cloud,  how is our information safe and secure  with everyone having access to it? 

The answer is is in cloud based recruitment your information is always encrypted does protecting you and your data from hackers in a manner that traditional tools cannot. 

On the contrary,it is safe to save that from the smallest of the smallest offices to the biggest the biggest corporations around the world,  everybody is making a shift and a significant one,  to cloud based software  and management. 

With the adoption of a cloud based software or even a cloud based recruitment aur even cloud based management systems you can improve efficiency at work,  make better connections and calculated decisions with your candidates,  and also offer the right offers to the right position and to the right candidates. 

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Radhika Sarraf

Radhika Sarraf is a content specialist and a woman of many passions who currently works at HireQuotient, a leading recruitment SaaS company. She is a versatile writer with experience in creating compelling articles, blogs, social media posts, and marketing collaterals.

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