Here's a list of the top 25 Automation Recruitment Agencies in the US.

Automation Recruitment Agencies: The Top 25 to Consider in the US

Published on June 6th, 2023

Are you in search of specialized recruitment agencies that can assist you in finding the perfect talent for automation and control engineering roles? 

Look no further! 

In this article, we present the top 25 automation recruitment agencies that cater to recruiters and hirers like you. These agencies have a proven track record of delivering successful staffing solutions in the field of automation. Whether you require professionals for fluid power, motion control, or process control industries, these agencies have got you covered.

Samuel Frank Associates: 

Samuel Frank Associates is a leading specialist in control and automation engineering recruitment. With a strong focus on delivering successful solutions, they are your go-to partner for automation staffing needs. Their expertise extends across the United States.

GRS Recruiting: 

As a global recruiting source, GRS Recruiting specializes in fluid power, fluid handling, motion control, and process control industries. Their reach extends beyond the United States, making them a valuable resource for international hirers.

Direct Recruiters, Inc:

With a relationship-focused approach, Direct Recruiters, Inc. excels in building customized employment solutions. They are dedicated to providing continuous support throughout the recruitment process.

ESPO Corporation:

ESPO Corporation is a Midwest-based firm offering full-time and contract talent for every level of technical discipline. Their expertise spans various locations, including Chicago and Waukegan, Illinois.

Venture Talent Solutions:

With 30 years of experience, Venture Talent Solutions specializes in recruitment for sales, marketing, and executive positions. They cater to clients in Canada, Europe, and the United Kingdom.

Tracey-Auriema Recruiters:

This executive recruiting firm specializes in nationwide searches for factory automation positions. Based in Woodstock, Vermont, they have a wide network of qualified candidates.

Barrows Search Associates:

 Barrows Search Associates is a national executive search and technical recruiting firm that collaborates with small and medium-sized companies. Their headquarters are located in Rochester, United States.

Javan Engineering:

 Javan Engineering offers integrated engineering services for various sectors, including industrial, pharmaceutical, chemical, research, healthcare, and institutional organizations. Their locations include Glen Burnie, Midlothian, and Fort.

TalentWRx, LLC:

TalentWRx, LLC provides innovative talent solutions specifically for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries. Their services extend to Florida, Tampa, and other parts of Florida.

Tracey-Auriema Executive Recruiting:

Specializing in the field of factory automation and power distribution, Tracey-Auriema Executive Recruiting caters to clients across the United States.

FPC Bangor:

FPC Bangor is a staffing firm specializing in industries such as pulp, paper, specialty chemical, food and beverage, construction, and power. They primarily serve the Northeast region, including Maine.

Advanced Technology Search Search:

This agency focuses on recruiting for the RF/Wireless and Defense industries, providing specialized talent across the United States.

Hedlund Corporation:

Hedlund Corporation is an executive search firm that specializes in the management consulting industry. Their services are available nationwide, with a base in Boston, United States.

Electrical Career Specialists:

ECS is a niche recruiting firm that works closely within the electrical wholesale distribution industry. They have been serving the United States since 2005.

Wise Men Consultants:

Wise Men Consultants is a recruiting and placement search firm specializing in IT and software professionals. They primarily operate in Texas, Houston, and other parts of Texas.

Medvec Resources Group:

This recruiting firm focuses on the precision metal machining industry, providing staffing solutions across Cleveland, North Olmsted, and Valley City.

Moses Engineering:

Moses Engineering, located in Gainesville, Florida, specializes in mechanical and electrical engineering, commissioning, technology, and support services.

Smart Staff Solutions Recruiter:

With a focus on manufacturing staffing in Toronto, Smart Staff Solutions Recruiter caters to clients in Ontario, Canada.

JH Technical Services, Inc:

JH Technical Services, Inc. offers technical services recruitment and staffing in Pennsylvania, specifically in Pittsburgh and nearby areas.

Eissler & Associates Recruiters:

Eissler & Associates Recruiters is a firm specializing in sales, marketing, and technical positions. They operate throughout the United States and internationally.

LSI Manufacturing Solutions:

LSI Manufacturing Solutions is a precision metal recruitment firm specializing in the screw machine, Swiss-style CNC, and CNC machining industry. They are based in Brunswick, United States.

Johnston Vere Global Recruitment: 

Johnston Vere Global Recruitment provides specialist recruitment consultancy expertise to clients in the energy, transportation, and engineering sectors. They operate primarily in the United Kingdom, including England.

Accetis intl: 

Accetis intl. is an executive search and recruitment firm focused on the manufacturing and engineering sectors. They have a presence in Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Top Talent Search Experts, LLC:

Top Talent Search Experts, LLC specializes in recruiting for the test and measurement, power electronics, aerospace, avionics, and semiconduct or industries. They serve clients in Salem, Calabasas, and the United States.

Balionis Group, Inc: 

Balionis Group, Inc. is a Pittsburgh-based technology services firm offering staffing, consulting, and outsourcing solutions for various technology sectors.

These top 25 automation recruitment agencies have the expertise and networks to help you find the ideal candidates for your automation roles. Whether you are in the United States, Canada, or other parts of the world, these agencies are well-equipped to assist you in meeting your automation staffing needs.

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