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For, getting comprehensive results on VerVoe can be a chore...

• Specialized Testscorrect-iconwrong-icon
• Automated Scoringcorrect-iconcorrect-icon
• Fully customizablecorrect-iconwrong-icon
• Detailed skills reportcorrect-iconwrong-icon
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Why HireQuotient?


Assessments in <5 mins

Roll out effective hiring campaigns in minutes & free up your bandwidth


Precision Skill Reports

Chat-type assessments that check real-life skills, not rote knowledge


Decisions, sans bias

Objective hiring decisions, based on strong quantitative data analysis


Diversity-Inclusive Hiring

Varied opinions & perspectives, brought from building diverse teams

Our Clients Says


“HireQuotient has shown great flexibility in customizing solutions that fit our specific needs. I value their customer-centricity and the team's commitment to ensure that their solution has maximum impact on our recruiting processes.”

Amber Grewal

Managing Director & Partner, Chief Recruiting/Talent Officer, The Boston Consulting Group

Detailed Comparison

• Specialized tests for non-coding rolescorrect-iconwrong-icon
• Competency-based Job Simulationcorrect-iconwrong-icon
• Automated Scoringcorrect-iconcorrect-icon
• Fully customizable to each rolecorrect-iconwrong-icon
• Possibility to have a fully candidate-led experiencecorrect-iconwrong-icon
• Job Description creationcorrect-iconwrong-icon
• Detailed report with Question suggestions to ask in the next roundcorrect-iconwrong-icon

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