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10 Fool-Proof Recruitment Marketing Strategies for 2023

Published on December 7th, 2022


As the digital space is expanding, it has become increasingly difficult for recruiters to hire the best candidates for their organization.

This is because the coin has flipped. It is no more in the hands of recruiters to choose candidates. But the candidates now have options and they join a company only after rigorous scrutiny.

To rectify this problem, the concept of recruitment marketing took birth. The recruiters now focus on maintaining their employer brand to attract the topmost talent.

What is Recruitment Marketing?

Recruitment Marketing is promoting your employer brand by using marketing methodologies to attract, retain and nurture top talent.

Instead of just filling positions as they become available with whoever happens to apply for that particular position, businesses use a recruitment marketing strategy to find the finest and brightest candidates that can benefit the organization.

Companies that utilize this strategy are attempting to position themselves as a fantastic workplace to attract top candidates and gain an advantage over their rivals.

The need for Recruitment Marketing Strategy

In today's candidate-driven employment market, finding qualified candidates for open positions can be challenging. If you work in HR or recruiting, you already know this.

Now, candidates are in high demand. Nowadays, they are in charge and have a choice of where they choose to work.

It can also seem impossible to attract great talent because so many other organizations are vying for the same people.

However, it may actually be rather simple to create your talent pool and maintain it with a steady stream of excellent prospects if you have a well-rounded recruitment marketing strategy.

Top Recruitment Marketing Strategies

Create a strong brand that attracts exceptional talent

Making your organization distinct and memorable is the only way to stay on top in the sea of competing enemies.

Sure, employer branding does not happen overnight. It should be done slowly and steadily to add value to existing employees and prospective applicants.

Did you know that a whopping 75% of candidates view an employer’s brand before proceeding with the application process? It is therefore direly necessary to maintain an excellent brand image on the internet.

Maintaining your brand image is a top recruitment marketing strategy that should be on the top of your mind as a recruiter.

Some tips to create a strong brand image

  • Polish your website and keep your careers page up-to-date.
  • Build your recruiting strategy on the inbound methodology. Attract and engage targeted applicants to your website.
  • Leave some room for the candidates to meet their potential colleagues.

Focus on improving your candidate experience

More than 60% of job seekers have had a bad candidate experience and 72% of them chose to speak about it publicly.

The candidate experience you provide is an indicator of your corporate culture. As such, it represents a notable decision-making factor.

Greater applicant turnover for you as an employer entails more negative PR as well as financial losses.

Tips to improve your candidate experience

  • Write job descriptions that are clear and understandable.
  • Create content that is directly targeted to potential applicants.
  • Employ automated chatbots to give instant replies to your prospective applicants.
  • Make your recruitment process mobile-friendly.

Establish solid connections with candidates using social recruitment

Users of social media are growing at an astonishing rate. There are approximately 3.5 billion active social media users globally, according to a recent study. Additionally, a typical internet user has 7.6 social media profiles.

Furthermore, according to a LinkedIn survey, 49% of professionals follow relevant companies on social media to stay up to date with their hiring practices. Because of this, social media marketing is an essential component of any effective hiring strategy.

The success of your social recruitment plan will depend on your ability to promote your brand and develop relationships with prospects on the appropriate platforms.

The most obvious option will probably be LinkedIn because it is the largest professional social network. You can find the best people looking for new professional challenges using its comprehensive search and filtering features, as well as those who work for rival businesses.

In addition to LinkedIn, you may communicate with and target your potential applications via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. To save time and money on social media recruiting, think about locating an ATS provider with integrated social media.

Invest in an Employee Referral Program

One of the most effective hiring strategies is the employee recommendation program, which is frequently overlooked. They can help your hiring process in a number of ways when carefully applied, such as by reducing turnover rates, cutting down the time spent on the hiring and onboarding processes, and lowering the cost per person.

Many well-known brands rely on this hiring strategy due to its efficacy.

For instance, Intel offers referral bonuses to its employees. A worker's bonus doubles when they recommend women or people of color. Known as Recruitment Happy Hours, Salesforce meetings allow staff members to bring referral candidates.

Take notice of your brand image on review sites

The reputation of your company's brand is important. Reviews provide a means for job seekers to learn more about how current employees feel about working for your business. Therefore, it's imperative that you manage your employer reviews and reply appropriately.

Review replies are almost as significant to prospective employees as the review itself.

It's vital to keep a watch on all the places you might be receiving employee feedback because in addition to the main employee review sites like Glassdoor and Indeed, you may also discover employee reviews on your consumer-facing review sites like your Google Business Profile and Yelp.

Host Killer Recruitment Events

Organizing a recruitment event is a fantastic way for you to expand your talent pool. Most importantly, it enables you to build closer connections with potential candidates and learn information about them that isn't contained in their resumes.

The following information can help you design a recruitment event.

Know your objectives first, then decide what kinds of recruitment activities would be most effective for you. An open-house event can be the best option for you if your business is small and you want to develop relationships in a more personal way. Here, your objective should be to establish a welcoming environment where guests may mingle with and converse with members of your team.

A job fair might also be organized by larger businesses in sectors with significant staff turnover rates, such as IT or tourism. If you are a member of this group, make sure you carefully arrange everything. Create marketing materials that will catch people's eyes and motivate them to apply.

Second, make social media events and event pages. Send email invitations, post frequent updates on social media, and list your event on important event directories to broadly publicize them. Until the event day, this phase should be constantly carried out.

Define your audience and build candidate personas

Building personas and identifying your target audience are essential components of any recruitment marketing strategy. Personas are the ideal target populations that marketers refer to. Personas allow you to give a fictitious individual a name and traits that resemble those of your ideal job candidate. This enables you to communicate with them and draw them to your employer brand.

For each ideal job applicant you have, develop a persona. For instance, if you're hiring for a technology company, the candidate persona for an engineering position will probably be very different from the candidate persona for a marketing position.

Take up Email marketing

Recruiters have a lot of options for recruitment marketing and one of them is email marketing. Since candidates expect more individualized communications from companies, personalization and a kind tone should be taken into account.

When communicating with your audience via email, you should maintain a welcoming tone and shift from "generic" to "specific/personalized" information as you get to know the candidates better. You should also send relevant links, videos, and articles that will interest the candidates. Consider including a compelling question in your email to the candidate to learn more about them.

Work toward your website’s visibility

It is no point in creating a strong brand image if your website is average and doesn’t convert website traffic to leads or applicants.

You’ll have to work on your website visibility just as much as you work on sourcing quality candidates.

Here are some tips to work towards your website’s visibility.

  • Publish relevant content on your website blog
  • Your website should be mobile-friendly and fast
  • Optimize your titles and meta descriptions
  • Conduct SEO audits for your website
  • Optimize your older content
  • Target specific long tail and short tail keywords for your blogs
  • Check for any crawl errors
  • Optimize and submit a sitemap to search engines for easy indexing

Measure and Adapt results

The effectiveness of your recruitment marketing strategies must also be evaluated.

Your recruitment marketing strategy can be adjusted and improved by obtaining metrics on what works and what doesn't.

You need to experiment if you want to get even greater results.

You can test several campaigns and find the most effective job postings and calls to action by monitoring your analytics.

Consider conducting anonymous surveys with current workers or job candidates to find out where improvements might be made.

In order to continuously track the most crucial recruitment marketing indicators, HR teams must continuously measure, store, and analyze data.

Wrapping Up

The field of recruitment marketing is developing pretty fast. Strategies that are successful this year could not be in 2025 or later. Most crucially, the effectiveness of the aforementioned tactics will rely on the specific goals of your business and the types of applicants you are targeting.

Because of this, each recruitment marketing strategy should be scrutinized individually. To sort the wheat from the chaff and concentrate on what really works for your business, you should always verify the efficacy of your strategies.

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