How to search someone on linkedin without them knowing

How to search someone on linkedin without them knowing

Published on April 30th, 2023

Statistics show that over 249+ million people in the US alone use  for professional networking. With such a large number of people using this platform, it is important to understand how to search for someone on  without them knowing ethically. By understanding the rules and regulations around searching profiles, as well as respecting other users' privacy and rights, you can ensure your searches are safe and responsible.  Thanks to innovative technology today, there are various ways for you to search for individuals on  without them knowing. 

Understanding  Policies

The first way to do this is to understand the rules and regulations of the platform.  is a professional platform, which means that users need to respect each other's privacy. This means that you should take extra caution when searching for someone else's profile as it could be viewed as an invasion of privacy or harassment if done in an inappropriate manner. Additionally, it is important to make sure any search requests are not too frequent or invasive and to keep all searches within the “terms of service” agreement provided by .

How to  view  profile anonymously

1. Use Incognito or Private Browsing Mode: When you browse  in incognito or private mode, your activity remains off the browser history and cookies. This means the person you're researching won't know that you've viewed their profile. However, be aware that individuals with tracking software or  notifications enabled may still detect that their profile was viewed.

2. Search by Keywords: Instead of searching by a person's name, use keywords related to their job title, company, or industry. This approach allows you to find their profile without directly using their name. Keep in mind that if their profile contains unique keywords, you may still end up on their profile.

3. View Mutual Connections: If you share mutual connections with the person on , consider viewing the profiles of those connections to indirectly find the person's profile. While this method avoids direct searching, individuals with view tracking or notifications enabled may still see that their profile was viewed.

4. Third-Party Websites and Tools: Consider using third-party websites and tools like or Pipl for more comprehensive searches. These tools can offer advanced search parameters and results without leaving any traces in the  database.

5. Browsing  Profiles Anonymously:  provides a feature that allows you to browse profiles without revealing your identity:

  1. Click on the "Me" icon at the top of your homepage to access your profile.
  2. From the dropdown menu, select "Settings & Privacy."
  3. In the "Visibility of your profile & network" section, click on the arrow next to "Profile viewing options."
  4. You can choose from three browsing modes:
  • Your name and headline
  • Private profile characteristics (job title and industry)
  • Private mode
  1. Opt for "Private mode" to view profiles anonymously. When you use this mode, individuals won't know that you're checking their profile. While it will notify them that someone visited their profile, they won't be able to identify you specifically.

This feature is invaluable for newcomers to , competitive researchers, profile updates, or discreetly researching potential clients or employers.

However, be cautious with "Private profile characteristics" as it doesn't provide complete anonymity. Job title, company, school, and industry details may still be visible, potentially revealing your identity.

In the world of professional networking, knowing how to view profiles anonymously is a valuable skill. It enables you to gather information and insights without alerting others to your actions. To use this feature effectively, choose the right browsing mode that aligns with your need for anonymity and be mindful of the information you might inadvertently reveal when exploring profiles discreetly.

Linkedin's Privacy Rules

 is a professional platform that values user privacy. It's crucial to understand and respect the rules and regulations governing the platform. Excessive or invasive searches can be seen as an invasion of privacy or even harassment. Always ensure that your search requests align with 's "terms of service" agreement.

Additionally, keep in mind that members with Career, Business, or Sales Navigator accounts can see who has viewed their profiles in the last 90 days. However, free Basic account users do not have this view-tracking capability. Therefore, the methods mentioned earlier may be more effective when searching for free Basic account profiles without the person knowing.

Respecting privacy and professionalism

It is also important to note that has a number of rules and regulations when it comes to searching profiles and making connections with people. It is best practice for users to be respectful and mindful of others when searching on the platform. Additionally, it may be considered inappropriate or unethical in some circumstances. It is also important to consider other external laws and regulations before trying any method of searching on without someone's knowledge. 

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Overall, there are various ways for users to search for someone on without them knowing. However, it is essential that users always adhere to the rules and standards set by the laws in their jurisdiction. Additionally, users should also be respectful of others when searching on the platform and not use any method that could cause harm or distress to someone else. By following these guidelines, users can help ensure they search responsibly and safely on the platform.

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