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7 Hiring Secrets: Straight from the Experts

Published on October 4th, 2022


What makes recruitment a unique necessity? It's easy to answer why it's a necessity. As long as companies exist, a workforce is required. As long as a workforce needs to be built up, recruitment is a process that cannot stop. But since the time the first company was set up, the HR departments have evolved from pulling workers in just for wages. According to recent statistics from SHRM, 60% of applicants quit filling out application forms merely because of their overwhelming length or complexity!

This statistic reveals how HR departments constantly challenge themselves to nurture the most optimized environment for employees to perform their best. So, when you hear the word ‘hiring secrets’ or ‘recruitment hacks’ know that there is an encyclopedia of knowledge that is dedicated to the evolving job space and employee requirements. That being said, here are a few of the recruiter secrets that you may be missing out on. Because if you are not running with the pack, there is a good chance that you are being singled out.

The first recruiter secret: tear off the first few pages as you keep adding on to the end of the book.

What book? Well, it's a metaphoric representation of the knowledge base of all things on recruitment. The practices used a few years ago may be redundant or even reductive. So apart from constantly learning and unlearning, you move ahead. And more importantly, make it a point to keep it short. The mentality of reading a thousand-page textbook before getting any work done is obnoxious, especially where the pace of the environment leers towards functionality and compactness. This is one hiring secret you need to employ if you wish to retain great candidates. No one enjoys the feeling of holding on to stagnant methods of operation when they are aware of the pace at which the world operates.

The second recruiter secret: Working anywhere and anytime is the new normal- remote work options.

hiring secrets.png With covid wreaking havoc across the world, the silver lining among the dark clouds was the reoriented mindset of employees across the world. The new normal demands a formal top or shirt while sitting for meetings with lesser or no consideration for the rest of the attire. This hilarious visual representation portrays the shifting mindset of the modern workforce. 91% of workers who presently spend at least some time working remotely want to keep doing so. Of them, 54% choose a hybrid work arrangement, while 37% want to work solely from home. Only 9% of respondents want to return to work completely. ‘Working from home' will probably be reduced to just ‘working’ in the coming days as companies are considering this as the new norm. Not to mention the stress of commuting and reaching offices on time. Policies and procedures also shift to accommodate this preference and if your workforce is missing this new normal of remote working options you are in for a shock.

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The third recruiter secret: Comprehending employee expectations from the company.

If you have heard of the phrase “It was right under your nose” this is probably the best place to use it. Being collectively driven to work towards a common goal by channeling the efforts of individuals with varying temperaments, intelligence and upbringing require serious consideration. Looking at a few statistics, good dental or medical coverage is an important aspect for 51% of the candidates. Other aspects like work-life balance, consideration for mental health, and even the option of working from home are looked upon as important aspects which cannot be overlooked any longer. The hirer needs to find a common ground between the company requirements and the employee expectations from the company. In an age where company culture is about nurturing the interests of the candidate along with the requirements of the company, this hiring secret would definitely ensure to pull candidates onboard.

The fourth recruiter secret: “diversity and inclusion approach” is The first step towards true empowerment.

Yes, granted that an ideal world where defining equality in clear demarcations would be too ambitious. Understanding DEI is probably the next best thing. There may be distinctions based on racial, ethnic, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, and socioeconomic class in the workplace. Aspects of diversity include disparities in athletic prowess, veteran status, and whether or not you have children. The process of ensuring that policies, procedures, and programs are unbiased, and fair, and give each individual the best possible outcomes is known as equity. Ensuring that employees feel a sense of belonging at work is the practice of inclusion. This indicates that every employee feels free to be themselves and that the company supports them in doing so.

Combining these three concepts, DEI is an attitude that values different viewpoints and places a strong emphasis on inclusion and worker well-being as essential components of success. Companies must develop programs and activities that actively create offices that are more diverse, equal, and inclusive to bring those principles to life. This is another hiring secret that most hirers of future ready companies use to appeal to prospective employees.

The fifth recruiter secret: Automated recruitment

Maybe some of you are a victim of the traditional, “we had it harder in the old days” line from some of your parents. Well, the trope would lose its relevance in the corporate space, especially when every aspect necessitating the cognitive bandwidth of an employee is catered to by some form of tech. Right from sourcing with automated tools, screening with the help of applicant tracking systems, to taking skill assessments and video assessments, there is a sea of tools that can be used by the 21st-century hirer uses and is one of the most treasured hiring secrets because the correct combination of the tools can provide a smooth, engaging and effective hiring process. The saved time and effort can be used to focus on more important things. Moreover, cognitive involvement can also be focused on the vital aspects rather than the redundant, repetitive ones.

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The sixth recruiter secret: Increased internal hiring and development.

There are advantages to procuring resources from outside the organization. But from a situational standpoint, there are times when nurturing a candidate who is used to the existing environment and style of working would be more of an apt fit. In fact, it would be quicker to train them and derive results than taking in a new resource. Moreover, from an employee’s standpoint, internal hiring is more encouraging as they get the opportunity to learn more and this proves to be a good method to earn their trust. That’s another hiring secret you might want to put to use right away!

The seventh recruiter secret: Passive Recruiting—What is it?

The age-old approach where you look for the resources only when it is necessary has now changed. Active recruiting had a handful of disadvantages which is why a new recruiting procedure is slowly picking up the pace. Passive recruiting has reduced turnover and increased employee retention. moreover, from a psychological standpoint, the motivation of a candidate looking actively to look for a job is different from that of a candidate who already has one. Candidates drop in their resumes across job portals and when the requirement arises, they are onboarded. The advantage to this approach is that there is always a stream of resources available and there is no dearth of the same recruiters who need not try to force-fit a candidate under the pressure of deadlines and requirements. This is probably one of the most important hiring secrets that has been recently employed by hirers across corporates.


These are the secrets of staffing success. Well, it's the beginning that can lead to other secret trap doors that will open you to wider possibilities. Like, here’s the link to the best skill assessment and video assessment platform you can find for all things non-coding. Book a demo with us and see what you are missing out on! Be it for those job seekers who are looking for remote work options or the ultimate test for that potential candidate you found in your passive recruiting pool, HireQuotient has a solution for all the recruiter woes.



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Radhika Sarraf is a content specialist and a woman of many passions who currently works at HireQuotient, a leading recruitment SaaS company. She is a versatile writer with experience in creating compelling articles, blogs, social media posts, and marketing collaterals.

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