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How to Hire Marketing Person During the Interview Process

Published on February 1st, 2023


A Marketing person plays a major role in driving revenue to an organization. It’s very crucial to find the right marketing candidates who align with the requirements of your organization. Here’s everything you need to know while hiring a marketing person.

Steps to Hire a Marketing Person

When interviewing a marketing candidate, it's important to have a structured process in place to ensure you get the information you need to make an informed decision. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Prepare an interview guide: Develop a list of questions that will help you evaluate the candidate's skills, experience, and fit for the role.

  • Screen the candidate's resume and application: Review the candidate's resume, cover letter, and other materials before the interview to familiarize yourself with their background and qualifications.

  • Conduct a phone screen: A phone screen can be a useful first step in the interview process, allowing you to get a sense of the candidate's communication skills and assess whether they're a good fit for the role.

  • Hold an in-person or virtual interview: During the in-person or virtual interview, ask a mix of behavioral and situational questions, as well as technical questions related to the marketing field.

  • Evaluate the candidate's portfolio: If the candidate has a portfolio, take the time to review it and ask questions about their work, process, and results.

  • Assess cultural fit: During the interview, pay attention to the candidate's demeanor, communication style, and overall fit with your company culture.

  • Check references: Before making a final decision, be sure to check the candidate's references to get a better understanding of their work history, experience, and accomplishments.

  • Make a decision: After considering all the information you've gathered, make a decision on whether to extend an offer to the candidate or move on to the next step in your hiring process.

    By following these steps, you can get a comprehensive understanding of a candidate's skills, experience, and fit for the role, helping you to make an informed decision on your next marketing hire. You can also think of automating the process of resume filtering and finding your purple squirrel through HirQuotient’s [talent-sourcing platform]( Get in touch with our experts anytime!

Things to Look for in a Marketing Person

When interviewing a marketing candidate, it's important to assess their skills, experience, and cultural fit to ensure they are a good match for your company. Here are some tips to help you evaluate a marketing candidate during an interview:

  • Ask about their experience: Ask the candidate to provide specific examples of their marketing experience, such as campaigns they've managed, challenges they faced, and how they solved problems. This will give you a sense of their expertise and ability to think creatively.

  • Test their marketing knowledge: Ask the candidate about their understanding of key marketing concepts, such as target audiences, market research, and branding. This will help you assess their marketing IQ and ability to apply marketing theory to real-world situations.

  • Evaluate their communication skills: Ask the candidate to explain a marketing concept or campaign they've worked on, and pay attention to how they articulate their ideas. Good communication skills are key in marketing, so make sure the candidate is articulate, confident, and able to convey their thoughts effectively.

  • Assess their creative abilities: Ask the candidate about a time when they came up with an innovative marketing solution, and ask them to walk you through their thought process. This will help you determine their ability to think outside the box and develop new and creative ideas.

  • Evaluate their team player skills: Ask the candidate about their experience working with cross-functional teams, such as sales, product development, and customer service. Marketing is a team sport, so it's important to ensure the candidate is a strong collaborator and able to work effectively with others.

  • Determine their motivation: Ask the candidate about their career goals and what they hope to achieve in their next role. This will help you understand their motivation and determine if they are a good fit for your company's culture and values.

Must-Have Skills of a Social Media Manager

A successful marketing professional should possess a range of skills, including both technical and interpersonal abilities. Here are some of the key skills to look for in a marketing candidate:

  1. Data analysis: The ability to use data to inform marketing decisions and measure the success of marketing efforts.

  2. Strategic thinking: The ability to develop and implement a marketing strategy that aligns with the company's overall goals and objectives.

  3. Digital marketing: A strong understanding of digital marketing channels and tactics, including search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, social media, and paid advertising.

  4. Communication: Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including the ability to write compelling copy and make presentations to various stakeholders.

  5. Creativity: An ability to come up with fresh and innovative ideas for marketing campaigns and initiatives.

  6. Customer Oriented: A deep understanding of customer needs, behaviors, and preferences, and the ability to develop marketing campaigns that resonate with target audiences.

  7. Project management: The ability to manage multiple projects and initiatives at once, prioritize tasks, and meet deadlines.

  8. Collaborative Skills: A collaborative approach to working with cross-functional teams, including sales, product, and creative teams.

  9. Ability to Adapt: The ability to be flexible and adapt to changes in the market and industry.

  10. Attention to detail: The ability to pay close attention to detail and ensure that all marketing materials are error-free and of high quality.

    Look for these skills to find a marketing professional who will bring the expertise and abilities needed to drive your marketing efforts forward and achieve your goals. You should also make sure that your team and the candidates clearly know the roles and responsibilities that the prospective candidates are expected to meet. Let’s take a look at a few.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Marketing Person

The role of a marketing professional can vary depending on the size of the company and the scope of the marketing department. However, there are some common responsibilities that are often associated with a marketing role, including:

  • Developing and executing marketing strategies: Working with senior management to develop and execute marketing plans that align with the company's overall goals and objectives.

  • Conducting market research: Gathering data on target audiences, market trends, and competitors to inform marketing decisions and strategies.

  • Creating and managing content: Developing and executing content marketing initiatives, including blog posts, social media content, email campaigns, and other forms of digital content. A study by the content marketing institute says that two-thirds of marketers expect their budget for content marketing to hike in 2022.

  • Managing digital marketing channels: Overseeing the development and execution of digital marketing campaigns, including search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, social media, and paid advertising.

  • Measuring and analyzing marketing results: Using analytics tools to measure the success of marketing efforts and identify areas for improvement.

  • Building and managing relationships with partners and suppliers: Building and maintaining relationships with key partners and suppliers, including media outlets, influencers, and other stakeholders.

  • Developing and managing budgets: Developing and managing budgets for marketing initiatives, ensuring that resources are used effectively and efficiently.

  • Managing events and promotions: Organizing and executing events and promotions, including product launches, trade shows, and other marketing activities.

  • Staying up-to-date with industry trends and best practices: Keeping abreast of industry trends and best practices, and incorporating these into marketing strategies and initiatives.

  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams: Working with teams across the organization, including sales, product, and creative teams, to ensure the effective execution of marketing plans.

    Understand these common responsibilities to get a better sense of the role and expectations of a marketing professional, and identify the right candidate for your marketing team. Now let’s look at some dos and don'ts to consider when hiring a marketing professional.

DOs and DONTs of Interviewing A Marketing Person


  • Look for a candidate with a diverse skill set: Marketing encompasses a range of activities, so it's important to look for someone who has a mix of skills in areas such as market research, creative development, campaign management, and analytics.

  • Ask for examples of past work: This can give you a better sense of the candidate's experience and skills, and help you assess their creativity and problem-solving ability.

  • Consider candidates from a variety of backgrounds: While a background in marketing is certainly relevant, someone with a different background may bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to the role.

  • Offer a comprehensive benefits package: Marketing professionals often have to work long hours and attend events outside of regular business hours, so it's important to offer benefits that support work-life balance.


  • Don't hire based solely on credentials or experience: While a candidate's education and work history are important, it's also important to consider their personal qualities and fit with your company culture.

  • Don't skip the reference check: Speaking with past supervisors or colleagues can give you valuable insights into a candidate's work habits, strengths, and weaknesses.

  • Don't ignore red flags: If a candidate has a history of job-hopping or has negative references, it may be worth considering whether they're a good fit for your company.

  • Don't hire in a hurry to fill the role: It's better to take the time to find the right person who will be a long-term asset to your company.

  • Don't neglect to provide training and support: Marketing is a dynamic field and new tools and strategies are constantly emerging, so it's important to provide ongoing training and support to ensure that your marketing team is staying up-to-date.

    By following these dos and don'ts, you'll be better equipped to find and hire a talented marketing professional who will be a valuable asset to your company. Now, where do you find the right candidates? Here, we have some options you could consider.

Platforms you can use to Hire a Marketing Person

There are several tools and platforms that can help you in your search for a marketing professional, some of them are:

  • Job boards: Sites like Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn allow you to post job listings and search for potential candidates.

  • Recruitment agencies: Recruitment agencies specialize in finding suitable candidates for businesses and can be a great way to streamline your hiring process.

  • Social media: Utilize social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to reach out to potential candidates, post job listings, and engage with your professional network.

  • Employee referral programs: Encourage your existing employees to refer friends and contacts who may be a good fit for the open marketing position.

  • Freelance platforms: Sites like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer allow you to find freelance marketing professionals who can help with specific projects or on a contract basis.

  • Hiring events: Participating in job fairs and hiring events can give you a chance to meet and interact with potential candidates face-to-face.

    Remember that the right tool will depend on your specific needs and requirements, so it's important to evaluate each option carefully before making a decision. According to a [study]( conducted by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the total number of marketing jobs is expected to grow by 10% by 2030. That shows exactly why it’s important for organizations to have people in the marketing field.

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