Employee Recognition Survey: What to Ask?

Published on July 5th, 2023

Employee Recognition Surveys serve as a compass to navigate the vast landscape of employee appreciation. By posing thoughtful and targeted questions, these HR surveys unveil the untapped potential for recognition within your organization, illuminating the path towards a culture of genuine appreciation and enhanced employee engagement.

But what should you ask in an Employee Recognition Survey to effectively capture employees' experiences, preferences, and aspirations when it comes to recognition? Crafting the right questions requires a delicate balance of understanding individual needs, cultural nuances, and organizational context. In this blog, we will delve into the art of designing Employee Recognition Surveys by exploring the key questions that can unlock the transformative power of appreciation in your workplace.

What are Employee Recognition Surveys?

Employee Recognition Surveys are powerful tools used by organizations to gather feedback and insights from employees regarding their experiences and perceptions of recognition within the workplace. These surveys aim to assess the effectiveness of existing recognition programs and initiatives while providing valuable information for improving and enhancing employee recognition efforts.

Employee recognition plays a crucial role in boosting morale, motivation, and engagement. It involves acknowledging and appreciating employees' contributions, accomplishments, and efforts. Recognition can take various forms, such as verbal praise, rewards, certificates, promotions, or opportunities for development.

Why are Employee Recognition Surveys Important?

  • Employee recognition surveys are important because they provide organizations with valuable insights into the effectiveness of their recognition programs and initiatives.
  • They help organizations understand how employees perceive and value recognition, allowing for targeted improvements.
  • Employee recognition surveys enable organizations to gather feedback on preferred forms of recognition, timing, and frequency.
  • These surveys help identify gaps or inconsistencies in recognition practices and highlight areas for enhancement.
  • Employee recognition surveys contribute to a culture of appreciation, increasing employee morale and job satisfaction.

Employee Recognition Survey Questions

When designing an Employee Recognition Survey, it's important to include questions that capture various aspects of recognition within the workplace. Here are some example questions that you can consider including in your survey:

Awareness and Perception

  • Are you aware of the recognition programs and initiatives offered by the company?
  • How well do you understand the criteria and process for receiving recognition?
  • Do you feel that recognition is consistently and fairly distributed within the organization?

Preferred Forms of Recognition:

  • Which types of recognition do you find most meaningful and motivating?
  • Do you prefer public or private recognition?
  • Are there any specific forms of recognition that you believe should be introduced or expanded within the organization?

Frequency and Timing:

  • How frequently would you like to receive recognition for your contributions?
  • Does timely recognition have a greater impact on your motivation and engagement?
  • Do you feel that recognition is provided in a timely manner?

Managerial Recognition:

  • Do you feel adequately recognized for your work by your immediate supervisor or manager?
  • How effective is your manager in providing timely and meaningful recognition?
  • Are there any specific actions or behaviors you would like to be recognized for by your manager?

Peer-to-Peer Recognition:

  • Do you value recognition from your colleagues and team members?
  • How often do you acknowledge and appreciate the contributions of your peers?
  • Are there any specific ways you would like to see peer-to-peer recognition encouraged within the organization?

Impact of Recognition:

  • How does receiving recognition impact your motivation and job satisfaction?
  • Has recognition influenced your commitment to the organization?
  • Do you believe that recognition contributes to a positive work environment?

Suggestions and Feedback:

  • Do you have any suggestions or ideas for improving the current recognition programs and initiatives?
  • Is there anything the organization can do to make recognition more effective and meaningful for you?
  • Do you feel comfortable giving feedback regarding recognition to your manager or the HR department?

Overall Satisfaction:

  • On a scale of 1-10, how satisfied are you with the recognition you receive at work?
  • Do you believe that recognition is a priority within the organization?
  • Would you recommend the organization's recognition programs to others?

Best Practices for Employee Recognition Survey Questions

  • Ensure the questions are relevant and aligned with the objectives of the survey.
  • Include questions that cover various aspects of recognition, such as awareness, effectiveness, preferred forms, and impact.
  • Seek input on both managerial and peer-to-peer recognition to capture a holistic view.
  • Allow for anonymous responses to encourage honest and candid feedback.
  • Consider the cultural context and diversity of the workforce when designing the questions.
  • Test the survey questions with a small group of employees before wider distribution to ensure clarity and relevance.


The insights gathered from Employee Recognition Surveys guide organizations in refining their recognition strategies, enhancing communication, and ensuring that appreciation becomes an integral part of everyday interactions.

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