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Top 17 DoSelect Alternatives

Published on November 5th, 2022


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Recruitment can be a tedious process that can exhaust one’s time and resources. Go through this quick read to get an idea of the DoSelect assessment tool and also its best alternatives.

Keeping the prestige of its name, DoSelect has managed to capture the skill assessment market for both hiring and L&D solutions. They have a library of myriad technical languages that can be used by the recruiter either in the standardized form or customizable format. 

They have created a buzz in the market by assessing candidates in their technical prowess over a period of time. The recruiters can delve into the skills of the candidate based on the activity graph. And of course, the best bit is that the developers themselves can analyze their learning graph and keep a tab on their progress. 

Having addressed all their embellishments and attractions, a look at their rating and reviews can put you in an apprehensive position as it scores a mere 3.8 stars on G2 (a product comparison software). Moreover, only 2 reviews from small businesses adds to the apprehension. 

Moving to DoSelect prices and packages, they do not have any cut-out packages for recruiters. A 7-day free trial at 0$ is available which is useful for 5 candidate invites only. Going forward, their enterprise package can be availed only after a demo. 

Worried that you have selected the wrong platform for a skills assessment? Here is where we step in, to take this dilemma off your shoulders and provide you with the top 17 DoSelect alternatives.

DoSelect Alternative #1 HireQuotient

Put a stop to your endless candidate search with the high-paced and engaging platform, HireQuotient. You can leverage their quick sifting feature to find the best candidate for your role in the least time possible.

Rated as high as 4.9 stars on G2, it has incredible reviews from mid-marketers, one of which says: “You can rely on this organization when it comes to hiring the top staff.”

You can browse the best assessment skills on SaaS and consult from their platform and also make use of their free tools: JD Generator and ROI calculator. With BCG, Razer, and Shopee as their top customers, reliance on HireQuotient gets doubled, and this makes it a great addition to our list of DoSelect alternatives.

They do not reveal their prices upfront but have three amazing packages namely, Emerging, Growth, and Rocketship which can be customized according to your requirements. HireQuoteint is a one-stop solution for mid-marketers for recruitment and can become one for you too!

DoSelect Alternative #2 eSkill

Touted as the comprehensive and customizable hiring assessment solution, eSkill has swiped the recruitment market with 4.5 stars, according to G2. and That's how eSkill has made it in our top DoSelect alternatives. Out of the 312 reviews on G2, one valuable review reads as:

“Awesome assessments for even the most niche fields!”

That being said, a look at their assessment library will tell you that it provides assessments in almost every job field. Another addition to their already impressive outlook is the presence of video assessments that is highly recommended by recruiters and hiring managers.

Looking at their packages, they have four, namely staffing, basic, premium, and enterprise. The prices for all can be availed after taking their demo. eSkill has better features and packages as compared to DoSelect pricing and should be on your list of DoSelect competitors.

DoSelect Alternative #3 TestGorilla

Rated as #1 in the top 5 fastest-growing software companies, TestGorilla takes recruitment to another level by identifying the best candidates based on their real-time scores and analysis. With a vast library of 253 scientifically valid tests, it introduces the applicants as real people and not judging them on a piece of paper.

With a whopping 693 reviews on G2 and 4.5 stars rating, it has become one the most popular DoSelect alternatives in the skills assessment market. 66.5% of small business owners recommend using Testgorilla over DoSelect.

A glance at their pricing reveals four affordable packages:

  • Free: 0$
  • Pay as you go: 19$/month
  • Scale: 230$/month
  • Business: 1517$/month

It is the best deal available in the market as an alternative to DoSelect for small, medium, and even enterprise organizations.

DoSelect Alternative #4 iMocha

After partnering with top-tier companies such as Chegg, Deloitte, and Capgemini, iMocha has managed to make a giant impact in the skills assessment software market. With a rating of 4.4 on G2 and 184 positive reviews, iMocha has swept recruiters off their feet with a future-ready skills assessment.

Mid marketers highly recommend the platform for scale hiring. In contrast to DoSelect pricing, they offer personalized prices which is an addon for recruiters. Comparing the DoSelect features and DoSelect ratings, iMocha outstands in all the categories and we must include iMocha as one of the top DoSelect competitors.

DoSelect Alternative #5 SparkHire

Pioneering the concept of video assessments, SparkHire has challenged the market as the best and simplest video interview software. They have excellent reviews on G2 and have been well-received by the target audience with a rating of 4.8 stars. That is why we have added SparkHire to our list of top DoSelect alternatives.

One of the valuable reviews on G2 goes:

"Personal touch to pair with resume to give a well-rounded profile of the candidate for the client."

They are a little bit on the pricier side when compared with DoSelect pricing, They offer packages from 149$ per month to 599$ per month, but hey, their incredible features and ratings do justice to their price tag. Mid-marketers who are looking for a great video assessment tool should right away add SparkHire to their favorites.

DoSelect Alternative #6 HackerRank

“Skills speak louder than words”, following this slogan, HackerRank has made a mark for itself in the assessment tool market with 4.8 star ratings on G2 and about 450 awesome reviews. 61.1 % of reviews, alone from small business owners make it a top DoSelect alternative.

Leading companies such as Goldman Sachs, Expedia, and Adobe highly regard the platform and gave a big thumbs up to their assessments.

Their economical packages are another feather in the cap which range from as low as 25$ to 599$ per month. DoSelect pricing, on the other hand, is quite opposite of HackerRank pricing model.

DoSelect Alternative #7 HackerEarth

Set with the motto to match great developers with world-class companies, HackerEarth has created a positive uproar for itself. The 4.5 star rating on G2 is a plus for recruiters searching for a decent yet powerful assessment tool.

A review from G2 adds to the glory of the platform which reads as:

"The assessment tool that helps you grow at a rocket speed"

A little expensive package from the range of 119$ to 279$ per month is justifiable over DoSelect features and DoSelect reviews and makes it one of the most popular DoSelect alternatives.

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DoSelect Alternative #8 Harver

Rooted in volume hiring for more than a decade, Harver offers automated solutions to pick talent faster. The platform has made mass hiring for enterprises easier and more than 45% of corporations recommend Harver.

With 4.6 star rating on G2 and 171 top-tier reviews, Harver has caused a boom in the market and is one of the best DoSelect alternatives. What will add to your trust in this platform is knowing that your favorite companies such as McDonald’s, Heineken, and Chili’s rely on the Harver platform for their recruitment.

Pricing for Harver is not revealed on their website, however, you can book a demo and get to know all their details. Harver should be in every recruiter’s basket if they are looking for enterprise hiring and searching for the best DoSelect competitors.

DoSelect Alternative #9 Toggle

After setting its foot in the time tracking and product market, Toggl has gone all the way into hiring. You can blindly trust this platform due to its sky-high ratings (4.7 stars) on G2.

A review from G2 adds to the glory of the platform which reads as:

"A complete assessment tool for remote hiring"

They have cost-effective pricings, starting from as low as 17$ to 399$ per month. Any recruiter would prefer Toggl over DoSelect based on its features and attractive packages.

DoSelect Alternative #10 Mercer | Mettl

Vouched by the bigwigs such as Amazon, Airtel, and Accenture, Mercer | Mettl should be one of your top choices for making recruitment easy and efficient. Their forte is the remote proctoring feature which recruiters always have an eye upon.

They have customizable pricing and packages, similar to DoSelect which makes MercerMettl a top alternative to DoSelect.

DoSelect Alternative #11 HireVue

HireVue, ranking just a little tiny bit above from DoSelect with 4.1 stars is trusted by eminent companies such as Unilever and Mercedes-Benz. A highly rated review on G2 says:

“This is a great tool used especially during these tough times by recruiters”

HireVue has been largely recommended by giant enterprises for hiring and if you are a recruiter looking for the same, add HireVue to your list of best DoSelect competitors.

DoSelect Alternative #12 Xobin

Recognized as top-skill screening software, Xobin claims to sift through a pool of candidates 3 times faster than other software. You as a recruiter will be appalled to know that it has been rated as high as 4.8 stars on G2 and boasts amazing reviews such as:

"Seamless experience and prompt resolution to customer queries and issues"

It is apt for hiring managers that are in the mid-market segment. Pricing for the platform is a bit on the pricier side starting from 166$ to 399$ per month. But if you are someone who is looking for a quality tool then the price can be sidetracked. Xobin is considered one of the top-rated DoSelect competitors which enables organizations to hire seamlessly.

DoSelect Alternative #13 Vervoe

According to Walmart, "By implementing Vervoe's technology we were able to reduce time to hire from 14 days to 7 days." Vervoe excels in the assessment tool market as it flaunts two very important features: assessment builder and anti-cheating. These are eye-catching features for recruiters.

Another top-notch reason for you to go forward with Vervoe as a DoSelect alternative is their modest pricing, starting from only 19$ per month.

DoSelect Alternative #14 Breezy HR

Breezy HR is a breezy and easy-peasy assessment tool that gets your work done in lesser time. It is known as one of the popular DoSelect competitors.

It is highly rated with 4.4 stars and excellent reviews on G2, one of which reads as:

"Easy ATS to use that can scale with your business"

It can be declared as a top DoSelect competitor as they are both excelling in the small business segments. Pricing-wise, Breezy HR can burn your pocket a little, starting from 143$ per month but with its great features, it is a price any recruiter should be ready to pay.

DoSelect Alternative #15 The Predictive Index

If you are searching for more DoSelect Competitors, then Predictive Index is another option you must look out for.

A five-star rated review for The Predictive Index on G2 says:

“This tool saves me 20 hours PER HIRE while increasing my candidate quality!”

A review like this can be an assuring bait for recruiters to fully rely on this platform for a skills assessment tool. The Predictive Index works in the direction of aligning the recruitment drive, and hiring managers are highly attracted by this feature.

Similar to DoSelect pricing, their pricing range can only be availed after taking their demo. Add The Predictive Index today to your list of top DoSelect alternatives for easy hiring.

DoSelect Alternative #16 Qualified

Qualified is a top-notch performance-based coding assessment platform that has a colossal rating of 4.8 on G2. It boasts all positive and wonderful comments on G2, one of which reads as:

"Great platform! Good challenges and meaningful questions. Looking forward to my next assessment!"

Your everyday use apps such as Facebook and zoom swear by the software for its reliability. They offer a full 14-day free trial post which details for their pricing can be obtained. If you are a recruiter looking for a seamless experience in technical hiring, you should definitely scrap DoSelect and go for Qualified.

DoSelect Alternative #17 Sapia

Claimed as the world’s first AI smart interviewer, Sapia is a newly founded assessment tool that has created a buzz in the market. In a short time, it has managed to collect 4.5 stars on G2, much better than DoSelect.

They do not reveal their pricing upfront on their website but can be availed after a demo. It is a top alternative to DoSelect for recruiters looking for a shorter hiring process.

Now that you have a fair idea of top DoSelect competitors, you can go on to select the best assessment tool for your requirements.

Wrapping up

That was our list of the top 17 DoSelect Alternatives & competitors that you should consider if you are planning to buy a skills assessment platform or switch your current skills testing tool.

What other DoSelect alternatives are you considering right now, and why? Share your comments below!

Happy hiring!

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