Chief of Staff Job Description Template

Chief Of Staff Job Description

Published on May 3rd, 2024


A Chief of Staff is a position that supports the company's senior management in their roles. They take on more modest duties, manage other daily tasks, attend meetings on the senior leader's behalf, take notes, and oversee the organization's strategic planning procedures. 

A Chief of Staff is crucial to a CEO or executive since they are in charge of many areas of managing the day-to-day practicalities of their work, such as scheduling, presentations, and relationships with coworkers.

The secret to making sure executives stay in continual communication with their organization is having a Chief of Staff. They accomplish this by taking over day-to-day responsibilities, corresponding closely with staff members, and recognizing and resolving potential problems. Additionally, they are in charge of screening important data as it comes in.

Ultimately, a Chief of Staff supports executives in several ways to ensure the company’s goals and initiatives are met.

Chief Of Staff Job Description 

Location: In this role, you can work from Remote, in the United States.

Overview: To support the company's rapid expansion, the Chief of Staff will be reporting to the CEO and serve as a reliable advisor and effective partner for the CEO, investors, senior leaders, and other team members. The ideal applicant will have a track record of accomplishment in business management, with an emphasis on departmental cooperation and executive-level advice. The chosen applicant must be able to lead tactical execution in a tactically thorough manner and work well in a broad, fast-paced, high-energy setting. 

More specifically, the Chief of Staff will be tasked with the following:

Key Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Represent and drive strategic, functional, and business updates.
  • Assist the senior management in generating the overall strategy for creating innovative, new products that exemplify the organization's craft.
  • Develop and create a content strategy and collateral (presentations, posts, videos) across multiple internal and external channels.
  • Help develop proofs-of-concepts for AI scenarios.
  • Set Product leadership rhythms for monthly and quarterly business reviews.
  • Co-maintained reviews and meetings held with Engineering, Design, and Product leadership, including building agendas, capturing key insights, and tracking action items to completion.
  • Lead internal communications, and collaborate cross-functionally to prepare for customer meetings, conferences, and events.
  • Distill and cascade core tenets of our strategy for leadership and other internal and external stakeholders.
  • Lead initiatives and projects on behalf of our leadership team, advancing both the goal clarity and project execution.
  • When appropriate, act as SVP, Product proxy, and highly accessible Product information source for other major functions, including Engineering, Communications, PR, Marketing, Revenue, HR, Talent Acquisition, Finance, Legal, and Operations.


Required Qualifications: 

  • 10+ years experience in financial management, business planning, operations management, strategy, project management, business-related roles, or related fields.
  • Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Management, Computer Science, Liberal Arts, or a related field  
  • Previous experience helping lead/or conduct communications on behalf of an executive leader.
  • Ability to travel up to 50% to serve business or client needs.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Previous experience as a Chief of Staff supporting a product management organization in a highly technical industry.
  • Experience partnering effectively with cross-functional teams or projects and a demonstrated ability to navigate ambiguity through curiosity and research.
  • Knowledge of modern software development workflows, tooling, ecosystems, and a familiarity with techniques and patterns of organizational design.
  • Proven results in working with C-level stakeholders and the ability to lead through influence. 

Salary Compensation Range:

The base salary range for the Chief of Staff is USD 105,400.00 - $279,500.00/yr.


Earn sales incentives based on revenue or utilization, depending on the terms of the plan and the employee's roles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Chief of Staff do?

Taking minutes at meetings and updating calendars are just two of the numerous ways the chief of staff assists their executive leader. The chief of staff's single, straightforward responsibility is to ensure that executive leaders' business operations go without a hitch.

What are the key roles and responsibilities of the Chief of Staff?

An essential position in any organization is held by the chief of staff. For their President/CEO or other executives, they have the authority and duty to ensure that all operational, financial, and administrative matters are handled efficiently. 

Why should you hire a Chief of Staff executive?

Employing a Chief of Staff can assist your company in a lot of ways. They support the CEO strategically by making sure that the company's goals are successfully implemented. A Chief of Staff plays a critical role in propelling organizational performance through decision support, cooperation, and streamlining of operations. They are also essential members of any leadership team since they manage administrative duties, provide helpful executive assistance and foster leadership growth.





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