Automated Candidate Sourcing

Automated Candidate Sourcing: Reality or just a Fad?

Published on January 8th, 2023


Top applicants are in a stronger position in today's competitive employment market. You need a more clever strategy for finding and developing potential talent when you're vying for scarce labor.

Even with applicant tracking tools, a never-ending stream of menial tasks might keep you from doing a more rewarding human resources job. What if you could use automation to source and engage prospects more effectively?

What is Automated Candidate Sourcing?

Talent sourcing, also commonly known as candidate sourcing, is a talent acquisition strategy that focuses on generating a constant influx of potential candidates to fill a vacant job role in their organization as soon as possible.

It is a wholesome approach that includes proper research to identify culturally fit and highly skilled candidates who can fulfill a given job role.

But what if the entire candidate sourcing process could be automated?

Adding AI to sourcing is a prospective practice of implementing artificial intelligence technology, like ML (Machine Learning) or complex algorithms of prediction, in order to enhance the hiring process and fill the open roles faster. With the variety of AI tools available, recruiters now can effectively utilize their time and resources.

Benefits of AI Candidate Sourcing

You have to babysit and choose applicants based on their qualifications and experience when it comes to candidate sourcing. Then, whether on LinkedIn or other social media networks, you must utilize sophisticated search filters to target a smaller demographic and personally gather their data.

But, automated sourcing makes it easy to find qualified candidates with specific skills and experience because you can search for them at scale. The data from candidate profiles are integrated into your CRM so that when hiring needs to arise—you’ve already got a pool of talent ready to go!

  • Streamlining the Entire Process

Automation enables you to export every candidate you've found to your integrated ATS with verified contact information and full knowledge of their professional histories. Additionally, it allows you to narrow down the top prospects by matching the chosen candidates' talents to the job requirements.

By doing away with the need to manually enter candidate data into your applicant tracking system (ATS), automation helps you save a ton of time. By automating the processes of data collection, verification, and validation, you may also reduce the possibility of human error.

  • Increased Candidate Engagement

You will be able to source the greatest talent for your positions if you keep the candidate engaged throughout the hiring process through various touchpoints. In fact, between 80 and 90 percent of candidates claim that their impressions of a job or organization might shift based on their candidate experience. Automation enables you to send auto-personalized emails and messages across a variety of platforms.

To nurture passive prospects and maintain their interest in the position, use automated SMS campaigns. With little effort on your side, automated communications can engage inactive applicants and lead them to conversion.

  • Measure your Efforts

If you are unsure how your efforts are measuring up, then use analytics to find out what works and doesn't. This will help you make necessary changes to your process and measure the impact of those changes on your results.

Best Candidate Sourcing Automation Tools

1. HireQuotient

HireQuotient is a talent sourcing platform that revs up your hiring efficiency with AI-based sourcing. It has access to more than 600 million talent profiles globally and promises to find top talent in days, not weeks.

It works in a 4-step manner.

  • Share the job description of your open role.
  • Proactively communicate via targeted mass outreach with the click of a button.
  • Traverse the recruitment funnel with pre-screening in less than 5 mins.
  • Get a brimming pool of candidates for an interview.

2. PhantomBuster

Phantombuster streamlines your sales and marketing operations so you can concentrate on cultivating relationships with applicants rather than working all day on the same things. It is an AI-powered sales assistant that identifies qualified applicants for your open positions, contacts them directly, and arranges interviews.

Additionally, it enables you to create sophisticated workflows without having to struggle with writing difficult programs to develop candidate involvement.

3. SeekOut

Using the talent intelligence platform SeekOut, modern recruiters can locate qualified prospects fast and communicate with them.

Recruiters may access completely verified talent pools of millions of worldwide profiles with the help of AI-powered search technology, locate qualified prospects with unparalleled speed and precision, and engage them right away. Additionally, it improves your search performance using cutting-edge AI/ML approaches and facilitates the effective usage of bespoke boolean searches and custom filters.

You can actively engage with eligible applicants who have confirmed contact information thanks to the availability of automated drip campaigns, which will increase candidate engagement. It can also thoroughly examine talent pools and help in decision-making.

4. Nurturebox

To find the greatest talent for your company, Nurturebox helps you automate and scale your applicant outreach activities.

In order to automate candidate interaction, customize experiences, and provide you with the insights required to maximize outcomes, NurtureBox effortlessly integrates with your existing tools. Additionally, it engages applicants on the channels they are most likely to utilize by contacting them via a multi-touch, multi-channel sequence of emails, calls, texts, and LinkedIn or WhatsApp updates.

You may increase candidate engagement and conversion rates by using this outreach. You can effortlessly customize each candidate's experience and do real-time analysis using NurtureBox. Through the platform's user-friendly dashboard, you can also keep track of all applicant interactions and access your real-time statistics.

You may view each candidate's position in the hiring process with just one click. With an intuitive interface that offers configurable email templates and automatic message options, it also assists you in managing the recruitment process.

5. Gem

Gem is a platform for talent engagement that helps recruiters generate varied pipelines of possible candidates while increasing the effectiveness and the quality of their hiring decisions.

Additionally, by combining information and context from email inboxes, applicant tracking systems, and social networks, it offers a single source of truth for all talent interactions. Talent acquisition teams can be more proactive in their planning by using data to understand the entire hiring process and to prepare for the future.

Gem's platform, used by both startups and established tech giants like Pinterest, Lyft, and Twilio, promises to boost recruiting teams' productivity by helping them source candidates more quickly, raise response rates, and manage relationships with passive talent. Through Gem, customers have employed more than 5,000 passive candidates.

6. SmartRecruiters

The Talent Acquisition Suite from SmartRecruiters is a cutting-edge recruitment tool that aids businesses in sourcing, attracting, and hiring excellent applicants.

By offering a user-friendly application, SmartRecruiters improves on more traditional applicant monitoring systems used by hiring managers. The program also includes tools for managing candidates, such as outreach and sourcing, applicant tracking, resourcing, reporting on positions filled, and time to fill.

7. Fetcher

This sourcing solution is an automation engine that enables you to automate the top-funnel tasks that would typically take many hours to do each time your candidate pool needs to be refreshed.

This is accomplished by creating a data pipeline from live talent profiles, automating and using templates to create emails, supporting candidates through tier-based engagement techniques, and re-messaging. The platform is known for three things, source, email, and track to get results.

8. Arya

Arya is an AI recruiting tool that focuses on talent sourcing. Using your job description as a guide, it shortlists qualified candidates. These shortlists are produced using public databases and your ATS/CRM.

The platform comes with a fully integrated candidate engagement suite that enables you to reach out to these top talents, ask them screening questions, and schedule the appropriate candidates with your recruiters fast and easily. It also provides a full-service model, using its recruiters to deliver up to 100 qualified and checked prospects for each job you post.

9. Entelo

Entelo's recruitment automation tool is used by more than 600 clients, including Paypal, Sony, and Wayfair, to find and engage prospects while they are on the go. Recruiters may increase their open and response rates for candidate outreach by using Entelo.

The platform's diversity features, which include a one-click diversity filter, anonymization of candidate data to remove unconscious bias, and inclusive language changes in the messaging creation tool, are a particular strength.

10. Hired

A platform called Hired aims to connect companies and job seekers together. Employers build a profile for their vacancies and search for applicants who respond to 95% of inquiries. It contains a sizable database of highly qualified technical candidates. They assist in 17 places around the world in 50+ roles. They combine candidate information with job descriptions on a user-friendly website.

Wrapping Up

It is painstakingly difficult for recruiters or better, sourcers, to find the correct channels where they can source top candidates and make the entire process seamless.

However, the entry of AI candidate sourcing has flipped the game and made the situation more relaxed.

You can choose the best AI candidate sourcing tools from the list above and shrug the responsibility off your shoulders.

We at HireQuotient promise to source the best talents for your organization.

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