Free Job Offer Letter Generator

Create unlimited personalized job offer letters in seconds. No signup required.

How to use the Free Job Offer Letter Generator

Enter Company Name
Enter the name of your company. This name should be the same as the registered name of the company.
Enter Candidate Name
Enter the name of the candidate to whom you want to extend the job offer
Enter Job Title
Enter the job title for which you have hired the candidate
Enter Salary
Enter the salary offered to the candidate for the role they are hired for
Hit the Generate button
After filling the desired fields, click on the Generate button. Your professional job offer letter will be generated in seconds.
Personalize with Smart Inputs
Enter information in the Smart Input fields to personalize the job offer letter. You can leave them blank and add the information on your computer after you have downloaded the letter.
Edit or Copy
If you want to edit any content, simply click on the text and modify it as per your requirements. Copy the content to be sent to the candidate.

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