What is Code of Conduct?

A document produced by an employer establishing the broad expectations of employee behavior, usually reflecting the values and goals of the business.

What is Code of Conduct?

A code of conduct is a set of guidelines and principles that outlines the expected behavior and ethical standards for individuals or organizations. It provides a framework for decision-making and sets the tone for professional behavior in a particular industry, organization, or community.

In the workplace, a code of conduct typically includes standards of behavior that all employees are expected to follow, such as treating coworkers and customers with respect, avoiding conflicts of interest, maintaining confidentiality, and avoiding discrimination or harassment. It may also include guidelines for ethical decision-making and reporting of violations.

A code of conduct is designed to promote a culture of ethical behavior and accountability within an organization, and it is often used as a tool for building trust with stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, and employees. It can also help organizations avoid legal and reputational risks by establishing clear expectations for behavior and providing a basis for disciplinary action when necessary.

In some cases, codes of conduct may be mandated by law or industry regulations, while in others they are voluntary. They may be developed by individual organizations or industry associations, and they may be periodically reviewed and updated to reflect changes in the industry or the organization's values and goals.