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Moving the hiring process online, Assess, interview, and hire candidates

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The firm’s primary objective was to build a team in India, which could undertake and supervise processes in all the 3 countries where it operated.

The company, therefore, wanted a streamlined system that mitigated the challenges in the traditional interviews and assessments. Its focus was on a user-friendly platform that was easy to understand and feasible for all stakeholders.


The client wanted to hire a diverse workforce faster and more objectively while venturing into the new region. For them hiring remotely was the only option as they were concerned about the hiring time and cost in which it had to achieve the desired outcome. Since the company was trying to hire remotely they encountered the following challenges.


Finding a remote recruitment platform to assess candidate’s job skills objectively

Hiring the best and brightest talent from across the world without exceeding the budget and time


Benefits with HireQuotient

Identified quality candidates faster

Robust platform to hire job-fit candidates remotely

The recruitment budget and expected hiring time were not exceeded

Shorter hiring cycles lead to a satisfactory candidate experience

With HireQuotient's ready-to-use skill assessment, the client could evaluate the candidate's future performance by giving them real-life scenario-based questions. They used it to identify the right candidates from the talent pool to hire the best graphics designers.


For the position of Graphic Designer, the client wanted candidates who could also supervise processes in all the countries where it operated. Therefore they needed candidates who had great design skills, visualization, and software skills as well. HoreQuotient’s skill assessments enabled them to evaluate applicants for these parameters and shortlist the best. 



Interview time saved by using HireQuotient’s assessments



Time taken to hire top-notch graphic designers

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