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Role :
Demand Generation Manager

Industry :
Software Development

Region :
Chicago, United States

Use Case :
Candidate discovery Candidate calibration Candidate engagement


To find, target, and engage the top 10% of qualified candidates from the internal & hidden talent pools to close a challenging marketing role




The role of Demand Generation Manager was open for more than 2 months


The client wanted to identify top 10% candidates for this role from the existing talent pool


The client wanted todiscover & engage external talent pool throughoutbound recruiting efforts

Through multiple outreaches, Mediafly’s recruiting team had created a pool of candidates to fill the role of Demand Generation Manager. The team received a high volume of applications but found it difficult to screen through all the profiles to find qualified candidates.

Also, the team’s limited capabilities in implementing outbound recruiting at scale meant that finding and engaging the right candidates from hidden talent pools became very challenging.

As a result, the role was open for more than 2 months.

Strategy & Implementation

After understanding Mediafly’s requirements, HireQuotient’s team quickly integrated EasySource with the client’s ATS to find qualified candidates from their existing talent pool. The team used EasySource’s Candidate Calibration Module to build custom vetting criteria that took into consideration quantitative and qualitative nuances to build a robust shortlist of highly qualified candidates. Impressively, the team identified the top 10% candidates within an hour through the AI-driven candidate calibration process

Further, HireQuotient’s team also worked closely with Mediafly’s recruiting team to set up the EasySource’s Candidate Discovery & Engagement Modules to find, target, engage and schedule meetings with relevant candidates from hidden talent pools. EasySource successfully created a pool of 3000+ highly relevant candidates that were engaged on multiple channels through highly personalized messaging, compelling them to join the client’s organization.

As a result, the team received over 40 positive responses.

Identified top 10%

candidates from existing talent pool using EasySource’s Candidate Calibration Module

Created a pool of 3000

relevant candidates using EasySource’s Candidate Discovery Module

Successfully engaged 40

candidates using EasySource’s Candidate Engagement Module


Mediafly’s team dedicated less than 3 hours to source, screen and engage the most relevant candidates. This resulted in 40 candidate interviews, ultimately filling a position that was vacant for more than 2 months in just 2 weeks.


3 hours of sourcing, screening, and reaching out to 3000+ candidates


40 interviews scheduled


In 14 days, closed a postion that was vacant for more than 2 months

Mary Shea

EasySource enabled us to recruit extraordinary talent effortlessly. Their intuitive interface made integration a breeze, and we were up and running in no time. The support from the EasySource team has been exceptional; their expertise and responsiveness showcased a genuine commitment to our success.

Mary Shea

co-CEO - Mediafly

Recruiting top talent is hard. We make it effortless.

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