With HireQuotient, Staffing
& Recruiting organization
took 48 hours to identify
future leaders

Region :

Use Case :
Talent sourcing,Lateral Hiring

Industry :
Recruitment & Staffing


The leading recruitment and staffing organization wanted to hire the Head of Finance & a Property Manager to lead their new projects down the road. The client requirement was to source experienced leaders without exceeding their timeline. They were looking to partner with the best recruitment technology, especially a candidate sourcing tool in the industry for growing their team.


Faced with tight recruitment deadlines and shortage of qualified candidates, the client’s sourcing and recruiting teams were facing difficult challenges such as:

Tapping into candidate driven markets to discover desired talent with specialized domain skill sets was no easy task

Difficulty finding worthwhile sourcing channels and partners

Increased time-to-hire


Benefits with hirequotient

Streamline candidate information

Qualified candidate pipeline

Reduced cost-to-hire

Faster time-to-hire

Improved recruitment team’s productivity


HireQuotient’s talent sourcing partnership with the client resulted in our sourcing experts achieving the following results:



Candidates sourced for two senior positions



Senior positions filled within 48 hrs

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