How EnsembleIQ sourced qualified talent for two hard-to-fill roles in less than 20 hours
with EasySource

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Region :
Chicago , United States

Use Case :
Streamlining talent sourcing through personalised outreach automation

Industry :
Information Services


Successfully identify and recruit ideal candidates for challenging positions within a targeted timeframe of 14 days



Faced with tight recruitment deadlines and shortage of qualified candidates, the
client’s sourcing and recruiting teams were facing difficult challenges such as:


Personalized less time available for sourcing


Too many roles to close in less time


Irrelevant candidates from the conventional sourcing methods

These challenges present significant hurdles for EnsembleIQ's hiring team. The personalised approach required in today's fast-paced recruitment landscape demands additional time and resources, which can be a constraint for the team. With numerous roles to fill within tight timeframes, EnsembleIQ's recruiters were facing the pressure of delivering results without compromising on quality. Moreover, the number of applications from irrelevant candidates through conventional sourcing methods added complexity to the selection process. In order to hire top talent, they wanted to equip their hiring team with the recruitment automation tools to overcome these challenges and continue to attract top talent efficiently and effectively.


A leading information service provider- EnsembleIQ could close 2+ roles in less
than 30 days with EasySource. 


Existing sourcing team could source 1500+ profiles and received 80+ positive responses by just spending 2 hours


Their team could review the top relevant candidates for all the open positions in just 15 minutes


Able to book interview with 50+ relevant candidates

In an extraordinary display of productivity, the existing sourcing team leveraged EasySource to source an extensive pool of 1500+profiles, garnering 80+ enthusiastic responses in just a span of 2 hours. The tool's effectiveness was further evident as, within a mere 15 minutes, the team skillfully shortlisted candidate profiles ideally suited for all open positions. The speed and precision of the system enabled the booking of interviews with 50+ highly relevant candidates, streamlining the recruitment process and significantly reducing the time required to fill key roles.


Automated pool of 1500+ candidates
created cumulatively across 3 roles via
auto-pilot sourcing everyday

Top 20% from 1500+ candidates selected based on profiles with less than 2 hours spent to do
setup initially

80+ positive responses across the 3


50+ candidates interviews booked via

4 Steps

testimonial person

“EasySource exceeded our expectations by successfully closing two hard-to-fill positions within a month. The tool proved highly effective in identifying and engaging qualified candidates swiftly. Furthermore, the team's responsiveness demonstrated a genuine commitment to our success. We deeply appreciate this partnership and eagerly anticipate achieving more milestones together.”

Ann Jadown

Chief People Office - EnsembleIQ


HireQuotient’s talent sourcing partnership with the client resulted in our
sourcing experts achieving the following results:



relevant candidate pool created via auto-pilot sourcing



positive responses across all the roles



roles closed in 5 weeks



reduction in Time-to-hire

Recruiting top talent is hard. We make it effortless.

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