Which Search Filter Allows you to Identify Warm Prospects in LinkedIn Recruiter?

Which Search Filter Allows you to Identify Warm Prospects in LinkedIn Recruiter?

Published on April 30th, 2023

The LinkedIn Recruiter search filter is an invaluable tool for recruiters to quickly identify promising talent, allowing you to narrow your results and find the right candidate. The search filter allows you to comb through a database of hundreds of millions of professionals and look for specific criteria such as location, industry experience, job title, company size, past employers and so on.

This search filter has been found to be especially useful when targeting warm prospects – those who have recently expressed interest in new job opportunities by updating their profiles or proactively engaging with recruiters. According to a study by LinkedIn Talent Solutions, 39% of all hires from external recruiters came from warm leads identified via the LinkedIn Recruiter search filter. This indicates that utilizing this filter can significantly increase your chances of sourcing a successful hire.

The search filter allows recruiters to quickly and easily narrow down their target list by using parameters such as location, industry experience, job title, company size, past employers and so on. This helps to ensure that only the most relevant prospects populate the list of potential candidates. Additionally, recruiters can use the results to further refine their searches within LinkedIn Recruiter by using keywords or Boolean phrase searching. With its powerful search capabilities, LinkedIn Recruiter’s search filter is an invaluable tool for identifying warm prospects in no time at all. It provides recruiters with everything they need to find the perfect fit for any role – from executives to entry-level positions.

Moreover, the data that is generated from the search filter can be used to gain valuable insights into a company’s target market and their hiring strategies. For instance, recruiters can compare job titles, seniority levels and educational backgrounds of successful candidates to help develop more effective recruitment initiatives.

Overall, LinkedIn Recruiter’s search filter provides an efficient way for recruiters to quickly find and identify warm prospects in no time at all. With its comprehensive sorting capabilities, accurate search results and detailed analytics, it has become an essential tool for any recruiter looking to source top-notch talent.

Furthermore, using this powerful search filter is proven to increase your chances of success in finding the best candidates. According to LinkedIn, using the filter leads to more than 50% faster time-to-hire and a 75% reduction in cost-per-hire.

Overall, leveraging the search filter in LinkedIn Recruiter is an invaluable tool for any recruiter looking to quickly identify warm prospects and source top-notch talent that meets their exact requirements. With its comprehensive sorting capabilities and detailed analytics, it’s never been easier to find quality candidates with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Not only does the search filter drastically reduce time-to-hire, but it also allows recruiters to track and measure the performance of their searches. The data provided through LinkedIn Recruiter’s analytics engine provides insights into how successful a given filter has been in identifying quality candidates. By leveraging this tool, recruiters can pinpoint exactly which filters are working best for each particular role they’re looking to fill—resulting in a more efficient and effective recruiting process overall.

In today’s competitive job market, using the right search filter is essential to finding the best talent quickly and efficiently. With LinkedIn Recruiter’s warm prospect search filter, you can easily identify qualified prospects that are likelyto be interested in the role you are looking to fill. This filter uses past job searches, profile visits, and other engagement metrics to determine which candidates have expressed interest in a similar role—making it easier for recruiters to target their outreach and increase their chances of hiring top talent.

Studies suggest that identifying warm prospects through this search filter can result in significantly higher interview-to-hire ratios than cold outreach alone. In fact, a recent LinkedIn Recruiter study showed that 77% of hires were sourced from warm prospects identified using the search filter compared to 23% sourced from cold outreach.

Using LinkedIn Recruiter’s warm prospect search filter allows recruiters to quickly identify qualified and interested candidates with minimal effort on their part. With the ability to filter by job title, company, and location recruiters can easily narrow down the list of potential candidates saving valuable time and energy.

The search filter also makes it easy to target passive candidates who are not actively searching for new opportunities but may be open to new possibilities. This helps build a pipeline of qualified candidates that can be tapped into in the future.

Overall, LinkedIn Recruiter’s warm prospect search filter is an invaluable tool for recruiters looking to fill positions quickly with quality talent. By focusing on identifying leads that already have an interest in a role or organization, recruiters will be able to optimize their efforts and increase their chances of success.

Therefore, it is obvious that LinkedIn recruiter is a very useful platform for hiring top candidates if you know how to search for talent there. But, to gain the edge over the rest, there is a tool that is created exclusively for recruiters. EasySource is a Google Chrome extension that is priced for smaller businesses . During the candidate outreach phase, EasySource will help you customize your workflow and is efficient at locating highly relevant prospects using advanced filters, which can even assimilate candidates that have US work authorization. Try it out.



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