W-4 form

W-4 form

Published on July 4th, 2023

The W-4 form is a tax withholding form used by employees in the United States to inform their employer about their federal income tax withholding preferences. Here is an example of the W-4 form:

Form W-4

Employee's Withholding Certificate

Personal Information:

Full Name: _________________________________

Social Security Number: ______________________

Address: ___________________________________

City/State/ZIP: ____________________________

Email Address: _____________________________

Marital Status:

[ ] Single

[ ] Married

[ ] Married, but withhold at higher Single rate

Multiple Jobs or Spouse Works:

[ ] Yes (complete Step 2)

[ ] No


Total number of allowances you are claiming for tax withholding purposes: _____________

Other Adjustments:

[ ] I have multiple jobs or a working spouse (complete Step 3)

[ ] I will claim the child tax credit (complete Step 3)

[ ] I will claim the credit for other dependents (complete Step 3)

[ ] I will itemize deductions and have a total of deductions greater than the standard deduction amount (complete Step 3)

[ ] I am exempt from withholding (complete Step 4)

Signature: _____________________________

Date: _________________________________

Step 2: Multiple Jobs or Spouse Works

If you have multiple jobs or your spouse works, follow the instructions on the W-4 form to calculate the additional withholding amount or to request that no additional withholding be taken.

Step 3: Claiming Deductions, Credits, and Other Adjustments

If you have any deductions, credits, or other adjustments you would like to account for in your tax withholding, follow the instructions on the W-4 form to determine the additional withholding amount or the decrease in withholding.

Step 4: Exemption from Withholding

If you believe you are exempt from federal income tax withholding, follow the instructions on the W-4 form to determine if you qualify for exemption. If you qualify, enter "Exempt" on line 4c and sign and date the form.

Please note that this is a simplified example of the W-4 form. The actual form may contain additional sections and instructions specific to individual circumstances. It is important to consult the official IRS W-4 form and instructions or seek guidance from a tax professional when completing the form to ensure accuracy and compliance with tax regulations.




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