Vervoe Alternatives

Top 10 Vervoe Alternatives

Published on August 31st, 2022


The modern corporate world banks on skill and efficiency to get the job done, not just impressive resumes or the ability to clear interviews. Artificial Intelligence recruitment tools come with comprehensive tests created by experts on the particular roles. This saves time and money for companies and ensures they hire the most suitable candidates through a fair process.

Vervoe operates with the goal of improving hiring by using AI to measure candidates’ actual skills. The motive is to go beyond just the interview stage and give candidates the most fair and accurate evaluations based on their real-time performance. To hire the most eligible candidates without bias, AI-powered recruitment is clearly the way forward.


Of course, Vervoe is not the only tool in the market of AI recruitment management. There are myriad competitors that provide similar solutions, and it is always wise to take a look at what they offer. Different features and more economical pricing could make all the difference when it comes to selecting suitable hiring solutions. Here are the top 11 alternatives to Vervoe:

  1. Vervoe Alternatives #1 Toggl Hire

    What makes this Vervoe alternative popular?
    Toggle Hire specialises in hiring solutions done remotely, and they focus on paring down the talent pool as quickly and effectively as possible. From the business end, there is no time-consuming process of training the AI to adapt to your company’s hiring requirements. Recruiters do not have to provide answers to assessments themselves – Toggl Hire has an existing testing library with 15000 questions.

    Vervoe skill assessments focus on very specific skills and require the candidates to match the expected answers very accurately. Toggl Hire speeds up the process with automated candidate ranking and shortlisting, and gives candidates immediate feedback following assessments, which improves their experience. However, Vervoe has Toggl Hire beat in terms of the number and level of immersion of pre-employment online tests, with over 300 assessments compared to Toggl Hire’s 90+.

    Will this Vervoe alternative burn a hole through my pocket?
    When it comes to pricing, Vervoe pricing has different plans which give you different standards of features. There are no free plans, unlike Toggl Hire, which has a free plan for up to five users. Paid plans start at an affordable $17/month, compared to Vervoe’s $109/month.

  2. Vervoe Alternatives #2 Xoblin

    What makes this Vervoe alternative popular?
    Xobin is a skill assessment software that focuses on greatly reducing the amount of time it takes to select the best candidates. They help conduct campus recruitment with prebuilt online tests and assessment. Xobin boasts of an unlimited array of assessments, since they allow for the recruiter to customise tests, add their own questions, and even create their own customised tests to the tool.

    Another advantage of Xobin is the larger scope their plans offer as compared to Vervoe. Xobin works with an unlimited host of candidates and allows for a greater number of admins than Vervoe does. They also offer 1-click shortlisting and reporting which speeds up the process considerably. The interface is also more user friendly for recruiters.

    Will this Vervoe alternative burn a hole through my pocket?
    Vervoe has an edge over Xobin when it comes to individualised results for candidates and better employer integration and branding. Xobin is also more expensive, starting at $250/month, but its unlimited customisation and ability to handle large numbers of candidates could justify the price.

  3. Vervoe Alternatives #3 TestGorilla

    What makes this Vervoe alternative popular?
    TestGorilla ranks #1 among pre-employment software solutions according to G2, and are used widely, with over 5800 clients. They focus on fast, easy, and automated solutions to replace the old fashioned interview-based hiring process. Their pre-made test library has over 238 aptitude and skill-based tests, and they offer automatic grading and ranking. TestGorilla is very simple to set up in a short amount of time and is an effective filter for the first stages of recruitment, thanks to its variety of assessments.

    However, TestGorilla has some limitations when it comes to the level of customisation options and team collaboration. Unlike Vervoe, it integrates only with a few other recruitment tools, and does not provide the same depth of insights and reporting on candidates.

    Will this Vervoe alternative burn a hole through my pocket?
    What makes TestGorilla a highly popular alternative to Vervoe and similar tools is the price point. They offer an entirely free plan for free tests, and the paid plans start at just $29/month, making it a highly appealing solution for a range of businesses.

  4. Vervoe Alternatives #4 iMocha

    What makes this Vervoe alternative popular?
    iMocha is a popular skills assessment software that helps businesses hire fit candidates and also works on upskilling or reskilling them. It does skill assessments tailored to specific requirements with speed and also helps recruiters map out the kinds of skills they are looking for in candidates. iMocha also analyses the ROI on hires and works as a measure of internal training. iMocha is known for possessing the largest library of skills tests across fields and jobs. The tests are shorter and less time consuming, and cover soft skills as well as technical skills.

    When compared to what Vervoe has to offer, iMocha does fall short when it comes to user and candidate experience. The extensive library is not as accessible as Vervoe’s customisable tests, and branding, integration, and collaboration are limited. It also does not offer many features aimed at easing the candidates’ experience.

    Will this Vervoe alternative burn a hole through my pocket?
    As for pricing, it comes to $1800/year or $150 per month, making it more affordable than Vervoe’s $250/month starting plan.

"When people go to work, they shouldn’t have to leave their hearts at home"

– Betty Bender

  1. Vervoe Alternatives #5 eSkill
**What makes this Vervoe alternative popular?**  
eSkill is quite similar to Vervoe with the tools it has on offer – skill assessments, behavioural and cognitive tests, and video-based responses. Their library has over 800 skill tests based on various jobs and subjects, and simulations for MS Office, multitasking and other scenarios. eSkill also boasts a 20-year track record for high quality assessment and hires, making it a reputable option for recruitment solutions. They also have the broadest coverage of different jobs and skills, from government, IT, healthcare, hospitality, and more.  
Where eSkill falls short is that they do not offer customised assessment building or AI powered evaluation. They also do not focus on candidate experience as much as Vervoe, and the variety of questions is also limited in comparison. The user experience is also not at the level of Vervoe.  
eSkill also offers price only after conducting a demo with clients.  
  1. Vervoe Alternatives #6 Breezy HR
**What makes this Vervoe alternative popular?**  
BreezyHR focuses on advertising available jobs to prospective candidates as well as enhancing the hiring process. They do this by automating time consuming tasks like screening candidates, scheduling interviews, gathering feedback, etc. They also take over job offers and integrations with HR solutions to turn candidates into employees.  
Though both are hiring platforms, Breezy is essentially a recruiting tool that handles tedious and repetitive elements of the hiring process, and also does resume parsing, facilitates video interviews, etc. It modernises hiring, especially for small to medium sized businesses. It does not do skill assessment or close AI-powered monitoring like Vervoe.  
**Will this Vervoe alternative burn a hole through my pocket?**  
BreezyHR offers very affordable pricing which is an advantage for startups or small companies, with a free plan as well. The different plans also allow for scaling as the business grows, ranging from $143/month to $399/month.
  1. Vervoe Alternatives #7 MercerMettl
**What makes this Vervoe alternative popular?**  
MercerMettl offers online assessment tools for corporates as well as academic institutions. These include skill tests, aptitude and behavioural assessments, language proficiency tests and more. MercerMettl also has solutions to monitor and assess job performance and identify potential. Their recruiting tools cover the candidate screening, interview and upskilling processes. They also offer a popular AI-based proctoring system for assessments.  
MercerMettl focuses on memory or knowledge based testing rather than real-life skills and situations that Vervoe is designed for. They also have psychometric and behavioural tests, but do not have bespoke, highly customised tests or reporting on candidates.  
Pricing is personalised according to the kind of services that the business avails from MercerMettl.  
  1. Vervoe Alternatives #8 Spark Hire
**What makes this Vervoe alternative popular?**  
SparkHire is basically an online video interviewing platform that uses cloud to conduct both pre-recorded and live interviews. It is one of the most popular video interviewing solutions, and helps collate recorded interviews for later analysis and sharing with other members of the recruitment team. The pre-recorded interview feature allows candidates to be more at ease and provide in-depth responses to questions. This lets users analyse their skill and temperament on a deeper level.  
SparkHire does not offer more comprehensive tools such as skill assessment, customisation and individual reporting like Vervoe does. It is primarily a tool for scheduling, conducting, and recording candidate interviews.  
For the limited features, the pricing for SparkHire is rather high, at $119/month and it comes with a two-week free trial.

x22. Vervoe Alternatives #9 HireVue

**What makes this Vervoe alternative popular?**  
HireVue covers skills assessment, recruitment process management, and automating workflows with recruitment tools like text recruiting, video interviews, and online assessments. Its solutions cover every stage of the hiring process for fair and unbiased recruiting. HireVue has solutions that work for different kinds of jobs such as casual work, professional hiring, and graduate hiring. It employs tech like conversational AI, video interviewing software, interview builder for structured, fair interviews, and more.  
HireVue also covers HR functions like onboarding, and creates individual development plans for candidates.  
Vervoe also focuses on structuring interviews and conducting skill assessments to ensure fair hiring, but goes a step further to allow the creation of customised assessments, and creates full, personalised profiles of candidates. This speeds up the hiring process even more, and gives the user more insights on the actual performance of candidates.  
HireVue is definitely on the pricier side compared to Vervoe, with an estimated cost of $30,000-$35,000/month.
  1. Vervoe Alternatives #10 HireQuotient
**What makes this Vervoe alternative popular?**  
HireQuotient transforms tedious hiring experiences into fast, efficient, and meaningful endeavours that ensure you get the best of the global talent pool. HireQuotient helps users create skill assessments based on both generic and company-specific requirements, and give you comprehensive, detailed reports.  
The skill assessments give you real-life performance metrics and identify the top 10% of suitable candidates. Insights about candidates’ strengths and limitations are presented in a video game-esque format that enables users to hire based on results backed by data. This also helps recruiters select candidates in an impartial and fair manner, paving the way for your company’s improved performance.  
What gives HireQuotient an edge over competitors is the gamified job simulation tests and the fact that it makes it possible to have an entirely candidate-driven hiring experience.  
When it comes to pricing, HireQuotient is far more affordable than many competitors who provide similar solutions, to be accessible to companies of varied sizes. There are three plans of different scales, starting with the Emerging plan at $200/month.



Radhika Sarraf

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