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Top 12 TestGorilla Alternatives

Published on September 8th, 2022


Why do we need Pre-Employment Testing Solutions?

In the world of recruitment, the demand for faster, more accurate, and effective hiring solutions is constant. Think of all your hiring woes, whether it be scheduling interviews, screening applicants, testing candidates, and finally selecting the perfect fit for the role. All of these time consuming and tedious tasks become a burden for recruiters, and cause lapses in judgement and human error. In the long run, these add up to damage the business’ performance and reputation.

An ideal hiring process would be one that is simplified, unbiased, and lets the recruiters focus on getting the best hires without needlessly wasting time or resources. That’s why online recruitment management software solutions are in high demand, and used by recruitment professionals across the world, and in every industry, from tech to education to government jobs. Online tools help simplify several steps, like pre-employment screening, video interviews, skill assessments, shortlisting, and so on.


What is TestGorilla?

TestGorilla is a popular pre-employment test platform in the market, and is used widely by corporations around the world. But with the ever-growing market for recruitment solutions, it is always better to review as many options as possible. Making the ideal choice for your business may need some research, but that’s where we come in – check out the top 12 TestGorilla alternatives available in the market. Scroll to find out the strong and weak points of each option, and compare TestGorilla pricing and features to find the perfect fit for your business requirements.
Here’s the list:

TestGorilla Alternative #1 HireQuotient

HireQuotient promises to disrupt the hiring process for corporations across the globe, and help save time and effort by streamlining recruitment. How do they do this? Using their AI-powered virtual interviewing tool, which effectively pares down the talent pool at the very first stage of hiring, saving hours of time and tons of brainpower.

Why choose this TestGorilla alternative ?

  • The HireQuotient chatbot gives you details of every candidate’s real-life performance and helps you identify the top 10% of talent from a large batch of applicants.
  • Presents data-driven insights in an easy to understand ‘gamified’ format.
  • Helps you avoid costly mis-hires and reduce bias by eliminating emotional judgement.
  • With HireQuotient, building your company’s brand name is simple, and ensures that the hiring experience is enjoyable for candidates as well as your recruiters.
  • Most of all, it saves precious time for your employees. Making faster and more effective hires enables your business to grow without unnecessary delays.

TestGorilla Alternative #2 Vervoe

Vervoe is a trusted platform for intelligent hiring solutions, and boasts some great features for pre-employment testing.

What makes this TestGorilla alternative stand out?

Defining TestGorilla feature is the fact that it uses AI to evaluate candidates based on a wide selection of customisable tests.

Their focus is on making diverse hires by ensuring there is as little bias as possible in the recruitment stages. They do this by measuring candidates’ real-life job-related tasks in immersive simulations, and don’t go by just resumes or interviews.

The not-so-great side

Many users have reported that customising the assessments to suit specific requirements is quite time consuming

“Assessments need to be customizable quickly and easily.” - This is the common refrain when it comes to negatives about Vervoe.

Will this TestGorilla alternative burn a hole through my pocket?

Their pricing is also on the more expensive than TestGorilla pricing. The less expensive pack includes only one assessment, and customisation for 5 questions. The professional plan has unlimited customisation, but comes to $699/month.

Pay and go plan - $19/month
Professional plan - $699/month

TestGorilla Alternative #3 eSkill

eSkill is an intuitive and user-friendly platform that has an extensive library of tests that are customisable according to job requirements.

What is good about this TestGorilla competitor that makes it stand out?

The large selection of premade tests and the customisation options are what make eSkill stand out among competitors. It also makes a good impression on candidates with its efficiency.

The not-so-great side of this TestGorilla alternative

Some users mention that despite the wide variety, eSkill still lacks suitable tests for certain skills like coding. Another recurrent issue is the interface: “eSkill can sometimes be difficult to navigate. We do need to do a bit of searching to find different topics we would like to include in assessments when building our own.” - says a review from G2.

Pricing: The small business plan is $100/month and other subscriptions require you to contact eSkill for pricing information

TestGorilla Alternative #4 iMocha

iMocha provides talent analytics based on skill assessments to help make the best decisions when it comes to hiring talent.

What makes this TestGorilla alternative stand out?

It boasts of the largest library of assessments, across a variety of skills and jobs. Users can verify candidates’ identities with the video test option.

The not-so-great-side this TestGorilla competitor

Many users report that the interface is a little unfriendly - “UI can be made more easy for first time users” says a review from G2.


Custom pricing on request

TestGorilla Alternative #5 Sapia

Sapia claims to be the “world’s first Smart Interviewer”, with a specialised AI called Phai that chats with candidates to find ideal matches for companies.

What makes this TestGorilla alternative stand out?

The AI is very fast and efficient, and processes assessments in 15 seconds on average. Candidates also receive immediate relevant feedback and insights into their performance.

The not-so-great side of this TestGorilla competitor

Sapia is a relatively new endeavour, which naturally means there are some limitations when it comes to things like integration with other platforms and exporting information. Also it only provides a text-based interview, and does not have video options.


Sapia does not have pricing information available until a demo is requested.

In order to build a rewarding employee experience, you need to understand what matters most to your people.

– Julie Bevacqua

TestGorilla Alternative #6 HR Avatar

HR Avatar deals with pre-employment tests that provide recruiters with a detailed report on candidates’ skills and abilities.

What is good about this TestGorilla alternative ?

HR Avatar uses a number of cognitive, personality, and skill tests to gauge candidates, giving recruiters a detailed idea. They also save screening time with their video and live interview tools. Users mention that HR Avatar is easy to use as well.

The not-so-great side of this TestGorilla competitor

Users report occasional issues in functioning. The price may also seem quite high if you do not go for a large number of assessments at a time.


Starts at $45 for a single candidate credit and up to $1430 for 50 candidate credits.

TestGorilla Alternative #7 Criteria

Criteria aims to help companies make unbiased, objective hiring decisions to encourage diversity and produce the best results in the long run. It does this through pre-employment screening and assessments.

What makes this TestGorilla alternative stand out?

Users have a general consensus that the product is simple and easy to navigate and access. It is also easy to share results with candidates and recruiters.

The not-so-great side of this TestGorilla competitor?

Some negative feedback says that Criteria does not allow for much customisation, and that the site is slow or buggy at times.


Custom price on request

TestGorilla Alternative #8

Qualified works as a platform for employers to test candidates' coding skills through coding tests and pair programming interviews.

What makes this TestGorilla alternative stand out ?

Reviews say that Qualified provides easy to follow, clear instructions before the test, and the testing tool is easy to work with.

The not-so-great side of this TestGorilla competitor

Some users have reported issues with the design of the interface, and that some features are difficult to locate at times. is also specifically designed to test only coding skills, so this product will come in handy only for coding jobs.


They offer a two week free trial, and the price following that is quoted on request.

TestGorilla Alternative #9 The Predictive Index

The Predictive Index offers a hiring tool called PI Hire which narrows down the number of applicants based on a range of cognitive and behavioural assessments. They also provide personalised interview guides.

What makes this TestGorilla competitor stand out?

PI Hire as an assessment tool has automatic job descriptions and short explainer videos which are useful when creating a new job entry.

The not-so-great side of this TestGorilla alternative

Commonly mentioned feedback says that the tests are sometimes long, and difficult to complete which makes the hiring process from the candidates’ end seem tedious. It also takes time to learn and get used to the software from the company’s end.


For the PI Hire tool, they offer a free trial following which pricing info can be requested.

TestGorilla Alternative #10 MercerMettl

MercerMettl provides online assessment tools that allow companies to hire the best of fresh talent and identify potential and even upskill candidates as required.

What makes this TestGorilla competitor stand out?

They have a long standing reputation in the field and are a reliable solutions provider. The service is accessible for people with different skill levels and has a reputed anti-plagiarism checker as well.

The not-so-great side this TestGorilla alternative

Some negative feedback about MercerMettl’s online testing tool is that it is difficult to figure out for test takers at times, and occasional technical issues with lagging.


MercerMettl offers personalised price plans at request.

TestGorilla Alternative #11 TestDome

TestDome offers skill tests to help recruiters hire candidates for several industries including programming, accounting, customer service, and so on.

What makes his TestGorilla competitor stand out?

The customisation features and ease of use are commonly appreciated by users on G2. The level of analysis also helped them filter candidates easily.

The not-so-great side this TestGorilla alternative

The limited number of questions for non-tech fields is something that TestDome lacks. Cognitive and behavioural tests are yet to feature as well.


They offer a number of different packs, the smallest starting at $16 per candidate up to 25 candidates

TestGorilla Alternative #12 Harver

Harver is a pre-employment assessment platform that boasts of processing more than a 100 million candidates for 1300+ customers.

What makes his TestGorilla competitor stand out?

Users say that the platform is easy to use, and provides reports with clear insights about candidate performances. The Checkster tool simplifies the process of sending messages and follow ups.

The not-so-great side this TestGorilla alternative

Some customers say that reports are sometimes not sent on time, and that customer service is not always quick to respond to complaints or queries.


Harver offers a quote after the demo.

Now that you have extensive knowledge of the various TestGorilla alternatives, it’s time to pick the software that’s the right one for you.So get started on the path to enhancing your hiring process, after reviewing the various alternatives to TestGorilla and learning about their respective strengths and weaknesses. Select the one that suits your business to a T, for an optimal experience all around! And if you are still not able to decide, get a free 20-minute consultation with our experts. They’ll be more than happy to understand your exact requirements and suggest the right solution, even if that’s one of our competitors!



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