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Top HR Leaders to Follow in 2024

Published on November 7th, 2023

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                             Kevin Arthaud

Kevin Arthaud.jfif

Kevin Arthaud is the Group Director of Human Resources and Organizational Development in Ralls County, Missouri, United States. With extensive experience in his field, he leads the strategic management of talent acquisition, employee relations, performance management, training, and overall employee engagement initiatives. Kevin is known for his exceptional leadership, commitment to employee well-being, and fostering a positive work culture. He collaborates with senior executives and department heads to align human resources strategies with organizational goals and promotes diversity, inclusion, and compliance with employment laws. Kevin's dedication to excellence and innovative approaches contribute to the success of Ralls County and the development of its workforce.

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Jennifer Bell

Jennifer Bell.jfif

Jennifer, a strategic and inspiring HR veteran with nearly 20 years of experience, excels at aligning business vision with HR initiatives to drive performance, growth, and employee engagement. As the Human Resources Manager at McLennan Ross, she oversees daily operations and implements programs and policies that advance the firm's goals. With her legal background and deep understanding of team dynamics, Jennifer prioritizes culture, employee well-being, and mindset shifts to bring business strategy to life. 

She holds the designation of Chartered Professional in Human Resources and a Diploma in Human Resources Management from Grant MacEwan University. Jennifer's dedication extends beyond her role, as she serves on the Board of Directors for Valour Place and is an active member of the Edmonton Law Office Management Association and the Association of Legal Administrators.

Connect with Jennifer on LinkedIn: Click Here.

Kristen Benzaquen

Kirsten Benzaquen.jfif

Kristen is an experienced Human Resources Professional with experience in training and development, total rewards and now corporate recruiting. Her ultimate career goal is to serve as a Vice President for Human Resources or CHRO, partnering strategically with a growing organization. Kiesten also enjoys serving the community.

Throughout Her journey, I have had a longing to help others succeed. It is her "why" to serve others and help change the lives I encounter, even in minute ways. In an HR capacity, it is her passion  to make sure employees have the support they need to succeed/grow and know that there is someone who will be there to be a champion for them. She is also incredibly passionate about helping drive positive and motivating culture within the organizations she works with. On a regular basis, she strives to practice HR on Purpose.

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Michelle Bridgman


Michelle Martin-Bridgman, SHRM-CP, is the Corporate Director of Human Resources at TAMKO. With a wide range of skills and extensive experience, she excels in organizational effectiveness, onboarding, hiring, employee benefits design, change management, talent management, talent development, employee engagement, corporate strategy, employee relations investigations, team leadership, business process, policy development, leadership development, strategic human resource planning, and crisis communications. 

Michelle's expertise drives the optimization of human resources, ensuring effective onboarding, designing competitive benefits, managing change, developing talent, and fostering employee engagement. Her leadership skills enable her to lead HR teams, optimize business processes, and develop strategic HR plans. Michelle's crisis communication abilities enhance the organization's resilience. With a track record of delivering results and driving positive change, Michelle is a valuable leader at TAMKO.

To connect with Michelle on LinkedIn: Click here

Zanea A. Clarett


Zanea A. Clarett is a dynamic Talent Acquisition Manager at PwC. With a strong passion for her work, she is a self-motivated and results-driven talent partner. Zanea's expertise lies in developing and executing comprehensive recruiting strategies throughout the entire lifecycle. Known for her exceptional communication skills, she effortlessly connects with individuals at all levels and functions. Zanea's commitment to excellence makes her an invaluable asset in the world of talent acquisition. 

To connect with Zanea on LinkedIn: Click here!

Miki Clayton

Miki Clayton.jfif

Miki Clayton is an award-winning Global HR and Organizational Development consultant, speaker, and fractional CHRO. With expertise in social impact, she has a proven track record in both philanthropy and private sectors. As a certified SPHR and SHRM HR professional, Miki holds a Master's Degree focused on Organizational Development. She is also an executive leadership and career development coach, contributing to HR Magazine. Miki's expertise empowers organizations and individuals to drive positive change and achieve their full potential.

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Danny Luong

Danny Luong.jpg

Danny Luong is a highly skilled professional at Sequoia Capital, where they excel in talent acquisition. As a graduate of the University of Washington, He brings a strong educational background to his role. Passionate about both people and process, Danny is dedicated to connecting top-tier talent with daring and innovative companies. His meticulous approach and keen eye for potential make them a valuable asset in the venture capital industry. With a deep understanding of the importance of building exceptional teams, Danny plays a vital role in fostering growth and success for the organizations he collaborates with.

To connect with Danny on LinkedIn: Click here!

Cheran Leapheart

Cheran Leap.jfif

Cheran Leapheart is a Certified HR professional and Organizational Effectiveness Leader. She offers HR consulting, training, and executive coaching services, specializing in employee and labor relations, engagement, leadership, CSR, onboarding, training, recruitment, HR project management, and payroll. 

As the founder of FixHRs, she provides comprehensive services to Individuals, Entrepreneurs, and Small Business Owners, including HR consulting, resume writing, interview preparation, and career coaching. Cheran is dedicated to optimizing human capital and fostering success in both organizational and individual contexts.

To connect with Cheran on LinkedIn: Click here!

Alionna Gardner 

Alionna Gardner.jfif

Alionna Gardner, Founder & Chief People Consultant at Real People Ops, is a highly experienced HR professional with a focus on startups. Recognized by SHRM's HR Magazine as a Top 30 HR Professional under 30, she brings over 12 years of expertise in employee development, scaling organizations, and increasing productivity. With a strong background in fintech startups, Alionna leads organizational development initiatives and manages full employee life cycles. Holding senior certifications with SHRM, a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, and an MBA with an HR Management concentration, she is dedicated to trust, authenticity, compassion, equity, and integrity. Alionna's passion for people operations and her desire to support like-minded founders led her to establish Real People Ops.

To connect with Alionna on LinkedIn: Click here!

Jessica Gofforth

Jessica Gofforth.jpg

Jessica Gofforth is a people-focused business leader, lifelong learner, and workplace disabilities advocate. With a passion for enabling others to succeed, she specializes in talent management, organizational effectiveness, and continuous improvement. Jessica excels in leader and employee development, fostering high-performance cultures, and strategic leadership. Her expertise and commitment to inclusivity make her a catalyst for positive change and growth in organizations. Jessica's unwavering dedication to creating thriving work environments and promoting awareness of diverse abilities sets her apart as a valuable asset.

To connect with Jessica on LinkedIn: click here!

Lauren Gonzalez

Lauren Gonzalez.jpg

Lauren Gonzalez is a dedicated and driven HR leader with 12+ years of experience. Her expertise spans talent acquisition, payroll, and HR, with a diverse background in industries such as telecommunications and Broadway. She is passionate about helping individuals and businesses thrive and continuously prioritize learning to stay relevant in the evolving HR field.  proud to be SHRM-SCP certified and possess comprehensive skills in performance management, employee investigations, policy design, recruiting strategy, benefit plan administration, payroll processing, and union compliance.

To connect with Lauren on LinkedIn: Click here!

Tiffany Helley

Tiffany Helley.jfif

Tiffany Helley is a results-driven business leader with a strategic and detail-oriented approach. With expertise in warehouse operations, sales, and human resources, she brings a comprehensive understanding of key business functions. Tiffany's strong leadership skills enable her to drive operational excellence, streamline processes, and deliver exceptional results. With a focus on maximizing efficiency and productivity, she excels at aligning business objectives with strategic initiatives. With a proven track record of success, Tiffany is a valuable asset in driving organizational growth and success.

To connect with Tiffany on LinkedIn: Click here!



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