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The Best Breezy HR Alternatives That Take the Easy Win

Published on September 9th, 2022


D, E, and I- Probably the three letters you are tired of listening to because of how popular it has become in the hire space, especially, with hustle culture deeply sowing its seeds in every sector of the corporate setup. But why is this three-lettered phenomenon more relevant than ever? Well, DEI or Diversity, equity, and inclusion are missing constituents of most workspaces. It's understandable that most companies may be hesitant to take in people across cultures as it's human tendency to stick to convenient habitual patterns. But here’s the best part about DEI, as per research, the company has a 120% percent chance of reaching its financial targets, racial or ethnic minorities make up 48% of Generation Z, and diverse businesses generate 2.5 times more income per employee. Moreover, It has been demonstrated that diverse management boosts income by 19%.

So, what does it take to get in that miraculous DEI into your company system? Well, there’s not just one way to bring diversity equity, and inclusion into your office culture, but we’ll stick with one for now. Using a skill-based assessment platform definitely puts you on the right course. and keeping this in mind, there would be many among you using Breezy HR or sites like Breezy HR believing it to be the ideal skill assessment platform. But again is it the best one out there?

Well… how about a quick read through these Breezy HR alternatives that will probably nudge you in the right direction of thought. For a company founded in 2014 Breezy HR has amassed quite a large group of followers, but that has not prevented these Breezy HR competitors to pull back when it comes to delivering quality and service. The list of Breezy HR’s features includes job advertising across portals, candidate management, and offer management. However, if you are a smart investor, here is a detailed list of Breezy HR alternatives along with their unique features.

Breezy HR alternative #1: HireQuotient Breezy HR alternative #2: Spark Hire Breezy HR alternative #3: TestGorilla Breezy HR alternative #4: eSkill

Before getting into the details of each Breezy HR competitor, Let’s see if the Breezy HR cost factor will leave us gaping.

Breezy HR pricing: breezy-hr.png

Well, it's not the most eye-raising set of figures, but wait! That’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a good chance you might have a facepalm moment if you haven't considered what these Breezy HR alternatives have to offer for the same price. The customer reviews are compiled from G2 to provide an unbiased overview because all we want is to give you the best set of alternatives that provide you with more value for your investment.

Your first (and best) Breezy HR competitor: HireQuotient


With a constant search for ‘what’s new’ Hire Quotient has managed to capture a good customer base with their Saas-based skill assessments and it is considered to be one of the most popular Breezy HR competitors by recruiters and hiring managers. HireQuotient has a wide range of skill-based assessments for each level of the corporate hierarchy across verticals. Although they stick to the short and sweet description of “a skill-based assessment platform”, HireQuotient is not just about the product but also the experience of the assessor and the assessee. Here is the top Breezy HR alternative that can cater to all skill assessment needs.

What makes it a better Breezy HR alternative?

A quick look at the general ratings would give the shortest and most apt reply for this query. Almost every general metric rates five to ten percent above Breezy HR.

What makes it the not-so-great Breezy HR competitor?

They do not offer assessments for coding-related designations.

Which market segment is this Breezy HR competitor best suited to?

The mid-markets and a good section of enterprises have found HireQuotient to be the most promising Breezy HR alternative.

Did this Breezy HR alternative leave its customers starry-eyed?

It can’t get better than 5 stars, however, HireQuotient prefers to stay humble with 4.9 stars. (Breezy HR rating: 4.4/5 stars with 529 reviews)

HireQuotient pricing v/s Breezy HR pricing

HireQuotient has optimized its starting rates for the mid-market segment where they provide 100 candidates' test assessments for $1,000.00. They offer 50 candidates with assessments for $500.00. Breezy HR’s premium services can be availed with a starting price of $143.00. Both companies provide a free trial as well.

Your next best Breezy HR competitor: Spark Hire

Lo and behold the ideal platform for video interview-based assessments. Although it may seem like a simple approach, the number of customization options provided to customize, rate, and allocate the video responses from candidates have a stand-out quality. The features offered by this Breezy HR competitor are worth looking into. If a video-based assessment is the need of the hour, SparkHire hits the mark. A trustworthy Breezy HR alternative that has managed to keep its customers happy with its elaborate list of features

What makes it a better Breezy HR alternative?

Spark Hire’s ratings push ahead of Breezy HR for every metric G2 has put up except one.

What makes it the not-so-great Breezy HR competitor?

The file-sharing feature falls back by one percent compared to Breezy HR. Another query a user had to share about this Breezy HR alternative is that its interface isn't quite user-friendly.

Which market segment is this Breezy HR competitor best suited to?

SparkHire is best suited for the mid-market segment and compared to BreezyHR, it holds a good customer base in the enterprise segment as well.

Did this Breezy HR alternative leave its customers starry-eyed?

With a stellar rating of 4.8/5 stars with 369 reviews, SparkHire is a BreezyHR competitor that takes the winner’s spot with ease. (Breezy HR rating: 4.4/5 stars with 529 reviews)

Spark Hire pricing v/s Breezy HR pricing

When it comes to pricing, Spark Hire’s pricing is more suited for mid-market segments but they start at $149.00 per month as opposed to Breezy HR’s cost amounting to $143.00.


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