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Top Skill Assessment Tools To Discover in 2024

Published on January 6th, 2023


In today's rapidly evolving job market, skills that were once relevant for years are now in demand for only months. This makes it crucial for recruitment professionals to stay updated on current and future skills to ensure they hire the right candidates for open positions.

But how can they achieve this?

When hiring, conducting skills assessments provides an effective method for filtering candidates.

As a member of the hiring team, you would be much more likely familiar with the challenges and complexities of the hiring process. Especially for niche roles, there's often no better way to evaluate a candidate's suitability for the job than through skills assessment.

The landscape for skills, especially in non-tech roles, is rapidly changing. Years of experience and specific educational backgrounds are no longer the sole indicators of a candidate's suitability. With new skills emerging and accessible through various sources, relying on traditional markers isn't always effective.

That's where skills assessments come in. According to recent statistics, 79% of employers believe skill assessment is as crucial as other hiring criteria. These assessments offer a way to gauge a candidate's abilities accurately.

Hence, these top skills assessment tools can significantly simplify your hiring decisions. They're reliable, cost-effective, transparent, and most importantly, time-efficient. They help you and your hiring team address the following challenges in a more streamlined and efficient manner:

  • Finding the perfect fit for the job
  • Evaluating candidates fairly and accurately
  • Making the hiring process smoother with automated skill evaluation
  • Reducing the chances of employee turnover

There are hundreds of skill assessment tools available making it difficult for the hiring managers to choose the right one. To help you choose the right one, here is the list of top skill assessment tools, but, before proceeding ahead let’s understand what are the different types of skill assessment tests which can be conducted through Skill assessment tools. 

Types of Skill Assessment Tests Using Skill Assessment Tools

Each of these tools has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and the one we choose will depend on the needs of our organization. Some of the most common include the following:

Psychometric tests 

Psychometric tests are designed to measure an individual’s cognitive abilities. These tests are typically used to evaluate an employee’s ability to think logically, use problem-solving skills, and analyze information. These tests can also be used to measure an individual’s emotional intelligence and personality traits.

To know more, read: Psychometric Testing

Technical Skills Tests

Technical Skills tests are designed to measure an individual's technical skills and abilities. They are often used to assess an individual's ability to perform a particular job or role.

Aptitude tests

Aptitude tests are designed to measure an individual’s ability to apply knowledge to a specific task. These tests can help to identify areas where an individual needs to improve or areas where they excel.

To know more, read: Aptitude Testing 

Personality tests 

Personality tests are designed to determine an individual’s personality type. These tests are often used to identify areas for improvement and to help employees understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Performance evaluations

Performance evaluations are designed to measure an individual’s skills and abilities in a particular job. These evaluations are often used to evaluate an individual’s job performance and to identify areas for improvement.

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How do these tools work?

Skill assessment tools help employers gauge the level of skill needed for a specific task or occupation. The tools typically include a series of questions that can be used to assess a person's knowledge of job requirements. The questions in a skill assessment tool can be used to measure a person's skills in several areas. For example, a skill assessment tool might measure a person's knowledge of computer programming or accounting procedures. The questions in a skill assessment tool can be adapted to different job requirements. 

For example, a skill assessment tool might include questions about billing procedures for a medical office. Hence skill assessment tools can be used to measure a person's skills in many areas. Interviews should be conducted to assess the candidate’s skills, experience, and qualifications. Aptitude tests can be used to measure the candidate’s knowledge and skills in a particular area. Background checks can be used to verify the candidate’s past employment and education history. Finally, reference checks can be used to verify the candidate’s character and work ethic. By using a combination of these methods, employers can ensure that they are hiring the right candidate for the job.

Top 10 Skill Assessment Tools

1. HireQuotient


HireQuotient is one of the end-to-end recruitment automation platforms that provides talent acquisition and development solutions to help your organization create an up-to-date and skilled team.

HireQuotient’s skill assessment solutions help recruiters automate the hiring process by providing them with pre-employment assessments. Using these pre-employment assessments, hiring managers can easily analyze the skill set of employees according to the company's requirements. With the help of this skill assessment tool, you can easily set skill benchmarks in your organization to ensure a quality bar for future employees and candidates.

Besides that, HireQuotient has EasySource, Easyinterview, and EasyAccess allow recruiters and hiring managers to source, screen, and hire the right fit candidates for their organization. Using this platform, you can conduct talent discovery, candidate screening, and candidate engagement. HQ’s video interview solutions also empower recruiters and hiring managers to gain deeper insights into candidates' personalities and profiles for smarter hiring decisions.

HireQuotient's EasyAccess feature completes the suite of skill assessment tools, offering recruiters and hiring managers seamless access to candidate profiles and assessments. EasyAccess streamlines the hiring process by providing a centralized platform for talent discovery, candidate screening, and engagement. With EasyAccess, recruiters can easily access candidate information and assessment results, empowering them to make smarter hiring decisions with confidence.

1. Extensive Test Library: EasyAssess provides a vast library of pre-built and customizable tests, catering to diverse hiring needs.

2. Scalability: From individual hires to large-scale recruitment drives, EasyAssess seamlessly accommodates any scale, ensuring a smooth assessment experience.

Clients: BCG, Mindef, Accenture, Mediafly, EnsembleIQ,, Y Charts, Alton Lake, Aspire, DHL, JSJ

G2 rating: 4.9/5 


2. Mettl 


Founded in: July 2009

Founded by: Tonmoy Shingal

Free Trial: No

Pros of Mettl:

- Assessments are modular, offering applicants the flexibility to choose individual modules or combine them according to their needs.

- Provides users with graphs and subjective data to better understand their skill levels.

Cons of Mettl:

- Does not provide an AVG Score or Excel reports (local or global standard), potentially limiting insights for users.

- Complex user interface (UI) may hinder user experience.

Clients: Ghent University Global Campus, MakeMyTrip, Workforce, Gulf University, NASSCOM

Pricing: $249/year

G2 Rating: 4.4/5  

3. TestGorilla


Founded in: 2019

Founded by: Wouter Durville and Otto Verhage

Free Trial: Yes


  • TestGorilla offers easy test creation with pre-loaded questions, along with the option to duplicate and customize tests to match specific job roles.
  • The platform provides detailed pre-made exams covering a wide range of skills and job requirements, ensuring relevance to job requisitions.
  • TestGorilla boasts a comprehensive library of industry-specific evaluations, establishing it as a prominent soft skills assessment tool.


  • TestGorilla lacks a test model payment system, requiring users to purchase the entire model annually, even if not all features are needed.
  • The user interface may be complex, potentially hindering the exploration and navigation of the platform.

Clients: Majorel, H&M, Public Groupe, Oracle, Bain & Company

Pricing: Pay-as-you-go model

G2 Rating: 4.5/5  

4. Skills Base

Skill base.png

Founded in: 2012 
Founded by: Nick Stanley and Michael McKeand
Free Trial: Yes


  • Skill Base offers a customizable skills testing platform with a starting price of $1 per user per month, providing affordability and flexibility for organizations.
  • The platform allows organizations to create tailored assessments, ensuring that tests align with specific job roles and skill requirements.


  • Limited information is available about the platform's features, usability, and user experience.
  • Client base and reviews are not publicly disclosed, making it challenging to gauge user satisfaction and performance.

Pricing: Starting at $1 per user per month, customization options may vary in pricing.

G2 Rating: 4.6/5


5. iMocha


Founded in: 2008
Founded by: Amit Mishra & Sujit Karpe
Free trial: No


  • Effectively assesses candidates' competency levels, from beginner to experienced.
  • Offers insightful assessment reports, helping employees understand their skills, areas for improvement, and training effectiveness.
  • Facilitates seamless integration with legacy ATS, job boards, and other systems through created APIs.


  • Does not conduct psychometric tests.
  • Does not provide background checks for candidates.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.4/5

6. eSkill


Founded in: 2003
Founded by: Gerrad Szatvanyi
Free Trial: Yes

Pros of eSkill:

- Easy test creation using pre-loaded questions, with the option to duplicate and customize tests based on job roles, enhancing relevance to job requisitions.

- Impressive level of detail in pre-made exams, covering a wide range of skills from general to job-specific.

- Extensive library of market and industry-specific evaluations, establishing eSkill as a well-recognized soft skills assessment tool.

Cons of eSkill:

- Lack of flexibility in payment options, requiring users to purchase the entire model annually, potentially resulting in unnecessary expenses.

- A complicated user interface may hinder the exploration and navigation of the platform.

Clients: Coca-Cola, Work Personnel, State of Colorado, Emory University, Pandora

Pricing: Not mentioned publicly.

G2 Rating: 4.5/5 

7. CoderPad: 


Founded in: 2013
Founded by: Vincent Woo
Free Trial: Yes

Pros of CoderPad:

- Organizes coding competitions among candidates to prepare them for industry positions.

- Supports coding in over 30 languages and provides access to over 60 technologies and frameworks.

- Offers assessments at a reasonable price, making it accessible to various organizations.

Cons of CoderPad:

- Candidates may struggle with understanding the user interface (UI) of CoderPad.

- Lack of support for freehand drawing and illustration can make it challenging to explain specific concepts and problems effectively.

Clients: Netflix, Shopify, Databricks, Slack, One Medical
Pricing: $50/month
G2 Rating: 4.4/5  

8. TestDome


Founded in: 2013
Founded by: Zeljko Svedic
Free Trial: Yes


- TestDome offers affordable pricing tailored for smaller companies.

- The platform boasts a highly user-friendly interface.

- Constantly updates its skills library to include new ones, keeping pace with market trends.


- TestDome lacks customization options for candidates, such as template, logo, design invites, or integration.

- The platform does not allow for changing assessment timings.

- Offers a limited range of assessments for data science.

Clients: McAfee, Indeed, EY, Adobe, UNICEF, PayPal

Pricing: $20/month (per user)

G2 Rating: 4.5/5  

9. Wonderlic  


Founded in: 1937
Founded by: E.F. Wonderlic
Free Trial: Yes


- Ideal for businesses or recruitment service providers (RPOs) handling high volumes of recruitment for front-line positions like retail, sales, customer service, contact centers, airline, and graduate roles.

- Provides comprehensive cognitive, motivation, and personality ratings, offering valuable insights for employers during live interview processes.

- Features a user-friendly UI/UX, enhancing user experience.


- Lacks customer support services, potentially hindering user assistance and problem resolution.

- Assessments offered by Wonderlic are often lengthy and time-consuming, possibly impacting efficiency in the hiring process.

Clients: Aveda, Duracell, Subway, Sedgwick County, Champion Auto

Pricing: Not mentioned publicly.

G2 Rating: 4.3/5  

10. HireVue


Founded in: 2004
Founded by: Mark Newman
Free Trial: Not available

Pros of HireVue:

- Provides live and on-demand interviewing tools, enhancing the interview process for hiring managers.

- Offers an end-to-end hiring experience platform, including video interview software, assessments, and text-enabled hiring tools.

- User-friendly UI/UX for candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers, ensuring a seamless experience.

Cons of HireVue:

- Utilizes an expensive skill assessment model, potentially limiting accessibility for smaller organizations.

- Reports of unreachable support staff may hinder problem resolution and customer satisfaction.

Clients: Smartlynx, Amazon, Beacon, The Co-operative Bank, The Foxtel Group

G2Crowd Rating: 4.1/5  

Pricing: Starts at $35K/month


Skill assessment tools are used to measure an individual's knowledge, skills, and abilities in a particular area. These tools provide employers with valuable insights into the performance of their employees, and they can also be used to identify potential hires. It is important to consider the type of job that the tool will be used for, the cost of the tool, the time it will take to administer the assessment, and the level of accuracy required. By using skill assessment tools, organizations can maximize their resources and ensure that they are providing the best possible service to their customers.




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Radhika Sarraf is a content specialist and a woman of many passions who currently works at HireQuotient, a leading recruitment SaaS company. She is a versatile writer with experience in creating compelling articles, blogs, social media posts, and marketing collaterals.

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