Benefits of Leveraging Skill Assessment in Your Hiring Process

Published on December 1st, 2022


Is hiring talent with the right set of skills difficult? 

Well, it's all about patience and not for the faint of heart!

Although, pre-employment assessments are effectively improving and helping recruiters and hiring professionals to get their job done faster and better. This HR technology streamlines the recruiting process, so HR professionals should stay up-to-date with techniques that can lead them to assess and hire the right fit candidates for their organizations. 

However, why are most of them still struggling to identify, hire, and onboard the right talent?

There must be two possibilities: 

They are over dependent on the conventional hiring methods and not able to figure out why & how to transform & automate their hiring process. 


They are unaware of the potential of pre-employment testing & its benefits 

How can online skills assessment help them?

Organizations who rely on online skill assessments to weed out the unfit applicants tend to reduce hiring cost by upto 50%, time-to-hire by up to 62%, and improve application to selection ratio by up to 70%. 

In the epoch of technology, where HR automation delivers better results. It enables HR professionals to readily rely on online automated software to identify the job fit talent.

Lets understand the benefits of skill assessments one by one to streamline your recruitment process. 

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1. Automated skill assessment with the accurate results

By automating the candidate screening process you can not only hire the right talent faster but also can take data-driven and unbiased hiring decisions. Evaluating a candidate's skills manually will not provide you with accurate data every time. The factors such as age, gender, nationality, etc. could influence recruiter or hiring manager’s decision making ability. 

That’s where the automated skills assessments come into the picture. The online skills assessment tools help you eliminate the guesswork and biases with their AI-based skills assessment and online simulators. 

After the test completion you get auto-generated reports with accurate and actionable data about the candidate’s skills and performance so that you can make a quick decision.

2. Build Employer Branding

Are you not leveraging skill assessments to build your employer brand? 


Then, you are missing out on the important aspect.

You can make the online skills assessment process personal and engaging for the candidates while you promote your employer brand. All in all, the employer brand can act as a competitive advantage for your brand and it will lead to increased employee engagement if leveraged correctly. To build your employer brand through the skill assessments you can do the following steps

  • Make sure the online skills test reflects your company culture. You can create equitable and culturally responsive assessment tests and try adding cultural fit interview questions
  • Contact and treat the candidates professionally, because your brand is bolstered by the candidates based on how they have been treated
  • Make your employees your brand ambassadors by creating an environment where their attitude will change about your company positively

3. Cheat-proof your tests

Pre-employment skills assessment tools nowadays are enabled with effective cheating prevention techniques. It promotes cheat-proof test experience and reduces the burden of invigilation while conducting the test. 

It secures the test with real-time image proctoring, window violation, audio/video proctoring to monitor candidate’s behavior, keeps a track if the candidate is navigated from the test screen and gives a warning if any unfair means being used during the test. Considering the security of the platform, you can ask applicants to take the test from anywhere, enjoying the comfort of their own time-zones. 

It makes these AI-based pre-employment tests an excellent platform to filter out the first line of candidates.

4. Qualify candidates on multiple levels

In search of quality candidates for your organization, measuring just technical competencies is not enough, but to evaluate the overall personality of each candidate is a must. To gauge the candidate’s logical reasoning, verbal, written, and listening abilities, and so much more, you need innovative techniques. 

The use of traditional skills evaluation means may not serve the purpose of identifying candidates on these various perimeters. However, AI-based online screening platforms can bring effectiveness in your assessment method with the different types of questions like subjective, audio/video, MCQs, simulators, and much more. Use of different kinds of questions will help you get an idea of the overall personality of any candidate.

5. Save recruitment time

An automated tool helps you in identifying the job fit candidate by eliminating the unnecessary tasks and reducing time-to-hire up to 50%. The powerful reports assist hiring managers to skim through information about each candidate’s performance and lead to identifying the job fit candidate faster. 

To make your recruitment process even more effective, define your criteria for candidate selection with AI-based recruitment assessment tools. Use the detailed analytical reports to gauge applicant’s skills, strengths, weaknesses, and identify your next best hire on the campus as well as lateral hiring.

6. Micro-filtration to find the perfect match

The pain point of the recruitment industry is to identify and hire the best person according to various criteria that focus on knowledge, skills, ability to perform as per the company’s expectation and beyond grades. 

Automation in the hiring assessment process not only separates the wheat from the chaff with its advanced search and filter features but also provides insights about candidates overall personality, job readiness and ability to be a culture fit employee. Candidate assessment is a costly, time-consuming, and risky affair. However, hiring the job fit talent with the right assessment method can help you slash attrition rate and carry out seamless hiring.

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