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Saas Recruitment: 5 Things you should Stay Away from

Published on November 2nd, 2022


$170 B. Did you guess that to be Elon Musk's bank balance? No. Not at all. We were just referring to value that the SaaS market has managed to grow into since its humble beginnings in circa 2000.

A mid-segment organization uses an average of 50 SaaS applications, according to Exploding Topics.

In a nutshell, SaaS has made a buzz in the market in a very short time and is growing rapidly.

SaaS, or software as a service, is a cloud-based software that helps you speed up analytics, and integrate tech tools. In other words, instead of downloading a complex and heavy software program,

you can use a SaaS application that provides the software online. All you need is an internet connection.

What is SaaS Recruitment?

SaaS holds a lot on its shoulders, and hence requires a team of resourceful and skilled candidates to maintain the application. This is when SaaS recruitment enters the game.

SaaS holds a lot on its shoulders, and hence requires a team of resourceful and skilled candidates to maintain the application. This is when SaaS recruitment enters the game.

SaaS hiring or SaaS recruitment is a thorough task and SaaS employers often make blunders while hiring candidates.

One simple solution to avoid fallacy is to make use of SaaS recruitment softwares that are widely available in the market. The best ones being HireQuoteint, Breezy HR, Bullhorn and Jobvite. These SaaS HR softwares are easy to employ and help you in choosing the right talent for your job role.

Anyhow, first let’s see the top 5 recruitment mistakes that employers make while hiring SaaS employees.

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SaaS Recruitment Mistakes

SaaS Recruitment Mistake #1 Making a hurry in the recruitment process

You should give undiving attention to the resumes and meticulously sift through them to obtain the list of top candidates.

Rushing the process of SaaS hiring may lead to ignorance of the best talent and hiring of a mediocre talent, that will only create more problems at your organization. You definitely do not want that!

The bottom line being, you should take time to hire the best applicant and avoid this recurring recruitment mistake.

SaaS Recruitment Mistake #2 Experience counts, but not always

Of Course experience matters in all the job roles, and in the dynamic field of SaaS hiring, applicants having past experience in the job role is certainly a plus.

However, taking a step back and screening candidates that are freshers or from other backgrounds will not only bring a fresher perspective into your organization but also bring onboard the talent that proves to be extremely valuable in the competitive SaaS market.

SaaS Recruitment Mistake #3 Not sourcing candidates from different channels

Hiring professionals often limit their candidate searching to one single channel. For example, if an organization is making use of social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to source candidates for their SaaS hiring, they will hire repetitive talent.

You can step out a little and source candidates freshly from college, go through job referrals or even do an internal transfer.

You can make use of the SaaS HR software or SaaS recruitment softwares to fuel up the process and avoid one of the most common SaaS recruitment mistakes.

SaaS Recruitment Mistake #4 Filling the right Position

SaaS hiring decisions should be made on the basis of data analysis. Simply putting, you should first go through the prospect skill gaps in a department and accordingly create a vacancy for the job role.

Your KPIs should be crisp and to the point, such that only top talent is selected though the SaaS recruitment software.

Your KPIs should be crisp and to the point, such that only top talent is selected though the SaaS recruitment software.

Hiring the wrong professional will only create problems rather than solving any!

SaaS Recruitment Mistake #5 Unclear hiring policy

This is a common recruitment mistake that takes place in every organization, not only SaaS hiring. A company having unclear hiring policy can land into a lot of trouble from inefficient hiring to even legal issues.

Tips to manage the SaaS Recruitment Mistakes

Search the Right Candidate: Sourcing the right candidate is the key tip to manage SaaS recruitment mistakes.

You should employ SaaS recruitment softwares and specific tools that tell you the growth of the employees at their previous organizations.

Many are not aware of the unique feature that Google offers called the Programmable search engine (PSE), which can take upto 500 research words at one time and bring to you the best talent from other SaaS companies.

Most importantly, you need to put the right synonyms for your job role in the job listing to attract the right talent.

Use the Right Software: Now-a-days, software based hiring is dominating the world. Choosing the right SaaS recruitment software can go a long way and save you from making SaaS recruitment mistakes.

Because again, hiring is an investment, and your investment will go to trash if the candidate is not upto the mark. You can take choose the best SaaS HR softwares to find the right talent for your organization.

Make Recruitment Policies: A common recruitment mistake can be fixed by establishing hiring policies for your organization which will solve the problem of inefficient hiring and legal issues.



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