Pymetrics Alternatives

Top 15 Pymetrics Alternatives

Published on September 6th, 2022


The search for the right talent can be cumbersome and tricky! Here is where the skills assessment tools come to use. There are numerous platforms available in the market that provide pre-employment testing and skills assessment tools.

But finding a tool that is the best suited for you and your company can be another hectic task that can chew one’s mind. Not a problem! You can go through this article to find out a list of assessment tools and find the one that befits your requirements.

Pymetrics is one such AI-driven pre-employment soft skill testing platform that makes the process of hiring more effective and efficient. It focuses on internal mobilization by surveying workforce gap analysis and employee learning & development. The Pymetrics evaluation is based on the collection of objective, cognitive and behavioral data that brings out the true potential of the candidate.

However, according to G2, a product comparison software, the Pymetrics rating is just 3.5 stars, with only 5 comments.

The Pymetrics pricing is not revealed upfront on the website, which is another downside of the software. It is therefore important to explore the market a little more and get a better understanding of sites similar to Pymetrics, to make the hiring process hassle-free.

However this search can be daunting and time taking, this is where we step in and bring to you the top 15 Pymetrics competitors. Read along to find the best [pymetrics alternatives](

) with their best features and pricing details.

Pymetrics alternative #1 HireQuotient

HireQuotient is a supercharging skill assessment tool that has made a heavy impact in the recruitment market by making the process trouble-free and quick.

We offer outstanding features such as less than 5-minute campaign roll-out policy, easy UI, and customized candidate feedback. To add to the bucket, we also give free tools such as JD generator and ROI calculator.

We are highly rated on G2 with 4.9 stars and stellar reviews which goes as: “You can rely on this organization when it comes to hiring the top staff.”

We offer three packages, namely Emerging, Growth and Rocketship, the price for which can be obtained by contacting us anytime. We also have an option for customized packages which you can avail according to your requirements. The fast pace, high ratings and free tools of our software make it an appealing platform for the recruiters and makes it the best Pymetrics competitor.

Pymetrics alternative #2 TestGorilla

TestGorilla is a skill assessment and pre-employment testing platform that has a vast library of 253 scientifically validated tests ranging from coding to digital marketing. The Pymetrics alternative has better ratings and reviews from leading corporate companies.

The distinguishing feature of TestGorilla is that it allows you to optimize your assessment with unique names, add custom questions, and also gives the option of adding video responses from the candidate.

The pricing for TestGorilla is set at 19$ per month where you can explore all 253 tests. You can scroll through the free tests at no price for up to 10 tests. The cost of the software is lower than Pymetrics’ pricing and the wide test library makes the software an appealing alternative to Pymetrics.

Pymetrics alternative #3 iMocha

iMocha is another in-demand skills assessment software that pivots its analysis on skilled candidates by upskilling and reskilling them. It gives real-time audio, video, and image analysis of the hire. What sets them apart is this amazing feature where they provide custom-made assessments within 48 hours that are curated by their global subject matter experts.

It is unique because it also measures the ROI of the candidates in L&D programs. It has managed to list more than 2500 skills listed on its website and has been rated a whooping 4.4 stars on G2.

Pricing for the software is totally customizable according to the recruiter’s requirements. The option of customization in the assessments and pricing makes iMocha a top choice for recruiters and one of the leading Pymetrics alternative.

Pymetrics alternative #4 Vervoe

Vervoe is an AI-powered skills assessment platform that hires candidates based on their merit solely. This software makes the entire hiring process seamless by analyzing human behavior.

It offers tailored assessments from a library of 300 test templates on top of which it also has a builder assessment that prompts the recruiter with suggested questions while building the assessment. The factor that distinguishes Vervoe from other assessment tools is its anti-cheating feature. It rotates and randomizes questions in the assessment. This feature equips each candidate with a unique assessment that mitigates the chances of cheating.

The pay & go model of the software starts at a minimum price of 19$ per month which makes an attractive package for the recruiters and hiring managers to become the top Pymetrics alternative.

Pymetrics alternative #5 Mercer | Mettl

Claimed as the global leader in talent assessment, Mercer | Mettl deals with both corporate and academic assessments. It is a cloud-driven platform that has the best proctoring feature. It is a highly-rated software in the market that gives hiring solutions as well as L&D solutions.

Nikhil S, assistant general manager at a mid-segment company claims Mercer | Mettl as: "Easy to use, Easy to implement, Robust Platform, Experienced & Professional Team, Open to new ideas"

Pricing for the software is personalized which the recruiter can avail according to their requirements. They also have impeccable customer service which makes the platform a top alternative to Pymetrics.

Pymetrics alternative #6 HackerEarth

With the tagline, Matching great developers with world-class companies, HackerEarth, an online assessment tool, lets you create coding tests for about 80 skills fitting in 12 roles. The unique feature of the software is that it bridges the gap between tech recruiters and hiring managers by bringing them to the same platform where they can give collaborative decisions for the candidate.

It has been rated 4.5 stars on G2 and has incredible reviews, one of which reads as: “One stop solution for coding practice and assessment”

The pricing for the tool starts at 119$ for startups and 279$ for the enterprises per month. It also has an option to customize your package according to needs. All in all, the unique gap bridging feature makes it a good competitor to Pymetrics.

Pymetrics alternative #7 eSkill

Rated as the most comprehensive and customizable online assessment solution, eSkill analyzes candidates on the basis of skills, behavior, cognitive abilities and video responses. It has a wide assessment library that provides tests ranging from accounting, finance, sales, engineering and data entry.

"The competition to hire the best will increase in the years ahead. Companies that give extra flexibility to their employees will have the edge in this area. - Bill Gates

The most distinguishing feature of the platform is the expert guidance for building up your assessment, 24 hour customer support, and advanced simulations in the assessment. It also provides a free cost saving calculator tool that is very useful for the recruiters.

The pricing for the software starts at 100$ per month which is a little bit on the pricier side but with great features comes a greater cost. It can be declared as the top Pymetric competitor easily.

Pymetrics alternative #8 The Predictive Index

More than 9000+ leading companies such as IBM, Subway and Nissan have vouched that The predictive index speeds up the process of recruitment. It does so by automatically selecting suitable candidates from a pool of candidates.

It makes hiring easy in three simple steps:

  • Know your ideal hire
  • Understand your candidates
  • Secure your right fit

    Pricing for the platform can be availed by contacting the company. The unique automation feature stands out the Predictive Index and makes it a top competitor to Pymetrics.

Pymetrics alternative #9 Breezy HR

Breezy HR is a modern hiring software that takes over the hiring process of the company. It makes recruitment easy and sheds off the recruiter’s workload by posting job ads, scheduling interviews, pre screening candidates, sending emails and collecting feedback.

It is a hiring platform that is very similar to Pymetrics but does not conduct any assessments. Prices for the tool starts at 143$ per month and goes upto 399$. It also offers a free package wherein the user can access all the free tools forever. Breezy HR can prove to become a top Pymericts alternative because of their highly rated features as compared to Pymetrics features.

Pymetrics alternative #10 HireVue

The features that are a dream requirement in any skill assessment tool are all possessed by HireVue. The three F’s go as Fair, Flexible and and Fast that make the process of hiring seamless.

It follows a fair and fast recruitment process by giving a single platform for the whole process. Flexibility is achieved for both candidates and recruiters as it has a mobile-friendly layout that can be accessed for easy scheduling and interviews.

It has been rated a good 4.1 stars on G2, and has an untarnished image. The price for screening 2500-7500 candidates is about 35k$ which is a little expensive but it is a perfect fit for mass recruitment. They also provide customized packages on request.

Pymetrics alternative #11 SparkHire

Video assessments add an edge to interviews and SparkHire is one such video interview software that gives the oomph factor to the whole recruitment process. It has features such as one-way video interview, live video interview, interview evaluation, interview collaboration, interview scheduling and video messaging that provides a unique vertical for candidate screening.

It has an easy UI that makes the entire process easy and effortless. Though it does not conduct assessments such as Pymetrics, it is an amazing tool that is widely used by recruiters. The video assessments feature of the software adds SparkHire to the list of top Pyrimetrics alternatives.
< br/> It is priced at an expensive range starting from 149$ per month to 599$ per month but it is a fair deal given the awesome feature.

Pymetrics alternative #12 Xobin

Recognised as the top skill screening software, Xobin is a pre-employment assessment tool that makes the recruitment process efficient. It deals in campus hirings, pre-hire testing, upskilling and technical screening. Very soon they are also going to launch the video assessment feature which will add a feather in their already embellished cap.

Pricing for the platform starts at 166$ per month and goes upto 399$ per month. Customized packages can also be availed after demo.

Pymetrics alternative #13 Qualified

Qualified is a performance based coding assessment platform that helps leading technological institutions to strain out the best software engineers. This platform is mostly useful for companies that are looking for scaling up and mass hiring.

It offers both standardized and customizable assessment tools. Another incredible feature is the presence of code review tools that help the recruiters to find out the quality and working style of the coder.

In terms of their pricing, they offer a 14 day free trial, post which you can obtain the package details. The only downside of the platform being that it only screens technical candidates. However, it is a highly rated platform and can definitely compete with Pymetrics in the technical department and become a top Pymetrics competitor.

Pymetrics alternative #14 HackerRank

“Skills speak louder than words”, following this policy is the tool HackerRank that is very popular among tech companies. It is a platform that is useful for both the candidate and recruiter. Candidates can use it to practice coding and land their dream job whereas the recruiter can use it for easy and hassle-free hiring.

They have an affordable pricing that starts from 25$ per month and goes upto 599$ per month. It also provides upto 5 free interviews for new users before buying the package. It is a top rated tool on G2 with a big 4.5 stars, making it the best alternative to Pymetrics.

Pymetrics alternative #15 HiPeople

HiPeople is a hiring intelligence platform that unlocks the best hiring capabilities of an institution. They have four assessment modules, namely, cognitive abilities, personality and culture, hard skills and soft skills that drive the hiring process faster.

It has a unique feature wherein the recruiter can compare candidates and make an instant decision to hire the best one.

They give a 15-day free trial after which they have an affordable package that starts from 20$ per month. The low pricing range and highly rated features puts HiPeople in the list for top Pyrimetrics competitors.


Whether you're a recruiter, HR professional, or just someone who loves to geek out on HR tech, there's no doubt that these alternatives offer some serious competition to Pymetrics.

From online video interviews to proctoring, these tools are sure to leave you feeling like a kid in a candy store. So, why settle for just one assessment tool when you can have 15? Go forth and explore, my friends!

This was our take on the top Pymetrics alternatives. You must now be well-versed with the different tools available as an alternative to Pymetrics. Choose the software that best suits your requirements and makes hiring easy!

HireQuotient is one of the best alternatives to Pymetrics. One of the best pre-employment skills assessment software for non tech hiring which has been already used by world’s leading bands.

HireQuotient has more than 500 + popular non tech roles based and skills based assessments. It offers the most unique and scientifically designed skill assessments to

  • Improve quality of hire
  • Reduce hiring time & cost
  • Reduce churn
  • Identify your next best hire with ready to use & custom tests
  • Great candidate experience

HireQuotient is non tech skills assessment platform that helps recruiters & hiring managers to evaluate their job skills objectively.

As I previously mentioned, while there are several skill assessment solutions available, not all of them may be the optimal choice to fulfill your hiring requirements

When evaluating and hiring a professional for your organization, there are two methods that a recruiter or hiring manager can consider.

  • Compare them- You can compare them based on their past experience and resume
  • Give assessments to candidates- You can try HireQuotient

HireQuotinet is the ideal enterprise ready skills assessment software with everything that Pymetrics has. In addition to that, HireQuotient offers several noteworthy features that surpass those of other platforms. To learn more, you can refer to the details provided.

HireQuotient VS Pymentrics



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