Performance Appraisal Document

Performance Appraisal Document

Published on July 9th, 2023

A Performance Appraisal Document is a structured evaluation tool used by organizations to assess an employee's job performance, achievements, and areas for development. It facilitates constructive feedback, sets performance expectations, and supports professional growth.

Employee Information

Name: [Employee's Full Name]
Job Title: [Employee's Job Title]
Department: [Employee's Department]
Appraisal Period: [Specify the appraisal period]

Performance Criteria

Performance Area



Job Knowledge and Skills  
Quality of Work  
Productivity and Efficiency  
Communication Skills  
Teamwork and Collaboration  
Problem-Solving Ability  
Initiative and Innovation  
Attendance and Punctuality  

Overall Performance Rating

  • Total Score: [Calculate the total score based on the ratings]
  • Performance Level: [Provide an overall performance rating (e.g., Exceeds Expectations, Meets Expectations, Needs Improvement)]

[List the employee's key strengths and accomplishments]

Areas for Improvement
[List areas where the employee can enhance performance and recommendations for improvement]

Development Plan

  • [Outline a plan to support the employee's professional development and growth]
  • [Include training opportunities, mentorship programs, or additional responsibilities to help the employee improve]

Additional Comments

  • [Provide any additional comments or feedback from the evaluator]

Note: This template provides a basic structure for a Performance Appraisal Document. To conduct an effective performance appraisal, it's important to customize the document according to the specific performance criteria, job responsibilities, and evaluation standards applicable to the employee's role and the organization's goals. The document should be reviewed by the evaluator and HR team to ensure accuracy and alignment with the employee's performance expectations.



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